What's everyone doing this weekend?

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What's everyone doing this weekend?

Besides trying not to obsess about conceiving, that is? We went for a hike in Big Cottonwood Canyon today - saw the last of the mountain flowers, and tons of butterflies. Of course, I didn't bring my good camera. *sigh* I've got to start bringing it with me again.

Tomorrow I'm on call, so I have to stay reasonably close to home. I should be able to do it all telephonically, but I don't want to get too far away from a computer. We will go out long enough to shop for a new bed, so that we have one for our guest room. My parents will be here in about 10 days and the guest room is still filled with boxes (like the rest of the house!) and has no bed.

Being retired military, they understand the boxes, but we really should have a bed for them. LOL

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That walk sounds nice! We have dh's sister visiting from Vancouver this weekend. Yesterday we went to a nearby dinosaur excavation site where you can see dinosaur trackways (footprints) in the rocks. Today we had church and are currently building a fire outside to sit around and roast marshmallows.

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Sounds like lots of fun, ladies! Smile

We took it easy on Saturday, and didn't do much. Today we went to brunch and then the Calgary Corn Maze in the afternoon. They have petting zoos, 2 corn mazes, tractor rides, and tons of entertainment for the kids - lots of fun!

Tomorrow is supposed to be hot, so I hope to meet up with a mom friend of mine and maybe go to a water park/spray park so that the kiddos can play in the water!

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I'm jealous of your activities! They have an old riverbed full of dinosaur tracks not too far from where my brother lives in TX, but in Aug (the only time I've been to visit) it's too hot to see. There's a dinosaur quarry around here but I haven't made it there yet. Crazy - I live in Utah, where most of the dinos are found and I haven't been there! I'll have to move that up on my list of things to do.

I haven't been in a corn maze in years - they always look like such fun. There were several big ones in TN where I used to live, but somehow I never went. It just wasn't something I ever thought of doing by myself.

AF is due today or tomorrow....

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This is tomato picking/canning weekend. There is a farm about 25 minutes away and they have pick-your-own romas one weekend out the year (at 25 cents a pound). We buy 100 lbs. and the sauce lasts us the whole year.

Since I'm very close to being due my parents came out to help so Chris and my dad picked them for me. We got through about 1/4 of them yesterday so we have a lot to do today but it should go fast.