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Hi everyone

Im not sure if Im psoting in the right area or not but looking for some advice.

My name is Lolly (31) DH Jack (29) with 3 wonderful boys Jack (3-1/2) Jason (2-1/2) and Joey (1). 1 m/c between Jack & Jay.

Now I am really wanting another baby, preferably a girl but would be happy with another boy too and with work I can get Jack to agree. Dilemna is I dont really know how to track my cycle lately, its been strange since birth of last son Joey. Comes between 28-32 days but I have no idea when ovulation is or even if I am ovulating, dont recognize any symptoms.

Anyone out there to offer any advice to me. All replies welcome. Do yuo think its too soon for another baby? I feel like Im getting old, plus Im afraid that something could be wrong because I dont feel like Im ovulating unless Im missing it.

Thanks in advance


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Hey Lolly, the best way is to temp. This way you will see the rise in temps and know pretty much exactly when you oed.

Like my temps usually stay in the 97 range and as soon as I o, they jump to the 98 range. This way my lp is always 12 days, so I can pretty much plan on the day af will be here.

That is what I think is the easiest way. There is a board for just this, they are full of info,check over there it you want to try this.

Good luck girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!