Amies TTC#1 Journal

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Amies TTC#1 Journal

Well here I am, writing a journal, I think it will help me make some sense into my cycle and put everything that is in my mind into words that maybe I'll copy for later.

I just got off the BCPatch a month ago so this month has been BC free. I can say that I feel better off of it and my sex drive has shot through the roof. Biggrin
I didn't expect to O this month but lo and behold, I did....on Sunday and was the first time in 10 years I've felt what it was like to really ovulate. :? I cramped alot. :shock:

I really thought I would start this journal next month when we were supposed to start TTC....well, we definately had oopsies this month. It was mine and hubbys fault (he knew I was fertile too!)but really we are not upset about it...what is a month anyway? We BD two days before I O'ed and he didn't know pull out!! And the next time was on the day before O and I was on top and didn't bother to stop either...damn we just got caught up in it...LOL Oops...

So now I will have to wait to see if we caught an eggy or not. It is what it is....If not we still have more time and fun to try!! I know not to get my hopes up because alot of times women coming off BC may not O for a few cycles. But really, truthfully, I think I did...I was cramping and twinging too much not too. BUT I don't wanna jinx myself so I'm not going to write what I REALLY think about this cycle. Pretty superstitious huh?

Its only a few days past ovulation now so there is really nothing to do but wait and see what happens. I am very in "tune" with my body so I know that every little cramp or symtom I have will drive me batty untill I know for sure. Hopefully I can keep myself in check untill testing time. LOL

Okay I will say this....
For some reason I feel like we did catch an eggy and I can't shake that feeling. I know it could be wishful thinking on my part and I may look like a ass later if it comes back a BFN....thats all I'm gonna say about that because I really don't want to jinx myself...or set myself up for a huge dissapointment.

I guess thats all for now...My hubby has duty tonight so I'm going out with my best friend to eat pasta YUM!


Joined: 03/16/15
Posts: 53852

I'm pretty excited today....I got crosshairs on FF!! I can't believe that this cycle was normal!! I'm so excited!!!! That is all for now!!!

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