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    And away we go!

    DH (Lyndon) and I have made the decision: TTC in March 2005. Whew! So there's a huge step taken...now what?

    The two major issues that we need to take care of in February (which are why we are going to wait until March to begin the unprotected BD) are future insurance for the baby and a preconception checkup.

    As for insurance, I am currently insured by my employer (which will be sufficient for maternity, L&D), and Lyndon is insured by his; but I intend to give my six months notice (yes, six months notice!) when I get a positive test so we need to price out the cost of putting me and the future baby onto Lyn's plan. We will have to cover this ourselves, so the real issue is just finding out how much it will cost us and making sure that the cost does not affect our short-term goals.

    As for the preconception checkup, I intend to call my Dr. tomorrow and set up an appointment. I'm a little concerned only because last time I was in for my annual (January 5th), my doctor saw fit to give me a little lecture about not being on BCP (we use condoms at all times - I don't react well with BCP) and about the inadvisability of motherhood while completing my undergrad - "if I really want to finish, that is".

    I'm sorry, but I like my doctors to be DOCTORS. Fix me up and let me go! Don't try to instill your lifestyle opinions and morality on me. She has only been my doc since November '04, so I will not be heartbroken if I end up having to find another.

    Anyway, we'll see how the checkup goes. If I feel at all uncomfortable with her, then I will look for a new PCP immediately, but at least the precon. checkup will be out of the way and we can begin the baby dance.

    In the meantime, I suppose this journal will mostly be an outlet for my baby-fevered ramblings. I can't believe how quickly this fever crept up on me, but now I'm READY to be a mother. This is it. I'm psyched.

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    Just a quick update with the latest:

    I made an appointment today for my preconception checkup - Wednesday, February 16th, 2005 at 7:15 p.m. On our third anniversary!! What a great day for the first step toward our starting a family.

    I'll update after the checkup.

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    Well, we're go for baby! At the appointment last night, the doc said that I'm in perfect health for pregnancy - I just had a pap and bloodwork done in January so I'm all tested up. She said I should start taking a multi-vitamin with folic acid right away and start looking into where I want to give birth so that I can know who my obstetrician will be (based on the insurance), but other than that, we're good to go!

    For our anniversary, part of DH's gift to me was an O test kit and a home pregnancy test kit. I should be O'ing around the 24th and since I'm not charting or temping we're going to give the O tests a shot and see how they work.

    I'm so excited!

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    Here's where we stand as of right now -

    - EWCM, or what seemed very much like it, on February 22nd. BD'd that night.
    - Got a positive OPK on the evening of February 23rd and BD'd that night.
    - Did not BD February 24th to give those spermies a chance to catch up. (Took my last OPK, just to see what would come up - very faint indicator line so my LH surge was quite over by that point.)
    - Plan on BDing tonight, just in case!

    So it looks as though I O'd right on time this month, which is very nice to know, since I have never tracked my ovulation before. This whole process is very new to me - I keep learning things about conception and pregnancy that I had NO idea about before. I guess I just never had a reason to know before!

    Anyway, I am officially 1 dpo as of today, I guess, and I am starting my very first 2WW. This is going to be hellish, I can tell right now. Please send some "no stressing out over the am-I-am-I-not factor" vibes my way!!

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    Currently 7 dpo. Waiting...waiting...waiting patiently. I'm scrutinizing my body for any sign that implantation might have occurred, or be about to occur. Every single ache and pain means pregnancy to me, right now.

    The following is simply for my own information - somwhere I can keep this and know it won't get lost.

    Called Aetna on 3/2/05 and found ou co-pay info for maternity and L&D.

    $25 for first visit to OB, no copay thereafter. The $25 1st visit copay covers any testing and/or diagnostics that are done in the OB's office throughout the term of pregnancy.

    $25 copay per visit to any specialists and/or for any testing done outside the OB's office.

    $500 copay for delivery. Any "medically necessary" procedures will be covered, and any length of hospital stay for myself or the baby will be covered as long as it is deemed "medically necessary".

    The plan is to start looking at OBs once I get a positive HPT, be that this month, next month, or a year from now. No point in agonizing over that point until it is truly an issue. In the meantime, I'm anxious to take my first HPT. I'm thinking of trying one on Sunday at 11 dpo. It will only be the second pregnancy test I have used in my entire life. (The first one was from an "oops!" situation. ) I'm prepared to see a negative result at that early date, but I don't think I can wait until I'm 16 or 17 dpo, as I know I should.

    I'll be back when I have more to share.

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    Okay. I decided to test a little early. DH and I definitely want to find out on a weekend, mostly for work-related issues, so I bought two Answer Early Result tests yesterday, which are supposed to detect 25 mlU. I also still have the Equate brand tests that Lyndon got me for our anniversary, but they detect 100 mlU, so the plan is to use the Answer ones this weekend (9 and 10 dpo), and the Equate ones next weekend (16 and 17 dpo), if AF doesn't show during the week.

    I took the first one this morning, and now I feel like a stranger in the complicated world of pregnancy test reading. The control line was obviously there...and then just to the right of it there was another line! Or was there?

    I have read that "a line is a line", which by overwhelming majority appears to be true; however, I doubt that "a line is a line" if that line is all in my head. "lol:

    Guess I'll just have to wait until tomorrow and see what turns up then.

    In the meantime, no symptoms. I've been having little stomachaches and crampy pains for the past few days, but nothing that I would firmly blame on pregnancy. I've been eating a lot of dairy products and, well, that's what dairy can do to you.

    We'll see!!

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