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    On 2002-09-02 13:11, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Today is CD#11

    Well it seems now that I have no CM all dry oh why , why must this be if's and what if's ! I think sometimes I'd be better off to just wing it . I do really enjoy seeing the chart fill up .. SO I guess I'll stick with it . I know it's only the first chart so....

    Well dh actually turned off his Law & Order Marathon ! I was shocked! Didn't see that coming at all!! I actually got to watch some of the baby story marathon! :laughing6:
    Not that that helps sometimes it just makes me want a baby more!

    I was so frusterated this morning. I was trying to get my photo gallery set up and it kept not working! I was taking it all out on poor DH! I finally got it to work ( with dh help!) .

    I am just in a mood today - it seems nothing can go right! I have a HUGE headache. Today just needs to hurry up and get over! :iroc:

    Oh well I'll stop griping- I need to fold laundry and do housewrok and do homework and all those things I really would rather put off! Here's to hoping my attituse changes....

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    On 2002-09-03 14:10, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Okay.. Today is CD#12

    Once again I am feed up with this whole charting thing!!!

    Today my temp. went up from 96.8 to 97.0 . The chart told me basically that I have O'd and showed me my fertile days . All well and good you say.... The only problem is that I haven't had ANY EWCM! Aren't you supposed to get this? I am so confused and frusterated.

    I know it's early in the game but I almost feel like a failure like I should have know . I had 'planned' our bd sessions from yesterday to about thursday in hopes of baby making well perhaps I'm sh** out of luck. I don't swear that often either, but I am SOOOOO mad.
    My plans can't be followed! I am a planner it's hard for me to go with the flow. According to my chart We did bd close to the end of the fertile days (if that's what they really were) So maybe all hope is not lost!

    I guess that's it . I had school today just a voice class ,but it was fun! I learned some neat stuff.

    I post a question on the charting board so maybe someone smarter than me can help me with an answer!

    A baby story's on so I guess I'll go watch that . Like that'll get my mind off this crap! Oh well....

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    On 2002-09-04 12:49, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Well today is CD# 13.

    Chimmy -the smart person that she is- took a look at my chart and doesn' think I o'd yet. Perhaps that I am gearing up for it. Well that was great news!!! I actually thought and still think that I had O pains yesterday. I used to have them all the time . Yesterday was bad too. So I still may have a chance! My temp was 96.8 again today which is what it's been So .. I wonder if I did O if it'll go up tomorrow! We'll see .......

    I never thought of this - I don't know if it can effect o or not but I have been on a sort of diet if you will. Been limiting my calories and exercising and such. I wonder if that could effect o. Interesting question. I haven't been really tempted to cheat either. I have potato chips in the house and an actually not eating them. Very wierd for me. I am a potato-a-holic you see.

    We also found out this week that dh has ADHD. He's had it since his was rather young too. I think it's a very hard adjustment for him. He read an article written by a man who has it and he actually started crying! He couldn't believe someone felt like he does . He thought he was wierd or strange and not normal. I'm trying to understand. It actual neat to find out why he does the things he does . It's easier to understand him!

    Well enough about that. I don't think either my sister or my sil are pg . I haven't heard anything and I imagine I would!! That's sad . They both really want babies too. I hope it happens for them soon!!

    We are bd'ing just in case I haven't o'd yet and hopefully we will catch the egg. I'm taking advantage of dh excitment I have a feeling he'll get sick of it if this goes on for a long time!

    Tomorrow are my dreaded clases ehich I wanted to drop - I hope tomorrow goes better than last week . Here's to hopin'.......

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    On 2002-09-06 08:21, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Well today is CD# 15!

    I did O!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was on Tuesday when I was having those horrid what I thought was O pains and it was . It's amazing what you can know about your body if you just pay attention! My temp went up yesterday to 97.2 and today it was 97.7. So now the chart and I agree about it all! So now I am 3 DPO and offically in the 2ww. Which I don't know is a good thing or a bad thing- I am not one for paitience at all!!! I really don't have a choice though dO I?!?

    I am just terribly excited at the prospect and this whole thing. Dh and I did bd on the right days so ..... it could happen. I'm trying to not get my hopes up because I know there is a great possibility of it not happpening but...... it's hard you know. Oh 2 weeks that's a long time !!!! I'll have to keep busy and try not to think about it ( yeah right!!)

