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Chelsea's TTC Journal

Well to start I just joined last night, we've been TTC since March/April of 2007 and I don't think we ever would have thought we would go this long unsuccessfully.

My name is Chelsea and since August of 2007 we have been certain to use the calendar tools on this site and others to know the optimal time to TTC. Around January I think we both got sick of me laying out the timelines every month so finally I said "forget it! I'm not going to announce it anymore!" With that I knew in the back of my mind exactly when AF would be coming around but it was not a high priority on my list. January 21 rolled around and I realized I was 1 day late. With this I was so excited but I was too scared to show it, I didn't want to share with him and be encouraged just to have us both me let down again. By Thursday the 24th came and I think he realized that it was about that time and I was yet to say anything. So he asked and I told him it was no officially late since it was due to come Sunday the 20th. I went on to tell him that I was too scared to take another test and I wanted to hold off until the end of the weekend so we didn't get our hopes up or completely ruin our weekend. Sunday the 27th came and we took our test only to receive another negative. By this time I was very confused. My cycles were always exactly 29 days, I knew the exact day I would start based off the calendars. I always had a few cramps on my side the day before starting, but this time was different. I completely forgot about AF because I didn't receive those cramps as usual instead what I got was mild cramps in my lower abs and to the sides that began about being one week late. We decided that Tuesday to go to the dr and see what they had to say.

We went in did a test and left with negative results, we were so sad that it completely slipped our mind that I was just given another urine test and not a blood test. I was so angry for not even thinking. That Thursday began the slightest spotting ever that lasted for that day only. I had no idea what to think so I went to the internet for answers.

Little headaches, greatly enlarged/sensitive breasts, slight cramps, bloating, constant running to the restroom, and one night of horrible sickness etc went on all of February. I figured if my cycle continued on its normal path AF would come to visit February 19, I also figured that if that spotting on January 31st were indeed a very strange AF then I might also start Febraury 29th. The 19th came and went and I was so happy, I thought I passed a huge milestone but still had to wait for the 29th. The 28th came and AF visited with a vengence, this time for 3 days, little spotting to begin with then full on. I figured that was it that was the confirmation of my negative results with no explaination of the strange January cycle. I'm still confused why she lasted for 3 days this last time when normally it is 5-7 days but I'm not gonna ask questions at this point.

We've found new hope in our OPKs which we just got this past week and I very happily began using them yesterday March 9th. From the testimonials I've read on the website where we ordered them they seem to be a great product and I hope they help. I'm scared we might never see a positive on the OPKs (I'm not sure why) but I will be so happy if/when we do. Hopefully this week will bring some relief to our TTC memories. Even if we do not conceive this cycle I know we'll both be glad to have a better understanding of when the best time to start TTC each month.