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New Journeys!

2 mos, 2 weeks, 4 days until the wedding...

T and I have been talking about having children pretty much since soon after we started dating. We both come from strong family backgrounds and feel that family is an important part of our lives. Since we soon realized after meeting (I when I first set eyes on him) that we would be together forever, we have had many discussions about how we would raise our children, what they will look like, what their names will be, etc.

Fast forward to now, we're soon approaching our June 16 wedding date. Around December, T and I were laying in bed one night talking about our future and the wedding. We always had decided that we'd wait until we moved to be closer to my family to TTC and that wasn't going to be until a few years away. Anyways, we were laying there and talking and T blurted out that he would move before the wedding so that we can start trying to build a family soon after we got married. I was shocked and stunned. This move is big for him because he has never lived away from his family (whom we currently live by), but because he loves me so much, he was willing to move closer to my mom and family to make the pregnancy phase a little easier. So, then we got into the full swing of things, and called my parents to tell them we would be moving back to my hometown (three and a half hours away) soon before the wedding. They were ecstatic! My mom's dream is to have her grandkids near her. T moved down to live with my parents about a month ago so that he can get a good start on his job hunting.

It's hard being apart, but since we both know it's in the best interest of us and "our" family, it's been making the transition easier. So, that's the story for now. The goal is for T to have a great job and me to possibly have a great teaching job before the wedding and therefore, be able to start concieving soon after the wedding. Keep your fingers crossed!!

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I just woke up, so bear with me. I have to start getting ready for work here soon.

T and I have already decided on names for our future babies. For a girl, we're going to name her Rose Marie P. and for a boy, Elijah Thomas P. Since deciding to move earlier and TTC soon, T has been buying me things that are named Rose. For example, when I asked him to buy me some shampoo while he was at the store, he bought me Rose smelling shampoo and he's so cute when he brings it to me. He waits for me to read the bottle and to see my reaction. ::sigh:: I love him....

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Today went pretty well... Did absolutely nothing wedding related, really, which is nice. I've been getting more and more excited about TTC since I signed up for the board. T is getting really excited, too. We're going to keep it between us that we're TTC, though. It'll be a nice surprise for family and friends.

I went and bought pre-natal vitamins from Target last weekend. My cold completely cleared up once I started taking them. I haven't taken vitamins in FOREVER. It's nice to get in that habit again.

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For the last week or so, it's all been starting to hit me....... I will be Mrs. Pugh in less than three months!!! So, whenever I get these waves of reality, I completely get super giddy and nostalgic and really sappy. So, I'm in one of those moods.

I'm also super bloated because I ate way too much today. BLAH! I've still kept off the weight I lost for the wedding, but if I keep up my eating habits, it will be back on soon enough. I need to get myself in the habit, anyways, of eating healthy for the baby....

I just said "for the baby" as in this time next year, I could be a mom by now. WOW. But, I seriously need to keep myself in check and realize that it probably won't happen as I've planned it or as quickly as I want it to, so I don't need to get myself to worked up over it.

I've just been dreaming of being a mom since I can remember, seriously. I'm currently a second grade teacher, and I love it. I don't love the job so much, but I love my class. As in, love them like my own. I was thinking the other day that if I have this much love and compassion for these kids who aren't even mine, I can't even imagine how much joy and happiness my own child will bring me. It just amazes me this precious gift that God has allowed us to be able to have and enjoy, even if the child isn't biologically mine. At the end of the day, you have to remember that that's what makes this world such a great place, despite what the media wants to tell us.

