In the same boat again

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In the same boat again

I am working on moving my journal to the new boards. This is probably going to take me a few days.

Posted 3/4/02

Well, I found out about these journals from my cousin who is also ttc#2. My name is Carol(34) and I am from Port St. Lucie, FL. My husband, Jim(34), and I have been married for almost 15 years. After over 5 years of ttc and all of the testing that goes along with it we finally had our son, Ryan (4), in November of '97. When Ryan was almost a year old we decided to ttc #2. Now here it is 3 years later and we are still waiting. I have been using the ClearPlan Easy Fertility Monitor for the past six months. At least using it has given me a better idea of when I ovulate. I peak anywhere from day 17 to day 21 and my cycle last anywhere from 26 to 30 days. I am not sure but that may be part of the problem. Last month I peaked day 17 and 18 then my cycle lasted 26 days. I am going to the doctor on Thursday so hopefully all of the details that I have been logged for the past 6 months will tell him something. I also think that I may have endometriosis again. My doctor found it and removed it about 5 months before I got pregnant with Ryan. I am currently on day 16 of my cycle. My monitor has been at high since day 12. Just waiting to see when I will peak. Anyway I will wait for Thursday.

Posted 3/6/02

Today is day 18 and my monitor is still at high - no peak yet. Can't wait to go to the doctor tomorrow to see what he says. Not that I am expecting him to have the answer to my problems right away but atleast we will be on the way. There are so many women out there with fertility problems sometimes I wonder why. Or is it because we hear and know more now than years ago. I friend of mine has been ttc for a few years now and they finally just found that she has a blockage in her tubes. She will be having her surgery in 2 weeks. Hopefully that will do it for her and she will be on her way to being a mommy. My cousin Lori and my son's teacher are also ttc. I have my fingers and toes crossed everyday for all ttc. My mom did have problems. After a few years of ttc she had a m/c then she had me and then after 10 years of ttc again she had my brother. Hopefully I will not have to wait that long but I guess that is better than nothing.

Posted 3/7/02

Today is CD 19 and my fertility monitor is still on high - no peak yet but I am having OM so hopefully it will be tomorrow or Saturday. I had my gyno appt today. He said that so far everything looks ok. I showed him my ovulation tracking. He said that it is possible that my progestrone level is too low to get pregnant or to keep a pregnancy so he is sending me for blood work 3 days after I detect a surge. He is also doing a bunch of other blood test and dh has to go for another SA! He is not thrilled with that but..... oh well! Like I told him that is all that you have to do and then you're done and out of the picture. Well as far as the testing goes. LOL. He had one done before but that was 9 years ago and he is no longer 25. Anyway, back to the progestrone thing. I have been having 9 - 10 days between ovulation and my next cycle. The dr says that you should have 14 days between but anything less than 11 days is considered a problem so we will see. I have to go back to see him in 2 weeks to go over all of the results and talk about what to do next. If all of the tests come back ok, he will schedule me for a laparoscopy. The laparoscopy did it for me last time so I am really up about this. Maybe we will be on the way to #2.

Posted 3/8/02

I peaked this morning according to my monitor so I will go have my blood drawn on Monday. I guess we will do dh test during the middle of the week since we will have to go "without" for 3 days before the test. This is probably going to sound wacky but I think I am in process of ovulating right now as I type. I have noticed every month on the first day of peak on my monitor that I feel pressure down there and I am having it right now. I noticed it before I started the monitor too but I did not know when I ovulated. I will have to ask the doctor about it when I go back. My hubby works from 3pm till ?? He gets home an average of 2pm (sometimes as early as midnight and sometimes as late as 5am). Hopefully he will not be too late tonight so we can take care of business. I am starting to think that I am wasting my time worrying about ttc right now. I keep thinking that there is problems with my hormone levels and or the endo is back. But it does make me feel alot better to know that 2 weeks from now I will have the results and we can get on with it.

Fingers and toes for all ttc.

