When to try again after early loss/progesterone supplementation?

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When to try again after early loss/progesterone supplementation?

I know this topic has probably been brought up countless times, but with a very early loss (5 weeks) can you try again immediately? Has anyone had success with this? I am sad about my miscarriage, but I feel so strongly about trying again right away.

I've been corresponding with a nurse who hasn't been very informative at all, except to inform me that my HCG is dropping. She was very vague when I asked about progesterone for my short LP, which we tried to rescue this pregnancy with. She just said to call after I got my period and schedule an appt to talk to the doctor. But not specifically to wait to try again. I'm afraid to outright ask after she said that. I have heard of people getting pregnant right away after a loss and I feel I'm in a slight race against time due to age/endometriosis.

Also, anyone with a short LP (9 days) that has used only progesterone or other natural treatments(acupuncture/herbs) with success? I am leery of going to clomid, as my RE has suggested, due to risk of multiples. This recent loss was a natural conception.

Thanks for your help and best of luck on your TTC journeys!

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I'm really sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry that your nurse wasn't more helpful.

Since your loss happened early, I would say just wait one cycle and try again. If you feel like you are ready emotionally, I see no reason to wait. There have been a lot of women who didn't wait for a cycle and tried right away and went on to have very successful pregnancies. I think it is really up to you....I think doctors tell you to wait a cycle for dating purposes and also for your mental well being.

GL and I hope you get a sticky bfp soon!

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I think they normally say to wait 1-3 cycles, but I never could wait that long. DD3 was conceived without waiting a cycle and she turned out fine. In hind sight waiting a cycle would have been helpful. Easier to know exactly how far along I was and also, how would I have handled having two losses so close together? Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of wishes.

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I had an early loss at 5 weeks and a short luteal phase. I did not wait and we got pregnant right away on the following cycle. That one also ended 6-7 weeks. I do wish I had waited one cycle, two losses two months in a row was very hard, hardest thing I've ever been through.

Also I tried many methods to increase progesterone and my luteal phase after the 6-7 week loss before my losses it was 10 days. I didn't do anything different after the 5 week loss the previous month. I wish I had done more. I've been able to increase my luteal phase with acupuncture. This month it was 13 days long and I started spotting on day 12 after ovulation. One month I did try herbs and progesterone cream but spotted from ovulation to my period so I stopped all herbs and just did acupuncture and changed my diet (according to Chinese Medicine).

This past cycle has been my healthiest and longest luteal phase, funny thing though is we aren’t getting pregnant, 3 cycles now. But that’s better than getting pregnant and miscarrying.

Only you can decide to wait or try right away. Good luck!

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This is an old post but I want to chime in a say that I had an early loss and M/C naturally. My very next cycle I got pregnant with my daughter who is 9 months old right now.