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I'm home in Evansville for Spring Break. It's so nice to be home! I'll be a resident in exactly two months. Smile

I have a friend whom I grew up with and lived with in college. We've been very close most of our lives. However, she's always tried to either follow whatever I'm doing, or try to one-up me. When I had sex for the first time, she immediately chose to have sex 10 days later to a complete stranger for no obvious reason. When I met my FH, she started dating a guy who had been engaged just a month prior to dating her. At this point, she completely dropped off the face of the earth until six months later. Six months after she met her now husband, she got engaged. This is one of the first times she ever returned a phone call to me. Then, she began planning her wedding and would call the day before something to let me know what was going on. Right before her wedding, she calls me again to tell me she's bought a new car, soon after I purchased a new car. Once again, hadn't really heard from her much before that. We also hung out the weekend of one of our friend's showers. Her and her DH were supposed to meet us at 7... they didn't show up until 9, only to stay about a half hour and decide they're tired, so they left. Just a few months ago, she contacted me to tell me that they had purchased a new home after not talking to me for awhile.

So, last week I emailed her to let her know I'd be in town this week and would drop her bridesmaid dress off at her mom's house. She emails me back (wow!) and says that she's going to be in town, too, and she would love to hang out. This usually only means one thing -- she's got some big news. I've been sensing that she would be pregnant soon despite her comments that they were going to wait awhile to TTC, because I had told her we planned to TTC soon after our wedding (this was in December).

We made plans for her to come over to my parent's house at 7 30. 7 30 comes and goes, and she and her DH are not here. I call, no answer. I finally sent her a text message around 8 15 saying to forget about tonight and how about I drop it off tomorrow at eleven. She responded saying that dinner had gone over late and that that was fine. She then said, "I think we're going to go to the mall tonight." First off, why do I need to know you're going to the mall? And secondly, why would you say that since you had plans with us tonight? So, then I responded back, "I thought the mall closed at nine." She responded, "It does, but I need clothes bad!!" I then responded, "haha, why?"

She never responded. My initial thoughts are that she's pregnant and showing, therefore she needs new clothing. Why else would she text me to tell me that after pretty much blowing me off? If she is truly pregnant, then I'll be happy for her because that's a huge blessing. It just irks me that she only contacts me when something important happens and that she constantly tries to one up wherever I am in life. She had been telling me that they were going to wait when I told her that we were going to try soon after the wedding. I would hardly be surprised that her pregnancy was an "accident."

But, in reality, she's probably not pregnant what-so-ever and I'm overanalyzing and jumping to conclusions. I will find out soon because I'm going over there at eleven.... I will post an update!

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She's not pregnant. Turns out she never does laundry and needed to go to the mall to buy more clothes. She really didn't talk much -- her husband and mom talked the most, mainly asking about wedding plans and such. I stayed about an hour and a half and then left. At least that's over!

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We had a romantic evening. First, we went and looked at the apartments we want to move into here soon. Then, we went down to the river where we're having our reception and walked around on the walkway. It was gorgeous! Then, we walked over to Jillian's and had dinner. After that, we walked back to our car and drove back here to my parent's house. Tomorrow, we're going to apply for the apartment. I'm nervous, but hopeful they'll accept our application. Once that's done, I'll be ecstatic!! Say a prayer for us that it all works out since that's the first step in having our little angel!

Also tomorrow, T and I are going to apply his resume to a lot of different jobs and get that out of the way. He needs a job!! I'm also going to finish up my applications and get them sent off.

Time to watch Little Miss Sunshine with my fiance!

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I really liked Little Miss Sunshine. The little girl in the movie was sooooooooooo adorable!! Even T liked it, so that must mean something.

Today, we go to apply for the apartment. I *hope* we get it. I was be devastated if we don't. We don't have any real reasons to be denied since we've never been evicted and have never been late on any payments to other apartment complexes we've lived in. I just hope it works out.

If we do qualify, I'm going to go stop by all the local stores asking for boxes so I can start packing once I go back home. Biggrin YAY!!! I already have colors picked out for all of the rooms and design ideas running through my head. I hope it works out!! ::fingers crossed::

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2 months, 2 weeks until the wedding...

So, we went and applied! YAY! So far, so good. Hopefully it'll all work out ::crossing fingers::

I also stopped by a local supermarket to ask for boxes to move and they['re saving their boxes for me to pick up tomorrow. I'm stoked about that, too!!