Posted 3/18/02

Today is day 30. Ovulation peak was on day 20 and 21 so I am still waiting. I am almost positive that I am not pregnant this month. With hubby working late every night around O and with me being sick with a cold, sore throat, ear infections, etc. around O the chance is very slim. We did on the evening of day 17 and the evening of day 22 so we probably missed O. Oh well. We will see what the doctor says. My appointment is on Friday so I will get all of my test results then. I am going to have him check my ears if they are still bothering me then. Maybe they are still infected.
We had a really nice day yesterday. My parents went to Orlando on Friday for the weekend and they called us Saturday and wanted us to come up and go to Universal with them. We had a good time. It was nice to get away from the house for the day. Ryan is still a little unsure about the rides. He stresses out while he is on line but then usually enjoys it. He did "Men in Black" and liked it. The park was not really crowded so it was nice. We have a seasonal pass so in the beginning of May when hubby is on vacation we are going to go back to Universal for a weekend just hubby and I. Ryan is going to stay with my parents. Maybe we will get lucky and it will be around O time. We are going up on a Saturday afternoon and coming back on a Monday night. We both like the roller coasters and of course Ryan does not plus he is not big enough yet so it is nice for the two of us to go for a weekend alone. Well, I better get back to work. Fingers and toes for all!!! And congratulations to Tammy!!!!!! Good luck and take care!!! Enjoy!!!!

Posted 3/18/02

My guess was correct. I just got her. That means that I peaked day 20 and my cycle lasted 29 days. I hope my doctor can figure this out. Oh well. Another new month to try.

Posted 3/20/02

Lots happening the past two days. The first thing is that I picked up ds yesterday at school and came straight home. As soon as we get to the house, I realized that he had a rash all over his body and a slight fever. Feet, legs, arms, stomach, chest. He still had the rash this morning so I took him to the doctor and found out that he has Scarletina, which from what I understand is the early stages of Scarlet Fever. It is amazing the new things that you come in contact with once you have a child. My ds acts normal but because he is contagious I have to keep him home for the rest of the week so I can't go into work. The bad part of that is that the tile men are starting to install my tile tomorrow am. I am putting tile everywhere in the house but the bedrooms. It will be so much better to keep clean. I am tired of having to clean the carpets. Anyway, back to Ryan. My son is the worst child to give medicine to. It is almost impossible to get any down him and whatever I do get down him he will immediately puke up. My child is the "Puke Master". So, if I can't get the anitboitics in him by tomorrow am, I will have to take him back to the doctor so they can give him a shot. Will have to see how it goes in the am. Today is CD 3. I get to go to the Ob/Gyn on Friday for all of my test results. My friend had her laparoscopy yesterday. She does not know too much about what he found while he was in there. She has to go back to see him on Monday to go over everything. She does know that he wants to put her on Pergonal. Not sure how $$ that is but I think it is very $$$$$. Well I better have my cup of tea and get to bed. I have to be ready for the tile guy at 8am.

Posted 3/22/02

CD 5
Today was the big day! I finally got to go to the doctor for all of my test results. It turns out that all of my blood tests came out normal and within range. My pap was fine too. He said that I am fine. No problems this time. DH's SA came back low. He would probably be upset with me if he knew about this journal. I have not told him about it. But I know that no one here will say anything. LOL. The only one here that personally know if ClaudiaBean and I know that she will keep it to herself. Just like when I do get pg she will be the first to know through my journal. She is a wonderful person and I am gratefully to have her in my family even if we don't get to see each other that often. Anyway, the doctor had three options. Here they are:

1.) DH goes to a specialist to figure out why and get the count up

2.) The day after peak I should go into his office with DH. They will get a semen sample from him. They will clean up the sperm and insert good healthy sperm into my uterus.

3.) Or we can wait and give it more time with DH switching to boxers and taking a prenatal vitamins that are made for men and women.

