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I know that lots of people love coming here to read the TTC Journals!

I have the Idea that when You do get your BFP and you move on you could put PREGNANT beside the title of your TTC Journal
Also in the last post of your Journal you could put a link to your pregnancy Journal if you move on to have one!

Here is an example

ORIGINAL TITLE ---> Melanie's TTC#1 Journal
BFP TITLE ----------> Melanie's TTC#1 Journal

As we all know TTC is a very touchy subject and while some days we love to hear about BFP's and celebrate with you on other days we dont want to read anything about pregnancy! If you know anyone who has a TTC Journal here could you pass on this message to them! thanks Cazz
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Great idea!!

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That's cool! I did it Smile

But I hope no one minds if I keep posting here in this journal. For me, just because I am pregnant today does not mean I won't be TTC again next month, unfortunately. So I am not bold enough to move on to a pregnancy journal at this point. One day I hope to be, but I'm not there yet if that's okay!

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Congrats Cathi! I read your journal and have been rooting for you!!!! (((HUGS)))

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Cazz, I think that is a great idea!

Cathi, congrats on your BFP. I am sending you Super Sticky Vibes!

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Thanks girls Biggrin

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That's a great idea! I will definitely do that when I get my BFP!

Mackenzie Smile

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Cazz...great idea...I like it!!!!