So far, great day Biggrin

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I had a pretty cool day yesterday! After doing the apartment thing, T and I went to my grandparent's house for dinner. I *love* my grandparents, and if we move into this new apartment, we'll be living only 5 minutes away from them.

My grandma was telling me about this dream she had. Apparently, she's only dreamt about her parents (whom are deceased and I've never met, but my mom LOVES) a few times since they've died, and she had a dream that they came to Tommy and I's wedding. My grandma saw them hugging my mom and dad and she went up to them and my great-grandma said, "Carolyn?" And my grandma said, "It's me, mother." Haha, apparently, she told me grandma, "You're an old lady now?! I hardly even recognized you." So, then she told my grandma that they had come back for my wedding since I was the oldest great-grandchild. She made a big deal about her dress, too, which she had gotten just for my wedding. I had magnolia flowers on it which were my great-grandmother's favorite flower. So, then grandma took her over to meet my other grandma and then they saw Tommy and I and came over to hug us apparently. She said to us, I guess, that she and my great-grandpa had come for our wedding. Soon after, she told my great-grandpa that it was time for them to go, and then the vanished.

My grandma is an extremely spiritual person. She believes strongly in God and the afterlife, so she was excited to have a dream about her parents. Consering the nerves I've gone through with this wedding, it made me feel comforted to know that my great-grandparents were going to be there. It made me feel really emotional and calm at the same time. It was like I knew that everything was going to be alright.

So, we had dinner over there and talked to my grandparents forever (my grandma is my personal therapist, I sware). My grandma is the only person who truly gets me, besides Tommy. I could tell her ANYTHING and she would be able to rationalize it to me and not freak out at all, unlike my mom. That's why I love talking to her.

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Most of the day, I've been helping T apply for jobs. I hope something works out for him soon. I would be on CLOUD NINE!! if it did.

I just noticed that I'm 15 DPO. Hmmm... But, that would also mean I O'd at the correct date, and I haven't been keeping my temps this month. I tend to have longer cycles, too, and considering we are using a BC method, it's unlikely that I'm pregnant. Not to mention, right now would not be a good time to be pregnant, though I'd be extremely happy if I was. I also did a semi (though should have been right or close) guess of my 1st CD, so that could be it, too.

My parents come back today. It's been soooooo nice the last few days with it being just T and I here at my parent's house with my brother occasionally coming home really late. We both agreed that it's a lot nicer living down here than where we used to live. I can't wait to officially be down here!

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AF came, so I'm not at 15DPO like I thought, haha. I didn't have any cramps though and not many PMS symptoms, either. But, definitely not TTC yet, so I will welcome AF with open arms. I'm not on any BC besides condoms, so it's nice to not have to worry about the hormones. I had a 28 day cycle this time, too.

I worked on our photo montage for the wedding today. Now, I just have to run it over to the videographer tomorrow before we meet with the DJ so he can put it together. I also put everything in the bridesmaid's totes. They look so cute!

I think because I'm constantly thinking about the wedding now that it's going super slow. It feels like time is dragging. I just want it to speed up! But, then slow down after the day is over.

Lost is on soon, so I need to go cuddle with FH and watch it.

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I just went and applied for a job at a nursing home! YAY! ::crossing my fingers::

Today, T and I are going to the videographer and then the DJ and then it's date night!! Dinner and a movie. Smile Not sure what movie yet... Probably the new thriller about the world ending. I'm excited, though!

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Yesterday was awesome. We met with our DJ who totally made me feel really relaxed about everything. We wrote out a timeline as to the order of events and got that all situated. He was just a really nice guy who seems like he likes to have a good time. The reception is going to be so much fun!

