14 dpo--4 wks pg (Sat, June 20): I spilled the beans to dh this morning. He had to go and ask me, "Isn't your period supposed to be starting?" I was already about to bust from not telling him and that just opened up the floodgates. He was very excited, even more so than me, LOL. I am still very reserved about my excitement. I'm not sure when it will really sink in, maybe when it's been a week and my period still hasn't showed, or maybe not even until the first u/s.

I was remembering something today that I completely forgot to post here. Awhile back, not sure what dpo I was, but it was at least a few days before my first +hpt, I was driving home and thinking about all the women I knew, IRL and online, who had recently gotten pregnant, and was wondering when it would be my turn. Almost as quickly as I thought that, the words came to me clear as day: "It's your turn now." I thought, Is that you Lord? Or Was that just me thinking that because I really want it to be true? Now I believe it probably was Him.

After all, I had recently decided to totally trust Him and have the kind of faith that the Centurion did in the Bible, believing that all Jesus had to do was "say the word, and it would be done." Wow. What an amazing God we serve. He really is pleased with that kind of faith. But I don't give myself credit. I believe He gave me that faith... it was there, I just had to use it.

This may be my last entry to this journal. I should probably start a pregnancy journal now. I wish the best for each and every woman on this board who is still trying, may your time come very soon.