Why does the end of the 2ww feel like years?

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Why does the end of the 2ww feel like years?

So here I am, 11-12 dpo. Sore bb's for two days but I refuse to get excited about that anymore - the buggers have fooled me for the last time.

Tested yesterday - BFN. But the bb's are more sore.

I know I'll know for sure by the end of the weekend... why can't I just know NOW and be done with it?! LOL Although I hope for a BFP, I expect a BFN. Why do I keep torturing myself wondering?

Wouldn't be so bad, but DH is sick in the other room so I'm trying not to disturb him...which leaves me WAY too much time to think. *sigh*

Anyone have big holiday weekend plans?

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Yeah My big holiday plans is me testing!!!

I hear you loud and clear. I hate this time. It seems like every day goes by slower and slower. GL!!!

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Carole you are speaking my language. I'm in the EXACT same boat as you. AF hasn't shown but still BFN's. I'm going crazy!!! :eekout:

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Well, Lisa? Amanda? Any news? Smile

I'm 14/15 dpo - AF due about tomorrow if she sticks to schedule. I did NOT test this morning. Taking the wait and see approach. BBs still sore but not worse and lower abd a bit sore today - could be AF starting to wake up, or it could be my old buddy Crohns disease - the disease that likes to keep on giving. Time will tell.

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Whoops, sorry Amanda - just saw your ticker. *sigh*

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I'm in the 2WW but only the beginning. The next couple weeks are crazy (ds starting kindergarten, trip to Prince George for immigration interview, church stuff) so fingers crossed it goes quickly!