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Thread: Angela's 2nd TTC journal - TTC after a loss

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    Default 39 weeks 3 days

    Quote Originally Posted by Anngie60 View Post
    The midwife just left, the appointment started off pretty routine. BP normal, good heartbeat etc.

    By her estimation she thinks labour will start within the next 48 hours!!

    Ugh! Yeah right!!!!

    56 hours later and no change!!! Im getting lots of strong BH and period type cramps on and off - more so at night, and started loosing what may be mucous plug, it looks like EWCM. But thats all, nothing new to report. She was sooooo convincing i would have put money on what she said. Seriously.

    I honestly dont feel like its going to start any time soon now. I went for a long walk around the shopping centre yesterday evening, and i even had a reflexology session whilst i was there. I have been bouncing on my ball non-stop.

    So now im going to just chill and try and forget about what the midwife said. baby clearly isnt ready lol!!


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    Default Baby Aaron Kriss is 6 days old!

    Ahhhhh it makes me kind of sad looking at my pregnant entries, i do kind of miss my bump and really did enjoy the whole pregnancy thing (well, aside from the worries and pains/bleeding towards the end!).

    This will probably be my last entry on here, im going to move over to the general journals, i will post the link here once i have started it!

    Aaron Kriss’s birth story
    Born 18th November 2009 at 5.49pm
    Weight - 7lbs 13oz
    Length - 21.5”

    I woke up at approx 7.20am on 18 Nov 09 with very mild cramps, needing the toilet. When I went to wee, I felt a small amount of water leak out but I couldn’t really tell if it was my waters or if I was just bursting to go to the loo!!
    I got back into bed and noticed the cramps were slightly more painful than before, probably coming every 7-8 minutes or so. At this point I wasn’t sure if it was labour starting as I had had cramps like this on and off for several days prior to this.
    I laid in bed dozing (in between Kriss’s snores!) for the next half an hour or so. At about 8.20am I felt an intense pressure, like a huge baby kick, and a pop, my waters broke! And there was A LOT!! I woke Kriss up, he grabbed me a towel and I rang the hospital. It sounded like they were going to tell me to wait it out at home for a bit longer. I explained to them that on my midwife check up the previous Thursday I was already at 3cm dilated then. The midwife put me on hold for a couple of minutes and when she came back told me to come straight down to the hospital.
    At this point the contractions weren’t still particularly painful, more like strong period pains. I shuffled to the bathroom and got myself sorted and dressed, then got Kriss to Attach my TENS machine. That really helped!
    By the time we were ready to leave (9.05am approx) the contractions were getting stronger but still very bearable.

    We arrived at the hospital at about 9.20am and was admitted. They put me in one of the labour and delivery rooms and checked my blood pressure and hooked me up to the CTG machine, which showed baby had a good heartbeat and I was having regular contractions every 5 mins or so. They kept me on the machine until about 10.35am, the midwife then done an internal to see how dilated I was - 5-6cm!! At this point I started loosing my willpower for a natural birth and asked the midwife about an epidural. She said I was very welcome to have one but it would be a shame as I was doing so well and she didn’t think it would be much longer. So, with encouragement from her and Kriss, I agreed to go with my original plan and get transferred to the midwifery led unit (MLU) where I could get in the birthing pool. The midwife also got me some gas and air to get going on. Kriss tried some once she was out the room and he said it tasted horrible and made him feel sick ha ha! At this point the contractions were quite painful, they had me gripping onto Kriss for dear life and burying my head in his chest!!

    They were ready to transfer me to the MLU at approx 11.10am. The midwife asked if I wanted a wheelchair to be taken there or did I want to walk, I wanted to walk there!! This was a case of power walking between contractions and stopping to lean on the walls when one came!

    Once I got into my room on the MLU I met my new midwife who was very nice. She checked my blood pressure, temperature and baby’s heartbeat. She then got me a birthing ball to sit on and we talked through my birth plan whilst we waited for the pool to fill up (she said it usually takes 20mins or so). She also got Kriss a cup of coffee which he wasn’t impressed with lol it was like a cup of dishwater!!!
    I’m not sure what time the pool was ready for me to get in, it must have been about 12pm. That was so nice getting into that warm water, and the bottom of the pool was nice and padded!! She also dimmed the lights and got a selection of CD’s for us to choose some music from. Kriss picked out the birthing CD which was a nice mix of calming music and sounds such as crashing waves etc.