We went on "date" night last night, too. After we met with our DJ, we went to dinner at The Rockabar which, by far, has the best pizza EVER. It was SO good. Then, we went to the movies to watch The Reaping. Eh, it was ok. Semi-scary, but nothing to write home about. We came home afterwards and I went to bed shortly after.

I just realized that, perhaps, I'll only have one more cycle after this one before we start TTC. That's a big perhaps, though. As of right now, it doesn't look like we'll be TTC soon after the wedding. We'll see, though. Smile

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We got the apartment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

HUGE relief that we got it! I even booked our U-haul so that we can move our stuff over Memorial Day weekend. I am so excited!!

Tommy is being really resistent though to the green living room. Not to be rude or stereotypical, but since when has a man been really that into the living room color? I'm hoping I can convince him otherwise. Wink

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I go home tomorrow. Sad I'm going to severely miss Tommy. But, only 8 more weeks of school and I'm back here for good.

We went to lunch at a local bar today and then went over to our neighbor's house for a bit. Their family was over for Easter. Keisha, their neice, is pregnant, so it was cool to see her since she's about T and I's age. I can't wait to be pregnant!

We're ordering pizza in tonight, then tomorrow it's church and dinner with the fam and then it's back to home I go. At least I have a lot of boxes to start packing for our new apartment.

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I'm back here at our apartment by myself....... Sad Tommy cried when I left which made it harder. He always tries to hide it, but he's a pretty emotional guy. It made me tear up. I've already gotten everything unpacked and ready to start school again tomorrow. Only 8 more weeks!!

I think I might start packing tonight, but we shall see. I'm in a really lazy mood, and the only productive things I want to do are wedding related. What am I going to do when this wedding is over?

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Here's my shower dress I got off of e-bay for just over 30 dollars with shipping:

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First day back at school after Spring Break. Eh, so far so good. Not really that excited to be here, but my kids have been pretty good so far and the day has gone well. If it wasn't so close to the end of the school year, I'm sure I'd be feeling differently. I just want to get school over with, move and get married!! I feel like the next 8 weeks of school are going to drag.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight, though. Probably go home, get on the Internet for a little bit, maybe do a little packing, work on my shadow box display, eat dinner, watch tv and then veg. I really don't have any great plans or anything.

Tommy was cute last night. We had a semi-argument about this board, actually. I told him about how I sent Cheri an e-mail to get a prediction on our future child. He got really excited about this and wanted to know my name so he can check this stuff out. Well, since this is really the only journal I've ever kept online where I felt I had a certain annominity (word?), I told him that I didn't want to tell him my screen name. This upset him because usually I tell him and we've never had a problem with it. I explained it was because I was keeping a semi-diary on here and it was personal, just as I would expect him to respect the privacy of my real-life journal/diary. He understood that, but was still a little irked. So, we had a little argument about it, but before I went to sleep, he called me and was like, "Listen to this." He had Etta James' At Last playing in the background. It's our entrance song into our reception and he told me it made him think of me. So, that made me smile and love him even more. 4 days until I can see him again!

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I just received back our prediction from Cheri. I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!! Here's what she says:


I am seeing BOY And AUGUST, so that is either birth month, concieve month or the month you find out in.

When it comes to your son, I just seem him as such a happy go lucky type of guy. Always seems to be in a good mood and has a smile on his face. I think that you will find that he is alot of fun to have around, likes to crack jokes and make people laugh, and also never seems to be the one to be sad or angry, and knows how to "lighten up" and just let things slide, and have fun. I think that he has that way with people. Knows how to talk, seems to be able to get people to understand things in a different perspective, and allow them to not be angrey or mad at a situation.

I think that you will find that he is very good with people that way, seems to have the right touch that people really listen to what he has to say, and take what he says to heart. He is very good with listening to his friends, always helps them with any advice that he might have, and always has a sympathetic ear.

When it comes to career paths, I see him working as a "manager" and this is linked to a business of some sort. I am not exactly sure, what type of business, but know that your son is a big part of it, and deals with alot of people every day.

