Tormenting Myself

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Tormenting Myself

So I had the D&C 10/4. Now I think I have AF. Been lightly bleeding on and off since last Saturday. So the holidays were meant to be a distraction for me-to get my mind off things and if I can make it to xmas, I should make it to the 3 month mark in Jan to TTC again...well today not so much...if Thanksgiving was this hard (there was a younger baby and im not sure if her mom is pg again or not as it looked like it but wasnt sure and tomorrow at lunch my cousin who was due the same month as i was will be there as well as another who is due in march) how am I going to get past? Im trying to be strong. I want so badly to have a baby and be pregnant again, and Im fighting with myself as I want to try next month...The dr said she'd like 3 neg pregnancy tests via blood first...I havent been back for about 4 wks, I plan to go on Tues-4 wks after my last one to see if any HCG is lingering...last check 11/3 was in the 100's still...and I had just stopped bleeding for 23 straight days....she said she wouldnt be upset or mad if we got pg sooner though...I just dont know if the uterine wall has built up any...anyway-not sure the point of this post, just to get my thoughts out? im just fighting with myself...the 3 mo wait just comes from reading that they suggest to wait that long to build up the uterine wall, my dr didnt say anything about it, just the 3 neg pg tests...

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Kat I am so sorry this holiday has been a hard one. It is interesting how drs give different advice. My RE said the best thing based on new research as of lst nov is to try again the first cycle as you are more likely to conceive right away than if you wait. He said it has been very successful this year since this research prompted him to change his direction. I would follow what you want. His only concern was that I need to make sure I was emotionally ready...we will see if I am when it's time to make that decision.

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I can relate, one of my nieces is pg, and while I am so happy for her, it also hurts. It's only natural because we want that to be us so badly.

Huge hugs :bigarmhug:


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Huge hugs! I can so relate. My cousin has a 10 month old, and she is already about 20 weeks pregnant! Seeing them on Thanksgiving was hard. The holidays can be so stressful anyway, and then to add the grief and depression of a m/c on top of it - terrible. I hope that you are feeling a little better now that Thanksgiving has passed.