    The contractions were coming on nice and regularly, although I couldn’t say how often, I was just concentrating on getting through them one at a time. They were very intense at this point, part of me was surprised at how well I was coping, and part of me was thinking I cant do this anymore!!! I kept taking drinks of water in between and also ate a rich tea biscuit the midwife brought me in as I felt sick and hadn’t eaten anything that day. I was starting to get very tired at this point too.
    I found the best positions were kneeling up and rocking, kneeling on all fours and kneeling whilst leaning over the side of the pool.
    The midwife was monitoring the baby’s heartbeat with a handheld Doppler about every half hour or so along with my pulse.
    By about 1.50pm the midwife asked me to get out the pool so she could examine me and see how I was progressing. That was horrible getting out the water, very very difficult! She and Kriss towelled me down to dry and got me to lay on the bed. Initially, laying on that bed felt a relief after all, even to the point I said I didn’t want to get back in the water! She said to me “of course you want to get back In the pool, its lovely giving birth in the water!” so I thought yes she is right!
    When she checked me she said I was just about fully dilated, there was just a small edge of my cervix tucked over the baby’s head. She asked me to push whilst she ‘folded’ it back out of the way. That hurt - a lot! It worked though, fully dilated and ready to start pushing.
    She asked me to see if I needed to wee first, I tried but couldn’t go, the contractions were too painful to think about it!
    Getting back in the water was lovely, particularly as the midwife had topped it up with some hot water.

    The midwife then told me it was time to start pushing with the contractions.
    That was definitely a worse feeling than just having the contractions alone, as pushing seemed to intensify them. This was the point where I cut down on my use of gas and air as I found the loss of control made me feel worse and almost sicky. On some of the pushes I didn’t use any!
    The midwife started checking the baby’s heartbeat more regularly now, about every 5-10 minutes.
    It must have been about 1.5 hours of pushing, my contractions started becoming irregular and not to productive. The midwife warned me if things didn’t pick up I may have to go back over to labour and delivery suite for an iv of Sintocinon to speed them up again. I continued pushing for approx another 1.5 hours when she decided it was time to examine me again. Getting out of the water was awful, trying to even just stand up was so difficult. She checked me internally again and that really hurt. She asked me to push at the same time which I did but she couldn’t feel the baby coming down a huge amount.
    Another midwife then appeared with a wheelchair and took me over to labour and delivery. This is where things start to get a bit fuzzy!

    It must have been approx 5pm at this point. I was hooked back up to the CTG which showed baby’s heart rate was good and my contractions had picked up. The midwife then put me in stirrups and asked me to hold the bars with my hands and grip with every push. The pushes didn’t seem as painful for the first few, they actually felt more productive than before and she said I was doing great.
    She also decided it was time to catheterise me as I had drunk over 2 litres of water so far and not used the toilet at all and it may be my bladder which was hindering the baby moving down. This I really really didn’t want, but obviously wanted to make sure everything possible was done to help baby. I remember really screaming my first obscenities as she put the catheter in, that was so so so horrible. Kriss stayed by my side the whole time and reassured me. Not much drained from the catheter so it wasn’t my bladder causing the problem.
    An iv was then placed in my left hand, I’m not sure whether they gave me the Sintocinon at this point.
    By this time the contractions were really hurting again and I was starting to get real bad backache.
    The surgeon then arrived to check me, yet another internal which hurt like hell! I’m not sure what he felt but he then reappeared with the ultrasound machine and done a quick scan. This showed baby was lying back to back. He explained that when he checked me, the baby’s shoulders appeared to be stuck, explaining why my pushing wasn’t getting us anywhere! He said unfortunately it was time for me to go to theatre where they would try an instrumental delivery and if this wasn’t successful I would need a caesarean section. All I kept saying was get me an epidural please, now!!! The anaesthetist appeared pretty quickly and I signed the consent forms. Kriss was taken away to change into his theatre scrubs at this point. That was horrible when he went, especially as one of the worst contractions started! The midwife was really nice though and she held my hand through it.
    I was then wheeled round to theatre where I think there was a team of about 6-8 people to start with. They transferred me onto the operating table (which was really narrow!) and rolled me over onto my Left side. The anaesthetist explained to me how important it was I remained completely still whilst she done the epidural. This was really difficult to try and do when those contractions kicked in!! She got me to roll in a ball, bringing my knees right up to my chest and my chin down to my chest. It was also at this point I got the horrendous shakes from the pain and shock of it all. One of the theatre staff then sprayed some ice cold spray all down my back to check if I could keep still. The anaesthetist then pressed into my spine with her fingers and started injecting the local anaesthetic, that stung! For some reason she wasn’t happy in the place she was in and repeated this again slightly higher up. I felt the spinal catheter go in, it didn’t particularly hurt, just a bit of an odd uncomfy feeling, It was like a scraping. Once that epidural kicked in, it was heaven!! It only took about 5 mins or so, started off cold then went numb. I was numb from my chest down. They sprayed the cold spray all down me again to check I couldn’t feel anything. I was then re-catheterised which was fine, I couldn’t care less what they done to me now I was numb!
    The midwife then told us, the surgeon was going to attempt to deliver the baby by forceps. She also told Kriss not to look down there, he didn’t want to see this loll! I didn’t want to even think about what was going on down there so I made sure I didn’t look. I kept saying nothing is happening down there! The midwife then said I have had to had an episiotomy which never occurred to me would happen. I know it was needed because of the forceps but this was something I really dreaded.
    As they were pulling to get the baby out, they told me to push when they told me to. This was really odd as I couldn’t feel anything., to me it felt like I wasn’t doing a thing but I apparently was! As the baby was being pulled out, I was being pulled off the table so the midwife and Kriss had to hold me down!

