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IndyMama's TTC Journal

An Introduction

My name is Lynn (or IndyMama :D) and we are trying to conceive our second child.

I have one daughter, Lena, whom I adore. She is such a joy! She was born in October 2006.

I go to school full-time, which means I am taking between four and six classes every semester. I am a pre-law, and I am pursuing a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Political Science. I may or may not pursue a minor, as well. Wink

DH is very supportive. He is 13 years older than I am, and anxious to have children before he gets too old. (Which, apparently, is 40. ha!)

We have been trying to conceive our second child since January 2007, when I got my depo provera shot. I wish I had not ever agreed to take it. I loathe my doctor for that.

We're hoping for a BFP in 2007!


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Ok, some specifics...

DH = Al (34)
IndyMama = Lynn (21)
DD = Lena (12 months as of Oct 16th!)

Our aids in TTC:

- Fertilitaid, Fertilitea, FertileCM
- Other Supplements: Vitamin B, Spirulina, Bee Propolis, Vitex (chaste tree)
- OPK (internet cheapie brand)
- Ovacue Fertility Monitor
- Pre~Seed (first cycle trying is Oct)
- Charting/CM watching
- Softcups after DTD (first cycle trying is Oct)

I want four children (2 boys/2 girls), but DH will only agree to have children one at a time. He is ready for another, too! Smile

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10/07 to 11/07 Cycle Overview

October - November Cycle

10/09 : Day 1 : AF started
10/10 : Day 2 : AF, 97.70 temp, headache, cramps
10/11 : Day 3 : AF, forgot temp, headache