My journey raising 2 boys and TTC one last time
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Thread: My journey raising 2 boys and TTC one last time

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    Default My journey raising 2 boys and TTC one last time

    Well, i am starting this journal today. I want to have somewhere to put my thoughts, feelings, and well everything. I want to use this as something to look back on and reflect.

    I am not going to be able to post my whole story right at the moment though, i will need to wait until nap time.

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    Default My Marriage Story and Today

    Okay so here is my story...

    I am married to my DH Justin. We got married in February 2002, our son Ryan was born in June 2002, Corin was next in March 2004, and then our most recent pg resulted in a m/c in June 2005. Even though the m/c is very fresh and recent, i cannot even think of waiting to TTC. I want to hurry up and have our last child.

    So here was my day...

    we all actually slept in this morning until around 9 am. It was so nice because usually Corey wakes up the entire house around 5 or 6 am. BLAH. I am so not a morning person. My HB was up as soon as he saw the clock so as not to be late to work. I figured that if i got up with him i might be able to grab a shower with him before the boys were out of bed. He leaves right away for work and my hellish day kicks into full drive.

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    Default My Son Ryan

    My pregnancy with Ryan was uneventful. I was told the entire time that I was preggo that I was having a girl and I fought it every step of the way and would only allow people to purchase neutral because I had my heart set on a boy.He was born 1 day late and has been my stubborn child from day 1. I went into labor with Ryan at 4 am on June 22, 2002. I stayed at home trying to rest because we had been at the hospital the night before and my Dr. had told me that we wouldn't deliver for another 3 or 4 days. My mom and dad who had been staying with me had decided the night before to go home to wait it out. I called my mom at 8 am and was crying that my butt hurt (it was actually back labor) but i didn't know why. She suggested I call my Dr. We called and he said that meant little baby was finally on "her" way. I called mom and let her know before trying to wake up the dear HB. He would not stir. I called my mom back crying and she put my dad on the phone. My dad said to hand the phone to my DH and leave the room. I did as told and no more than 8 seconds later my DH was up and rushing me to get ready to go. To thisd day (over 3 yrs later) I have no idea what my dad said, but it sure worked.
    I got to the hospital after my HB driving like a bat out of hell. By this time the back labor was so bad that I couldn't sit on my rear. He drove with my tushie sticking up in the seat and tons of people honking. I received my epidural almost immediately (i think they thought i might kill someone if i did not receive it right away). Then EVERYTHING stopped. My Dr. had to come in at noon and break my bag of water. Finally at 5 p.m. they said I could start pushing. OH JOY OF JOYS!!! I pushed until 8:55 p.m. when my Dr. said that I had 5 more minutes to get him out or a C/S was necessary. I said okay and stopped pushing. My mom got her evil look and suggested that i actually try to push for the last five mintues. On the next push, his entire body came on out. He was 7 lbs. 4 oz, and 21 1/2 inches long. He was screaming up a storm...

    He would not breastfeed and I held out for only 4 days of him not taking in hardly any breastmilk before i decided to give up. I was only 19 and kinda had visions of him starving in my mind. He had extreme colic due to double ear infections for the first 6 months of his life. He would scream every moment that he was awake. He would live with me and DH for 3 days and then my parents (god bless them) would take him for 3 days. We lived like this until he was 6 months old. He had had extreme double ear infections his entire life and it took forever before we could get his PCP to recommend us to an ENT because we were on Medi-cal at the time. Finally he got the referral and we were off to the ENT. They wanted him to try more medication. I let him try one last medicine before i made it clear to the Dr. that I had done my research and wanted my son to have tubes put in his ears. At first Dr. tried to fight me, but I said either tell me that you will do the surgery or not because if the answer is no I need to find another Dr. My son had the surgery 3 days later. The hardest time of my life was when he was coming out of the anesthesia (sp.). He was screaming these bloody awful screams and it was all I could do to stay in the room. Thank goodness Dr. had warned me about this.

    From then on Ryan was like a whole new child. A happy and much less fussy child. I was surprised to find out that his ears had been completely clogged for his entire life and he had never been able to hear us. After the surgery, this changed and he soon became addicted to a "Cake" cd that I had to play every night in order for him to fall asleep.

    During this time, my DH was sent to prison for getting a dirty pot test while on probation. It was a year before he came home. During that year, we had our ups, downs, and in betweens. The next entry will explain these times in more detail.

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    Default My DH being in prison

    Okay well here is the explanation on the prison...

