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Thread: 2Gs?

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    Default 2Gs?

    I started a journal here to help me work my way through ttc baby #1. The journal was a great release over the 18 months we spent ttc! We were eventually blessed with a beautiful, health, silly baby girl. My husband and I decided, after our daughter was about 3 months old, that we would not use any pregnancy prevention methods. Basically, we decided to "let go and let God". That being said, I did fine myself avoiding my dh during certain times of the month, lol.

    So, here we are now - my baby is turning one next month. She's looking less and less like a baby. My heart bursts with love for her. Dh and I know we want more. So, we're thinking of making an effort for #2. I'm sure we'll be ready and handle 2 children well. Just the thought of having another is so exciting. Dd was such a great baby that we have not been deterred from having a couple more. The part that makes this all seem crazy is that we've been getting a nice amount of sleep the last 2 months. Am I ready to go back to the crazy newborn sleep schedule??

    And the journey begins... or the journaling does anyway.
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    Default CD 6

    Just thought I should update with my CD. Nothing new here to report.

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    Default CD 20

    BD on CD 14. Found out yesterday, at my dd's first birthday, that my best friend is pregnant w/ #2! Her dd is 2 months older than mine. It would be fun to have our children the same age. I'm going to do my best to enjoy my dd and not get too focused on ttc for at least a few more months (lol, right).

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    Default CD 30

    I've made it to CD 30! I'm thinking AF will show tomorrow. Can't say that I have signs of her coming, but I don't have signs that she's not.

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    Default BFP on CD 32

    Well, this is a short journal, much to my surprise! I got a BFP on CD 32. I was certain I was not pregnant, but taking the test to clear my conscience before going to have some dental work done. Low and behold the test showed positive in seconds!

    Best of luck to everyone. FYI - it took me a year and a half w/ DD#1. Baby #2 - mostly a surprise!

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