    Baby Aaron Kriss was born at 5.49pm, after approximately 10.5 hours of labour! He came out crying as he was placed on my chest briefly. He was quite purple but I knew he was ok because of his loud cries and his face and head were so bruised and mis-shaped where he had been stuck and pulled. They took him away to the corner where there was a team of paediatricians to do his checks, at this point me and Kriss still didn’t know if it was a boy or girl so I asked the surgeon!

    Aaron was then placed back on my chest whilst the surgeon delivered the placenta and repaired my episiotomy cut. They also showed me his left ear was misshapen, folded inwards slightly. They said it may be where he was stuck and squished for so long or he may need a little op to fix it later on in life. I didn’t really pay much attention at this point as I had this real sudden sickness come over me. I apparently had a bleed which they couldn’t stop (not sure where from) so they gave me a combination of drugs to help, this is what brought the sickness on so quick! I said to kriss please take baby, I’m going to be sick, and there it was!! That was horrible. About 2 mins after that, my head suddenly started pounding intensely, I couldn’t hardly open my eyes. This really worried me as I thought I was having some sort of reaction to the epidural. I think they gave me another combination of drugs.
    I then remember being hooked up to more drips and noticing Kriss had gone, think they sent him out with Aaron whilst they cleaned me up and wheeled me out of theatre.

    Kriss was in the recovery area waiting for me, admiring his son! It must have been about 7pm.
    I still had an awful headache and my blood pressure was through the roof so they gave me some medications for this.
    Me and Kriss started taking crafty photos and sending texts out on our phones, we were being sneaky as we weren’t meant to be using them!

    Kriss was shortly shown where to go so he could change back into his clothes, and I was shown how to attach Aaron to the breast for his first feed which he seemed to take well to. Then it was my turn for food, one of the midwives brought me some tea and toast, the tea was lovely but the toast was cold with nasty margarine!! Kriss buttered and jammed it up for me though and made me eat some, although I preferred our mini cheddars and cereal bars we had taken with us!
    Shortly after, a couple of the staff come in to give me a wash, it wasn’t the most thorough of washes though, I would have loved a shower at that point but obviously that wasn’t possible due to the epidural.

    I sent Kriss home at about 9.45pm as it had been a long day for him and he would be back early the next morning. They wheeled me round to the ward at 10pm, I was still knackered but couldn’t sleep, I think it was a mixture of being over tired and in my own happy bubble keep looking at Aaron! When I first got in there, it was empty which was lovely as I’m quite a private person but they wheeled another woman in about 45mins later. Now this I wouldn’t have minded too much, you expect this when your in hospital, but what was so irritating was she wouldn’t shut up!! She could talk for England, she didn’t take a breath! Aaron started screaming his head off so I couldn’t hear what she was saying, I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t see her properly and I just wanted to rest peacefully and gaze at my baby! About 15mins later another lady was brought in with her baby and the poor woman was put opposite Miss talkative, you could tell she also was irritated by this, she kept yawning and saying how tired she was and was going to sleep but the other woman wouldn’t take the hint! She even resorted to putting her light out in the end (I had done mine as soon as she had left me alone) and Miss talkative kind of got it! One of the midwives came over and kindly let me plug my mobile in to charge, and I asked her if I could shut my curtain which she said was fine, I wasn’t comfortable trying my first breastfeeds with other people watching as I was still learning. What annoyed me was the post op nurse from the recovery area then popped in for something for the other lady and opened my curtain! I asked her to shut it but she said no I wasn’t allowed as I was still recovering and they needed to be able to see me…….that didn’t make any sense as it was not possible I could be directly seen from where I was anyway.