When it comes to marriage I see him closer to 26, they will have two girls and one boy of their own.


So, since we're getting married in June and hopefully can start TTC soon after, that could possibly mean we get pregnant either soon after the wedding (on the honeymoon Smile and find out in August or possibly conceive in August, shortly after the wedding (if it would happen this year). Also, he could also be born in August, which would mean we would conceive in November/December. Either way, this makes me soooooooooo happy!! Don't know how I feel about the boy part of it, but a healthy baby would be just fine!!

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Woah... this is the icing on the cake. I emailed Cheri to see about how employment for T and I will be since we're both seeking jobs. Here's her answer. Keep in mind that my DF currently has a job lead with a construction company (which he has done for years) that came due to word of mouth (my dad knows the owner).


Hi Joan

I think that you will find a job first, and have to say that its a job you start off in, sorta to "hold you over' till you find the one your looking for. Your finace will find one that connects more so to the "summer" months, I think that the field he is looking in, doesn't have as high of a demand and thus meaning, harder to get your foot in the door. Tell him to keep looking, and that his connection will come by "word of mouth" So make sure that he starts talking about him looking for a job.. i think it goes through the "grapevine".


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Here's the IM conversation that I'm saving from today when T read the e-mail about the future baby:

JoaniePugh (5:23:35 PM): T you have an important email
Loomy1982 (6:47:13 PM): so it will be a BOY
Loomy1982 returned at 6:49:14 PM.
JoaniePugh (6:49:18 PM):
JoaniePugh (6:49:23 PM): did you see the other email
Loomy1982 (6:47:31 PM): yeah that is weird
JoaniePugh (6:49:33 PM): ilove how she had so many excellent things to say about ellijah
JoaniePugh (6:49:35 PM): elijah
Loomy1982 (6:47:40 PM): yep yep
JoaniePugh (6:49:52 PM): so hopefully you get insurance for us soon so we can start making our son
Loomy1982 (6:48:00 PM): haha...sounds good
JoaniePugh (6:50:03 PM): i almost started crying when i read it
Loomy1982 (6:48:21 PM): i would but your dad is sitting across the room
JoaniePugh (6:50:27 PM): awww
JoaniePugh (6:50:32 PM): you getting tearieyed
Loomy1982 (6:48:38 PM): a little
JoaniePugh (6:50:43 PM): awwwwwww that warms my heart
Loomy1982 (6:48:47 PM): yep
JoaniePugh (6:50:56 PM): our son sounds like such a cool person
Loomy1982 (6:49:02 PM): he sure does
JoaniePugh (6:51:13 PM): sounds awesome
Loomy1982 (6:49:18 PM): i will have to save the email
JoaniePugh (6:51:23 PM): yeah i savedit
JoaniePugh (6:51:39 PM): i hope the august thing is that we get pregnant in aug or findo ut in aug that we're pregnant
Loomy1982 (6:49:43 PM): so either he will born in August or found out that he is coming
JoaniePugh (6:51:49 PM): or we conceive in aug
Loomy1982 (6:50:15 PM): we will just have to try HARD on our honeymoon
Loomy1982 (6:50:23 PM): then we will find in August
JoaniePugh (6:52:32 PM): maybe that will give you a little more fire
Loomy1982 (6:50:50 PM): I will have a JOB in the next 2 weeks
JoaniePugh (6:52:57 PM): how so?
Loomy1982 (6:50:58 PM): that is my prediction
JoaniePugh (6:53:01 PM): haha
JoaniePugh (6:53:10 PM): i hope you do so we can get started on elijah
Loomy1982 (6:51:25 PM): I am really going to go at it hard this week
JoaniePugh (6:53:32 PM): excellent!
Loomy1982 (6:51:42 PM): soooo excited
JoaniePugh (6:53:46 PM): about what
Loomy1982 (6:51:56 PM): our baby
JoaniePugh (6:54:01 PM): me too
JoaniePugh (6:54:06 PM): that made me even more excited
JoaniePugh (6:54:11 PM): especially that he's going to be such a great person
Loomy1982 (6:52:12 PM): yep
Loomy1982 (6:52:34 PM): we will both be great parents
JoaniePugh (6:54:39 PM): we will
JoaniePugh (6:54:45 PM): so you gotta get a job for little elijah!
Loomy1982 (6:52:50 PM): that makes me feel better
JoaniePugh (6:54:57 PM): awww really?
JoaniePugh (6:54:57 PM): why?
Loomy1982 (6:53:09 PM): finally some good news
Loomy1982 (6:53:33 PM): so what are you up to
JoaniePugh (6:55:40 PM): just sitting here
JoaniePugh (6:55:43 PM): daydreaming about the future
Loomy1982 (6:54:00 PM): it will be a great one
Loomy1982 (6:54:37 PM): so did you eat dinner yet?
JoaniePugh (6:56:41 PM): yep, i should be oing around our wedding date
JoaniePugh (6:56:47 PM): yeh i had salad
Loomy1982 (6:54:58 PM): awesome
Loomy1982 (6:55:14 PM): about the oing
JoaniePugh (6:57:18 PM): yep
JoaniePugh (6:57:28 PM): do you know what oing is
Loomy1982 (6:55:37 PM): yes i figured it out
Loomy1982 (6:55:41 PM): ovulating
JoaniePugh (6:57:44 PM): yep
Loomy1982 (6:56:35 PM): I Love You
Loomy1982 (6:56:47 PM): and hope to God this lady is right on for us
JoaniePugh (6:58:59 PM): awww, i love you too
JoaniePugh (6:59:06 PM): so now you gotta do it for elijah too
Loomy1982 (6:57:12 PM): yep i know it

