Keeping The Faith

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Keeping The Faith

I was so happy to come on today and see that parkera is preg. Biggrin I have been praying for her and that is such good news. I am looking forward to joining her on the preg board. I am thinking +++++. DH and I are really going to go for it this month. Now that everything is back to the way it should be I think that it will be a little easyer for us toi get preg.
We had a nice weekend, we went to the drive in on sat and saw X men and dare devil they were bothgood and then yesturday we went to church and then when we came home we put DS down for his nap and DH an I went out and washed and waxed the car and truck. When DS got up (4 hours later) we went down the road to the park , we live on a lake and down the road there is a park. DH and I brought our fishing poles and we cast out a few times, well I didn't have a good bate and our son wanted out of his stroller so DH gave me his pole to use and he got DS out to play. My first cast out I caught a rock bass and DH wasn't too ahppy about that. We have this on going joke that I am a better fisherwoman then him. I could give you a million reasons why. His friends and family all say that too. I caught the fish and then looked at him and said "If I catch a fish will you be mad?" he said YES!!! Just jokingly. I caught one my first cast out. Then our son fell down in the water and got all wet and we had to go home to change him. I told everone that DH got him all wet so that I couldn't catch any more fish. I think DS and I are going to go down there again today and see what we can catch.
Well thats that for now.
All my baby dust to Trixie, All my prayers to Parkera for a healthy preg and a healthy baby, and GL to all the TTCers.