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update and question

So, I went in today for a follow-up ultrasound and they found remaining tissue. The Dr. said that my body did a good job, but that there's still a little left. He was very patient and answered all of my questions. At first, I was sure I wanted to wait and see what my body did on its own, but I think he may have changed my mind. If I wait and it doesn't resolve itself, that could lead to other complications and eventually a D&C. He strongly suggested cytotec (and pain meds). He said that he's very confident that it will work for the small amount that's left. So I'm pretty sure that's what I'll do, but I'm wondering what experiences any of you have had? I wouldn't mind waiting, but I'm anxious to start trying again. He was very sure that my cycle won't go back to normal until the tissue is gone, which is why I'm leaning towards the cytotec. He said it won't mess with my cycle or hormones and I should be back to normal right away. Right now I'm feeling like my body is almost back to normal. What do you think? Thanks for letting me 'talk' this through. I really think that putting my thoughts down in words is good therapy. Smile

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My body likes to hang on to the tissue so I've had several d&cs for retained products / missed miscarriages. After my last missed miscarriage I had a D&c and still ended up with retained products.

It is a personal decision. I'd probably do what I could to move the process along, but that is because I like to know that that part is over and I can start moving forward.

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I think I'd got for the cytotec. Based on your post it sounds like it has the best expected results of all your options.