    I think it must have been very shortly after this I heard Aaron use his nappy, the midwife came and checked and he had done a huge poo! She took him away and changed him for me as I was still numb.
    About half an hour later another lady was brought in and put opposite me, she didn’t have a baby on her she was still pregnant. From what I could make out she had had a fall and they were monitoring her. I think they should have put her in her own room though, she had an awful awful cold, all you could hear was her sniffing, coughing and (this is the loveliest part) snorting up phlegm, yuk! Surely all those germs floating around aren’t good for the 2 newborn babies in the room! Thankfully the midwife shut her curtain.

    By about midnight I decided I would try and sleep, I think I laid there for a couple of hours and finally must have dozed off at 2am. Unbelievably, Miss talkative started chatting away on her mobile phone and woke me up half an hour later!!
    Then, I got really panicked as Aaron started vomiting. I managed to reach into his cot to turn him on his side and I frantically scrambled for the buzzer to call the midwife. She said it looked like mucous he had swallowed during the birth and took him away to suction it off. She brought him back about 10 mins later and it happened again twice. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to reach him in time to turn him and he would choke so the midwife said she would take him for monitoring a let me get some sleep.

    By this time my epidural had worn off and I was feeling the pain, I put my hand down there and couldn’t believe the amount of swelling! Probably not a good idea to have done this as it made me think about the pain even more. I buzzed the midwife who said I cant have anymore paracetamol and codine yet as it was too soon, she said I was down for morphine if I wanted though. She said the only downside was it would send me to sleep and Aaron wouldn’t be able to breastfeed (because of me sleeping, not the effect of the drug). After giving it some thought I decided to leave it and see how I coped as the night wore on. It got to about 3am and the pain was starting to get unbearable, I felt like I had been kicked real hard underneath so I gave in and asked for it after all. That was given alongside anti-sickness drugs by injection into my thigh, ouch it bloody stung!! By 30mins later I was out for the count, lovely!

    I think I must have woken up at 6.30am, by 7am the midwives started doing the rounds. They checked my bp, bleeding and wound and changed my pads, then removed my catheter, ugh nasty feeling!
    Aaron was also brought back to me as he had stopped vomiting, he then done another lovely poo!! My curtain was finally shut which I was most thankful for, and breakfast arrived just as I was feeding Aaron so I ended up with cold tea and soggy cornflakes, a sign of things to come!!
    My mum and sister arrived to visit me at about 9.30am with flowers and presents, it was their first time meeting Aaron. I made use of my sister and got her to change his nappy and dress him! They only stayed for 30mins or so as it wasn’t visiting hours.

    By about 11.30am they asked me to get up and try to have a wee. I was very unsteady on my feet to start with but once I got going it wasn’t too bad. I couldn’t go to the toilet, the midwife explained I needed to do at least 3 large wee’s before I’m allowed my iv out and I can go home.

    Kriss arrived at about 12.30 just as I was finishing of my manky dinner which they called ‘chicken casserole’, luckily he brought food supplies with him. The next few hours were just a case if waiting for me to use the toilet. Several attempts later I still had the feeling that I needed t go but couldn’t, that was horrible. By late afternoon I managed a very small wee but they said it was too small amount to count! After a while we were taken to be shown how to bathe Aaron. First off the nurse wrapped him up and got Kriss to wash his head, Aaron loved it! I was really uncomfortable as I couldn’t sit down because of my wound and because I felt like I still needed a wee, so unfortunately I had to excuse myself from the bathing bit. He apparently hated it and screamed the whole time poor, thing!
    I done another ‘non-counting’ wee! It felt good to finally be producing something though!
    By about 8pm I had produced my 3 large wee’s, that was the best thing ever, and was allowed home!!
    We finally arrived home at 9.15pm, I was so glad to see my own bed and surroundings!


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    I have finally started that new journal!!

    Its under general journals, here is the link:


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