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Back in school for another day of fun (sarcasm). 31 more days and the school year is over!! Then, I can finally move into your new apartment and be with DF again.

T was cute again last night. I called him to tell him goodnight and he sounded so happy (due to the email from Cheri). We kept talking about "Elijah" and he just sounded a lot more upbeat than he had been sounding. It's been hard for him because it's the first time he's lived away from his family and not only is he living away from his family, but also me of whom he's lived with the last couple of years.

On the good news side of things, I am supposedly going to receive a call today to schedule another shower for T and I. YAY! It should be fun.

Can't wait to get home and chill. AI is on tonight AND all of my favorite wedding shows!! YAY Smile That makes for an awesome day!

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I asked Cheri how many kids T and I will have and the order of the sex. Her response was boy, GIRL GIRL. So, I don't know if that means one girl and then another one after that, or twin girls. T has a history of twins in the family (there's a lot of them). So, not really sure about that. So, if her prediction came true, all three names we have chosen would be used: Elijah, Rose, and Caroline. I can't wait!!

This evening has been nice and relaxing, so far. I keep yawning because I slept like crud last night. I kept waking up in the middle of my sleep and thinking I was late for work. I never do that kind of stuff either. It was weird. Hopefully, I'll get a better nights sleep tonight.

I can't wait until my wedding shows come on!! I am super obsessed with anything wedding related and we're almost down to two months. That is so soon. I did our timeline for the Rehearsal and Wedding day today. I just want June to be here!!

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I was determined to just TIVO my wedding show last night and go to bed at a decent time because I was SO exhausted. Oh, not so. I totally watched AI, then Deadliest Catch, and instead of going to bed, I laid in bed and watched Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? And then I ended the show by bawling hysterically because it was such a sweet story and then promptly passed out. It's not like I'll get to go to bed any earlier tonight, either. Lost is on and I'll have to stay up to watch it. :banghead:

T and I both love the show Deadliest Catch and one of my favorite things to do is curl up with him on the couch to watch it. Well, since we're not living together at the moment, we kept calling each other on every commercial break to talk about the show and other things. One of the other various topics he brought up was that maybe (if the jobs work out) we could start TTC before the wedding. By before, he means like a week or two before. This made me get butterflies in my stomach due to excitement and I said we'd have to wait and see. Life is so exciting right now!! :thewave:

