TTC after a partial molar pregnancy

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TTC after a partial molar pregnancy

2 years ago, I was unexpectedly pregnant. I was nervous, I wasn't ready for #3, but I was going with it. The day after my birthday, July 30th, we learned that something was very very wrong. My OB noticed a large mass with a little fetus in it. He wanted to wait a few days to see if anything had changed, but the next u/s showed a smaller fetus and bigger mass. I was scheduled for a D&C the next day. After the D&C, it was confirmed that it was indeed a partial molar pregnancy. This meant weekly pregnancy tests until my levels were 0 and then monthly pregnancy tests to make sure my levels were not rising again (for info on molar/partial molar pregnancies, this link has great info: ) . This meant no pregnancy for a year. We have waited a little longer (I had to have a LEEP, which pushed back TTC as well). Needless to say, I am terrified of this happening again. This is our last baby, and I really don't want to have something go wrong (I also had am early m/c in between my girls). Has anyone had a molar or partial molar pregnancy and gone on to have a normal pregnancy after? I'm so scared of it happening again Sad

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Katherine, I don't think anyone here has had a molar/partial molar pregnancy, but I did some reading and found this tidbit online. "The chances of having another molar pregnancy are low (about 1%)." Since a molar type pregnancy is a 1:1000 chance to begin with, I'd feel pretty comfortable with those odds.

I know that doesn't help the gut level anxiety though. Once you've had a pregnancy go wrong you never see it in quite the same way again.