Trying to concieve after Ectopic

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Trying to concieve after Ectopic

I had an ectopic pregnancy operation 4/29/14. The doctor recommended for me to wait at least 6 months before TTC. But of course, it is still in my mind, naturally. I guess I'm just wanting to replace something that was taken away from me in such a short time. I don't know. This was just so devastating, and it has rekindled my desire to have a baby, making it so much stronger. I am new to this site, finding it today when searching for answers about this. I tried the "ask an expert" option on here only to keep getting a blank page. I just would like to know the possible risks other than another ectopic pregnancy which will be a higher risk any time from now on for me.

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Hi, I think the previous poster was trying to say 6 weeks, because it is around that area of time that a heartbeat can be picked up with an internal ultrasound. This is nothing to mess with ladies, it is a very serious situation, if you have had a previous ectopic pregnancy and find you are pregnant, you need to be seen as soon as you find out, don't let the docs office give you an appointment 2 weeks away or anything. It is very possible that you may go on and have a normal pregnancy but you do need to err on the side of caution. I have had two, one busted and I was hemmoraging fairly well, the other was surgically removed, but my tube was saved (only because I got in immediately). I am now pregnant again, so its very possible. Good luck all!