***TTC Our First Little One***

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***TTC Our First Little One***

My DH and I have been married for a year and half. We have always talked about having children but it was always in a 'somewhere down the line' kind of way. It wasn't until recently that he has showed a profound interest in starting a family and now he can't wait for me to be pregnant. I guess we just had to give each other the green light.

We are on our second cycle of TTC. The first month I got off my ring we just **snuggled** (lack of a better word) whenever we wanted thinking that because we are young we would get pregnant right away. Actually, my DH wasn't so educated about a woman's cycle. He thought that if we just had unprotected sex once that we'd be pregnant. I then went into full detail about a woman's cycle (complete with pictures) and fully educated him.

Well my last AF was the 26th of Sep. (normal) and then on the 2nd I had one hour of spotting (withdrawl of ring hormones). I decided not to use the OPK's just yet and see if I can follow my CM and dates. On CD#13 I noticed EWCM (egg white Cervical Mucus) and my husband got really excited. We **Snuggled** on days #13, 14 and 15. So if I ovulated on day #13 that puts me at 5 dpo. At 1 dpo my husband was convinced I was pregnant. The other night he pulled down the covers just so he could put his hand on my belly and say goodnight to the baby. I know that its sweet, but what if we didn't catch the egg? I think he will take it harder than me! He even called his stepdad and told him that we are trying and then went into detail about my EWCM!!! I knew giving him such a complex lesson would backfire on me Wink

I know that if and when I do get preggo his mother is going to be SOOO excited. Everytime we have talked to her since we got married she has mentioned..."So when are you going to have kids?". I think that she would have LOVED a shot-gun wedding. Anything to give her grandkids. Because of her enthusiasm we have decided to wait until I'm closer to 12weeks preggo to tell her.

I love and hate this website. Please tell me that I'm not the only one abusing the pregnancy calendar to check possible due dates based off of possible "O" days? Only about 4 people know that we are TTC. I can't tell my mom because I am her baby and I know that she will be a little cautious.

So here I am 5 dpo. I am trying to forget the date...I hate waiting and I'm trying not to put symptoms in my head. But... my bbs are kind of achy and I noticed pink-tinged mucus when I wiped at 3 dpo. I'm trying SOOO hard not to think about it, and being a corpsman doesn't make it any easier because I'm trained to recognize symptoms.
AF isn't due for another week and a half so lets just hope she stays way.....