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Leslie's Journal

Well I have been so busy lately my DH is out of town and I am getting ready for my Stepmom's surprise birthday party tomarrow. I am glad that I am so busy it keeps me from thinking to much about what could and couldn't happen. Yesterday I had some of the same simptoms as the last time I was pregnant. I was sooo thirsty it was like I couldn't get enough water and I felt a little nausious, but I don't know if you can tell this early or not maybe it is all in my head. I have been praying steadly for a child this month I have only 8 or 9 days before I can take a test and be sure one way or the other. I guess I am lucky because my cycles are only 17 to 20 days apart which sucks when I'm not TTC but when we are I know sooner than most. My brother and his girlfriend are comeing up from Texas they'll be here the 8th they have two beautiful children. I love them but on the other had I sometimes feel like I am doing everything right I waited to have sex until after I was married I married a guy who believes the same as me but yet I don't have a child my little one is in heaven. I guess wishing and hopeing and being jealous isn't going to get me pregnant any faster. I am just so happy that I have a relationship with the Lord and that I know I will have a baby someday wether it be from my own flesh or through adoption. Well I've got to clean write more later.