We also have plans for this weekend when T comes up to visit. Friday, he's meeting me after work with some friends to have a few drinks. Then, we're going to come home and start packing stuff up. Saturday, back to packing again and then we're going to dinner with our friends (who recently got engaged) and then back to their house to see wedding stuff and play games. YAY!! :party:

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I am so sleepy today. UGH! I hope I can stay up for Lost!! I had a pretty good day at work today. Nothing that crazy or new. Now, I'm just sitting here doing nothing when I should be packing. Hopefully, once DF helps me get get going on the packing when he comes up here this weekend, it will be easier to get in the mood to pack. Hmmm... I feel like I hear the tornado siren. Not sure, though. I should go check the weather.

I wish I had extra money right now. I *SO* want to buy pregnancy test strips from!!! Maybe that's something DF and I can do together this weekend. Oh good lord, I can't stop yawning!

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I find this funny.... Another message board I post on has all of these b*tchy, mean women on it. I try to avoid it most of the time, but today I was on there and I noticed one of the REALLY b*tchy girls had huge picture of just her husband's face for her siggy. ? No caption or anything. Just his face. Soooooooooo you think your husband is the hottest thing since sliced bread and decided to post a huge picture of his face at the end of each of your posts for bragging rights? I dunno. Just struck me as really odd. Not that I have much room to judge, but I did find it odd since it didn't even have a caption. I need to quit spending so much time on the computer, haha.

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Ahh, it's Thursday!! That means Grey's tonight!! Smile

It also means tomorrow I get to see DF!!! I can't wait! Smile I miss him so much. I keep dreaming about him at night. He's just my ultimate best friend and I wish he was here with me right now, but soon enough, we'll be together again.

Blah for the cold weather! I wish it would warm up again! I need the sun to shine. Smile

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Good news! Job postings were listed today for where we're moving to, so now I can start applying for teaching jobs!! I don't know why, but this makes me so happy! So, if I can get a job, then we will DEFINITELY be TTC here shortly. Keep your fingers crossed that something works out for us!

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So, I was looking at my calendar on FF and if DF and I were TTC this cycle which we're not, but this weekend would be the time to do the BD. ::sigh:: I could NOT be any more obsessed with babies as I am right now, haha. I can't wait!!

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2 months, 2 days until the wedding...

T got up here yesterday! It was SOOOOOOOOOO great to see him!! We met at a bar to hang out with some of my friends for a bit and then went to dinner afterwards. We looked like two grinning teenagers in love, haha. It's so true that absense (sp?) makes the heart grow fonder. Then, we came home, talked for a little bit and got to packing! We packed for a couple of hours and our walk in closet is *almost* done. I was really proud of us!! We could have been lazy and not done it, but we really got down to work. We got a lot more done last night than I had anticipated. I hope we do the same today!

Last night, we both were so happy to finally be in the same bed together again that we both cried, haha. I told Tommy how brave I think he is and how I fell even more in love with him (if that was possible) when he said he would move closer to my family so we could start TTC sooner. He's never lived away from his family or me, and just to make my pregnancy more comfortable for me (to be with my family), he moved away from everything he knows to provide a better life for me and our family. It just amazes me. I don't know if I could move away from him to go live with his family and try to find a new job. I love him so much....

Today we're going to do some more packing and tonight we're going to dinner with our friends who just got engaged and then back to their house to see what stuff she has done and to hang out. I'm so excited to see her wedding plans!

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2 months, 1 day until the wedding...

Yesterday was spent mostly packing. We got a lot packed!! Then, we went and got dinner with some of our newly engaged friends and went back to their house to hang out for awhile. It was a nice day, all in all.