    My DH was on probation for a possession of pot charge. In January 2003, he went in for a routine test and tested dirty for pot use. RETARDED DH at that time. He was arrested on the spot. He had dropped me off at work that day and so had my car when he was taken in. His probation officer who knew I would be without my car and having a 6 month old baby called to ask me if i wanted to pick up my car before he was processed so that it wouldn't be impounded. This was how i found out my DH was in jail. A few days later he had his court date. I went and of course took our son because i had no baby sitter. He was sentenced to 1 year in state prison. He was in county jail for a few more weeks before being transferred to a state prison. We visited of course, I didn't want him to miss more milestones than absolutely necessary.

    For the record, I believe that people should pay for thier crimes... but I will say that I for one do not believe that smoking pot should be a crime, so I did have mixed feelings about what was going on. I would become bery irritated when I heard about rapists getting 6 to 9 months in jail while my HB had had a dirty test!! I thought it was injustice, but what can you do??

    I can be honest when I say that I was not faithful to my HB while he was in prison. Of course, I can say that I tried, but even looking back, i know that really I didn;t try very hard. He knows all of this of course. He and I had been having problems throughout our entire marriage. I don't recommend getting married just because you are preggo!! During this time, I was working and trying to raise my son. Luckily, right before the HB was arrested, we had moved 30 minutes away and lived 4 doors away from my parents. I was having to drive 30 mintues per day to get to work, but my son was being taken care of by great daycare and my parents. I was so lucky I had them to fall back on.

    My HB's parents were not really getting a chance to see Ryan because of my schedule and theirs not matching. So they made me an offer... if I would move back to where I had moved from, they would help me cover any bills I couldn't afford... this would save me driving time over 1 1/2 hours per day and gas money and well, i really wanted to live back where I had left all my friends. So I made a decision to move... on the Friday that i brought home my U-Haul truck... I received a phone call offering me a much better paying job (the only catch was that I had to start the following Monday). I took it, thinking it would be best for me and would mean less money that I had to take from DH's parents.

    Wihle working this job, I met a guy. We became pretty good friends and started spending a lot of time together. (my dh and I were calling ourselves seperated as he was unsure that we were right together) He was great to my son, nice enough, and came from a family that was very accepting of my son and I. For our 1st real date, he took me, my son, and his sister's daughter (who was same age as Ryan) out to the county fair. He spoiled those 2 kids rotten. He won them toys, fed them treats, and was just "everything" I thought a great dad would be. Well, to make a long BLAH story short... we had sex and I became preggo )see below)... I had not worried to use BC because he was under impression he could not have kids. BAD BAD IDEA!!!

    We continued dating and he ended up moving in with me to help with bills because DH's parents had flaked on me from the 1st month they were to help. Things were great until about 8 weeks later when I found out I was preggo. I went to dr. and had a sono done and received a due date of April 4, 2005. Went home and showed "him" the sono and he immediatley decided that the baby was not his because he only wanted twins and there was only 1 baby present!!!

    I was furious because up to that point he had been thrilled and happy. He left the very next day. And good riddance as far as I am concerned.

    So back to what happened with the DH... well he was actually the one who told me I was preggo before I ever suspected it. I had taken Ryan to see him and I had been honest with him and told him I was seeing "a person" and that was that. Well, he must have sensed some moodiness because before we left to make the 3 hour drive home, he said hey you are preggo aren't you?? I said no... but then on the way home, i started thinking and realized that AF was very late indeed. I stopped in the next town and dragging Ryan( then 1) into a convenience store, bought a test and headed for their restroom. BFP BFP BFP I was freaked out. I made the rest of the drive okay and the minute I walked in the door, i grabbed the test out of my pocket and showed "him".

    This ends the story to this point and now I am going on to the story of my son Corin.

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    Default My son Corin

    If you have been following my story so far... this will all make sense... otherwise you might be a little lost.

    I found out I was preggo in July 2003 with my 2nd child. I had extreme m/s with this one. I would have to be at work at 4:30 am and would spend my time alternating between answering calls (i worked at a call center) and puking into my trash can because i knew I wouldn't make it to the bathroom in time.

    This m/s was so terrible that I was losing more weight than was healthy. I was in the hospital several times for going into early labor... bleeding... and the list goes on and on and on. My EDD was April 4, 2004. In early December 2003, after yet another trip to the hospital, my DR informed me that they could no longer try and stop my labor because my body was growing resistant to the medicine. He said that if I went into labor again during december, they would have to let the baby be born and probably stay in the NICU uf he survived. He also said that if by chance the baby made it to term, it would be well over 10 lbs. (for teh record, i'm 5'2 and weigh about 115-120 when not preggo) so kinda small.