    Well one thing to keep my mind of pg is all the stinkin' homework I got yesterday! GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! I am supposed to practice for voice class everyday which I don't mind- I have to do 4 drawings for one class and 2 more for another class plus 3 pages of tone building excersises (drawing all sorts of lines on BIG (11x24) pieces of paper! At least I have a week to do it all!!

    Nothing else to new.......I'm just feeling Geeked about all this though !

    Well I hope everyone has a great day :toothy9:

    __I can not believe this - I just edited this because I had spelled out vice class not voice class- how terribly embarrassing!!!_______________

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    On 2002-09-07 13:08, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Today is CD#16 , 4 DPO only 10 days until AF doesn't show! MY temp was 97.5 today down .2 from 97.7 yesterday but not a problem so ...
    I'm starting to feel the frustrations of seeing other pg people anyway I htink that's why I'm in a funk. Don't get me wrong I am really glad for them that they are having a baby. It's one of the most exciting things that can happen in your life. I just want it to be me. Yesterday I was in the store and all the sudden my boobs started hurting SO bad. That was one thing that happened with my youngest son. I just knew I was pg with him because a few day after I concieved ( I knew I had O'd and we BD then too) my boobs just hurt- bad. I'm trying not to think it was the same thing. I am hoping though. Now every time I say somethng about anything DH says it could be a sign and I say I'm oly 4DPO- not likely . But secretly I still hope .

    I went to the store yesterday and bought some prenatal vitamins. I was reading some threads on the temping board and a lot of people said their on them . I asked CHimmy some questions and decided it couldn't hurt. I hate to admit this but when I was pg with my 2nd son I never took vitamins. Part of me thinks Could that be why I had so many problems with my pregnancy . Is tht why he came out so small? He was 6'8 which isn't tiny but compared to my first son who was 8'9 it is. They also say 2nd babies are usual bigger than the first so I really feel that had something to do with it. So because I'm TTCing I want to give the next baby a fair shot. Couldn't hurt right?!? I got 90 vit.s for $6.00.That makes me so sad . I'm actually crying thinking about it . I feel so guilty for not doing that with Ethan. I didn't even know you could buy prenatals at a store until I found this site. Thinking I could have done soemthing to prevent any problems with him .........Dh says it probably had nothing to do with just vits. but still it makes you wonder.

    I don't know where all that came from.

    I have to go.

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    On 2002-09-08 09:19, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Well today is CD# 17and I am 5 DPO.

    I know it's early in the day but so far today is a much better day than yesterday. :happy2: Yesterday I was out of it. Very emotional.SO today has to be better or I think DH is going to kill me!!!!! :violent5:

    Well my BB's have been killing me the last 3 days! Sh is convinced I am pg . He said this is how I was with DS. I think so too I really do think I am pg But I also know a lot of women who totally think they are pg end up not being pg. I really do thik we each know our own bodies and I think i'm reading mine pretty well . I also may e setting myself upp for a HUGE disappointment. Only 9 more days until AF doesnt arrive though!!!!! Let me tell you I am going to be on pins and needles.

    DH was talking about setting up a nursery last night. I know jumping the gun a little bit right. Sometimes it's nice to hear him talk about it though. HE never really has before. I'm so convinced he really wants another baby. We've never really lived a place we could set up a nursey in. It was always not possible. Not enough bedrooms or we had moved to Arizona and had to stay with his mom for a bit- That was interesting . A dh and very pg wife and a toddler all trying to be in the same room!! I would never do that again. When we moved back to Mi we lived in a place with 2 bedrooms and Ds was little so he was in our room . Now finally a 3 bedroom house. I can have a nursery. I have been dreaming about buying baby furniture and How I would decorate it. I can still slways dream about that stuff. It'll happen eventually if not right now.

    So listen to me prattle on.. I'm sure this is SOOOO interesting for any one else but me right (yeah surrrrrrrrrrrrrrre!)

    That's about the gist of what's going on here. I didn't go to bed until late last night so I am sooooooooo tired. :sleepy2: Dh finally came ot bed at 4:30!!!!!!!He's crazy!!!!!

    Anyway........that's it for now.