Today is our big marriage retreat. Hopefully it'll be really informative, which I hope for. Smile

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The retreat was actually pretty good. They gave a big NFP talk by this really cute couple who have been married for ten years. They planned their kids each 3 years apart exactly using NFP. We'll be doing FAM instead of NFP, but it was a cool talk.

Tommy goes home tomorrow. BOO!

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2 months until the wedding...

Last night = sucked.

Tommy had a minor breakdown because he didn't get to see his family this weekend while he was up here visiting. Part of me feels bad for him because he's never lived away from his family and I understand how hard that can be. But the other part of me feels like, "Hello, you just spent the whole weekend with me, your future wife! Why are you upset?" It also irks me because we are our own family now. When you get married and even before marriage, family ties are loosened because you start your own family and your needs and desires belong to your new family. Because I've read The Conscience Bride, however, I do understand how this can be a grieving process right before the wedding.

The thing that really got me was that Tommy suggested that he didn't think he was going back home until Tuesday so that he could see his family tomorrow. At this point of the game, finding a job and providing an income and support takes over staying an extra day to see family, IMO. So, when he suggested this (which he's pulled this before), I went off. He seemed to understand and will be leaving today, but part of me feels like such a b*tch for not being more understanding. The other part of me thinks, "Hey, he's going to be your husband. He has to learn sometime or else this is how the rest of our life will be."

So, needless to say, I slept like crap last night. I would have called in sick today, but I woke up too late. :cry:

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Oh god, I am so nauseous. I've had waves of it all day long. Not sure exactly why. WISH it was a pregnancy symptom, but that's not needed right now nor really possible in my mind. I feel super bloated, too. Yuck.

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1 month, 4 weeks, 2 days...

Less than 2 months now!!! I'll admit, I minorally freak out when I think about how soon it will be.

Slept a lot better last night, but still tired today. I'm also still nauseous. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the prenatal vitamins. I'm going to start taking them at night with food instead of the morning. I haven't had a problem until now, but hopefully that'll fix it.

My mom called me last night and sounded really excited about the wedding. It's really the first time in the last year she's been excited about the wedding and really meant it. We're going make up shopping this weekend and she's getting everything laid out and ready to go for the wedding. So, that was nice.

Gosh, I can't stop yawning. Blah. I've been feeling kinda not me lately, too. I think it's all of this wedding stuff. It's getting to be so soon and with moving, I don't really feel like I'm in one place anymore. I don't feel grounded. Once everything gets moved, I can get all of our bills paid (ie. new rent, old rent, moving expenses, etc), I'll feel more grounded. But, right now, I feel off in a cloud.

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1 month, 4 weeks, 1 day...

I got a lot of stuff done yesterday. I went by CVS and bought some things I needed. I had to *seriously* resist the urge to buy something "babyish." I can't wait to start TTC.

Then, I came home, started packing some stuff up and took about four loads of trash out to the dumpster. Smile That was my goal for this week and I got it accomplished! Then, I straightened the apartment up and watched my tv. I love Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? I kept calling DF and saying, "Do you realize we get married in just shy of two months?"

On another note, FMIL left a note on our guest book saying all of this nice stuff about how she loves me and such and then ends it with, "You are the next best thing to me, his mom." Just took me back a little bit. Tommy and I decided to delete it since we pretty much are assuming she meant it seriously and I don't want my family to judge her because of her comment. I'm sure it's hard for her to let go, but really, she let go a long time ago. He's 25 and has lived away from her for the past couple of years. Oh well.

Today is a half day! YAY! But, that means meetings after work. Blah!

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Gosh, I am sitting here dying of excitement for the wedding day to get here!! I just can't wait. It's amazing how soon it will be here! I also can't wait for it to get here (and be over with) so that T and I can go back to our normal lives. I can't wait for that, either.

School wasn't too bad today. 31 more days! W00T! Ok, truth be told, I'm bored out of my mind, right now. I think I'm going to go check out and see what's on TV.