    Now, in October 2003, while I am preggo with baby, my DH is sent from prison to a halfway house in our town where he will spend the next 3 months working/living before being able to come home. During this time, he comes home every weekend and stays with us. I had been contemplaying adoption the entire pg because I was not sure i wanted to raise this baby without his dad, and was not sure how my DH (who by then had decided that he wanted to be with me and would raise new baby as his own) would really accept him. DH was able to convince me that adoption was not the right thing in this case. So right after X-mas of that year, I informed the family that i had tentatively picked out that i had changed my mind. They were supportive. January 2, 2005, DH comes home and we begin our life again together.

    DH is supportive throughout the rest of preggo (i don't go into labor again). He takes child birth classes with me, does the whole sonogram bit and cries with me when we find out that it is a boy ( I was PRAYING GIRL).

    On February 28, 2005, I work my last day at work before my supposed month off before baby is born time starts. My co-workers throw me and my Best Friend a huge baby shower as she is due 1 month after me. My baby brother offers to take my son, Ryan, home with him for a week to give me a break and rest up a little. On March 3, 2005, a friend of mine comes over and we are all sitting around watching tele. I start to notice contractions, but am not timing them. My friends though announces to my HB that i am contracting every 5 to 7 minutes for 1 minute and have been since around 5 pm. She hangs out until around 11 pm when we decide that the contractions are for real and head out to the hospital...

    They check me and annouce that we are only dialated to 2 but suggest i try some stairs and then get checked in an hour. Let me tell you, i about drug my HB around the entire hospital for 1 and 1/2 hours before i agreed to go and get checked. I was now a 3 but in intense pain. A sweet nurse finally decided to fib and say I was at a four so that i could get an epidural and hopefully some rest. (I WAS STILL 1 MONTH EARLY) thank god for that nurse.

    Around 1 am I get the epidural!! I rest in peace until 3 am when they come to check me. EVERYTHING HAS STOPPED. they decide to let me rest until morning and then induce if we are not moving along. At 8 am the dr comes in and says to get me started on pitocin. He does and they increase the dose each half hour with no results. MY HB is beginning to get worried that I shouldn't have gotton the epidural so soon because now we are stalled. At noon they break my water.

    By now all my family and friends have shown up. They are all just hanging around and look out te windows when i need to be checked. I am starving but no one would sneak me any kind of food. Not that it would have mattered because i kept puking anyway because of the pitocin. At around 3:45 that afternoon, i was starting to get really uncomfortable. My epidural was wearing off and I could feel one of my legs completely while i could not feel the other one at all. I told the nurse I needed to push and she was like oh, no you are only at a 7 and i said no I really need to push. She blew me off again, so i waited till she left the room and began to push gently.

    My dad and HB had left to get a snack downstairs and i sent a friend after them at four to say that i was having the baby and HB better get up there now... at 4:05 the DR came in and said the nurse says you want to push. I let him know that I was already pushing and my baby was coming now. He went down the hall to check on another patient. By then my mom was holding onto my arm for support and DH came running in and I was still a pushing. Dr came in and baby's head was crowning. My mom and DH both looked away from me and wouldn't make eye contact. I gave one last push and out came my Corin Nathaniel.

    Things get a little hairy here... apparently... ds cord was wrapped around his neck several times and he was completely blue and not breathing at all. With this my DH walked out of the room ( i thought maybe it was because the baby was not really his and he wanted to give me a moment to myself) next my mom followed him out, now i am getting scared because i still haven't heard baby cry. The nurses are all over him, suctioning him and who knows what all. Soon he cries a tiny cry. Born at 4:20 pm, Corin Nathaniel was 7 lbs, 1 oz at exactly one month early,. He was only 19 1/2 inches long. BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Everyone comes in from the hall as soon as they hear him cry. I never found out what had happened until after going home from the hospital. We enjoyed a four day stay thanks to a completely numb leg, some sligt jaundice, and of course the fact that he had been born basically almost dead.

    I will continue later.

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    Default Why I thank God for the Nurse

    If that nurse had not fibbed a little and said that i was at a four in order to get the epidural i would have been sent home as I was still 1 month premature and the cord would have finished suffocating my dear dear son.

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    Default My two boys

    Okay, well that was the story (LONG) of my boys birth and welcoming into the world. Now I am going to start from the here on out and post what is going on in our daily lives...

    TGIF I am so happy that we are finally to the weekend. Work has been extra long this week, and the kids were visiting G-Ma and G-Pa so I was really missing them.

    DH had his normal day off today. I will be back later. Have to go fight with the jerk.

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