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    On 2002-09-09 11:19, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Well, Today is CD# 18 and 6 DPO!!!

    Time's a truckin' ! I've noticed I use capitals and exclamation marks a lot . HMMM...

    Any who today is a fantabulous day!!! :laughing6:

    MY BB's are still hurting -good sign- but all is well. My temp was 97.7 today holding steady . I hope it will keep holding on. Not too much news on the TTC front- I'm going to be on pins and needles until next week though.

    I found out yesterday that one of our really great friends is going to be coming to town next week!!!! I am so excited We've been e-mailing back and forth and haven't seen each other in a long time. They only live across the state but sometimes it's hard to make time. That's not an excuse sometimes you just have to do it!! Any way they are coming and I'm so jazzed!!! :toothy9:

    Hopefully by then we'll really know if were pg and maybe even share it with them !!

    Anyway the boys need to go down for a nap(Mommy needs them to go down for a nap!!!!!) SO away I go................

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    On 2002-09-10 16:45, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Well today is CD#19 and 7 DPO.Temp. is 97.6? I think. Temp. is holding steady. That's good. At least it's not dropping!

    Today has been a VERY emotional day ! I have been off the hook. I think DH is going to kill me. The day started out good,but then things got hairy and now I'm crying and picking fights and all sorts of stuff. I hate feeling this way! Yesterday I cried at a wedding story. This guy had been away with the navy for a year . SInce Sept. 11 last year. They showed his boat or what have you pulling into port and all these sailors were lined up on the deck. I lost it . Gushed my eyes out. Today I cried at seventh heaven. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!!

    I haven't had any implantation spotting. One chart said tomorrow who knows. I don't think I ever had it with my two sons- so even if I was I probably wouldn't get it now. But I might.

    All this TTC stuff is about to drive me crazy! Just chuck the computer out the window!!!

    I just want it to be next week!

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    On 2002-09-11 12:03, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Today is CD#20 and 8 DPO!!Wow!!!

    This morning when I woke up my temp. was the highest it's been . It was 97.9 . Up yesterday from 97.6. I hope it keeps staying up .

    Today seems to be a lot better emotionally than yesterday! No crying . No yelling. Maybe I've mellowed out.

    We were driving home from Taking DH to school and we drove by a school. There were tons of kids outside with flags. My son (who's 4) wanted to know what was going on . So I reminded him of 'when the buildings fell down' (that's what he calls it). He fot really quiet than started asking questions. He decided he wanted 'to pray for those families -of the ones that dies mom'- I couldn't believe it. What a moment!

    It hit me today what a tragedy all that is. I had been trying to put it out of my mind- not wanting ot deal with all those emotions.Dh and I watched a show on PBS last night about the clean up and everything. Wow it was really incredible!!

    Makes you thankful for life!

    Well I'll stop pratteling .

    Have to go do homework!!!

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    On 2002-09-12 22:33, scubagirlkj wrote:
    Well, it is CD# 21 and 9 DPO. Only 5 days to go !!!!! That has gone by so quick!!!

    Today I have 2 coldsores YUCK!!!!! and now my face is broken out! I NEVER get acne! EVER!!! I always have clear skin. I mentioned this to DH today and I said AGH! I never break out. ANd he said you did when you were pg with Ethan. HUH?!?!? I did? I din't remember that. But then again I didn't have to look at myself all the time. My BB's still hurt. I am way emotional - I cried at school today - more about that later. My temp today was higher than yesterday . The highest it's been-it was 97.9 yesterday and 98.1 today. Interesting. I really hope I'm not setting myself up for a gymongous disapointment. Oh well I only 5 more days and I can find out.

    Anyway about school- The one class I was looking forward to - I lost it I got SO frusterated and cried. Right in the middle of class Aghh!! then I was mad at myself for crying . It was all because I couldn't get my stupid charcoal drawings to look right. Dh says I must be spoiled( I was) - I want everything to be perfect the first time. I just don't want it to look bad!! Average would be okay with me!!Any way my Instructor came over to help me and showed me what to do - I cried and cried. Stupid me!! On the up side. The classes I was thinking were going to be bad actually turned out good! THat's a plus.

    So I have a lot of homework this week It's going to take forever !!!

    I'm exhausted so I'm going to bed !!!!

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