Hi, I am new...

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Hi, I am new...

Hey everyone! I have been TTC for about a month now. I know its very early on, and that I shouldn't be stressed but that is easier said then done!

My BF of 2 years and I have been talking about having a baby for the past couple months, and last month I stopped taking the pill. I still havent had my AF yet, but two BFN's later...I am sure the pill is affecting my typical cycle. I had switched pills in December so it seems odd that after three months the pill would affect me so much, but I guess its pretty effective!

Seems like once you want a baby...that is all you see! Everyone seems to be getting pregnant..lol...my coworkers, and my sister in law. SIGH!

My BF is still completing his divorce. It doesn't seem that he is really trying to get it moving as he is dragging his feet with it. Seems to me that something like this should have been finalized a while back..but I try not to bug him. Just keep telling him that its extremely important to me to have a baby after the divorce is finalized. I dont really care if we are maried yet, as I know that'll be coming, just dont want him to be technically married to someone else. Silly eh?

Anyhow...this is a bit about me and my life. I am 25, BF and I have been together 2 years now, hes same age. We both have comfortable jobs, and I have really good coverage for mat leave for when the baby comes.

Baby dust to all....talk soon ladies! Smile