The doctor suggested the 2nd option but said that it was totally up to us. Doing this will cost us $285. per month plus a office visit charge that I am not sure how much that is. This is not guaranteed to work. He said that it could work the 1st time or we could do it for 4 months with no luck. He did say that it is possible to get pg but it may just take longer. If any one has any input you can send me a private message. I will welcome anyone's input. So far my cousin and sil think I should go ahead with it. Which I agree with on one hand and disagree on the other hand. I can't even keep my eyes open. I will have to continue with this tomorrow. Good night! Good luck Cristina! Fingers and toes to you.

Posted 3/28/02

Tonight was a bad night. Between 10pm and 2pm my ds threw up 9 times and constantly cried "It hurts". I was ready to take him to the hospital. He finally went to sleep but I am still waiting him. The last few times he was laying on his back and just puked. It was almost like he did not have the strength to get up. So of course being a worry wart I want to keep my eye on him. Plus I am still washing all of the comforters and sheets. 3 of each. I am so tired right now.
This was CD 10. I started testing yesterday so I am still at low. My doctor called me today and we have decided to go ahead with the IUI for this cycle. I have to call him when I test at peak and he will do it the next day. I also have to inform him the middle of next week how things are so he can let the nurse know if she will be on stand-by. If I peak Friday or Saturday, they will meet me at their office on Saturday/Sunday to do it. DH can make his deposit in the cup and I will have 30 minutes to get it there. I am making him go with me. The doctor said that they do not need him but I think that just in cause it works he should be there. Just so that later if we find out that it did work atleast he was physically there. If that makes any sense. The dr did tell me today that there is a 20% chance of success if he has a good sample to work with. We will just have to see. I hope I peak by next Thursday so they do not have to go in over a holiday weekend. I would feel really bad about that. It took us a while over the past couple of days to decide on this. At first dh did not want to talk about it. I guess it is a male pride thing. But he finally came to his senses and agreed to go ahead with it. I also wanted to add to all ttc that I love my ClearPlan Easy Fertility monitor. I know that it is expensive at first but I have found it very easy and helpful. I may not be pg yet but the monitor makes everything soooo easy. It keeps track of what day of my cycle it is. All I have to do is test when it tells me to. Not trying to sell the product for them. I just want all of us to get what we want and move on to other boards. Biggrin Well I better get to sleep. Fingers and toes to all!!!!!

Posted 3/28/02

CD 11
I went to high on my monitor this morning so maybe I will get lucky and peak during the week so we don't have to do the IUI over the weekend. DS is better today but I had to keep him home from school. He wanted to go so badly this morning. They were having their Easter egg hunt and party today. They were also having a visit from the Easter Bunny. I will have to make it up to him on Sunday. I am not putting any candy in his Easter basket. I bought him a DVD, stuff for the pool, tub tints, etc. instead. He never eats any of the candy anyway. I hope I do not get it from him. I have had an upset stomach all day and it feels like it is getting worse. DS is calling.

Posted 3/29/02

CD 12
I feel like total crap right now. I puked once tonight and woke up 3 times with acid reflux. Sorry. Don't mean to be gross. I was home with ds yesterday from him being sick the night before. He was fine the whole day so I took him to school this morning and of course I got a call from the preschool that he was puking. So I had to leave work. Which was ok but I did not feel good anyway. DS was fine again all day once I got him home. I finally got him to eat and then he puked again. Not sure what I am going to do with him. If he keeps this up over the weekend I will have to take him to the doctor on Monday.
Well, today was day 12. Still at high but I figured that. I normally have about 5 or 6 days at high before peak. So hopefully sometime around mid-week I should peak then it is off to the doctor the next day. I think dh is finally feeling better about the whole IUI thing. At first he was a little defensive about it.
Kind of short but I feel like I need to hug the toilet. Good night!!!!!

Posted 3/30/02

CD 13
Of course, still at high this morning. Feeling not great this morning but better than last night. Puked once more and that was the last time so hopefully that was it. Getting ready for the IUI is really tough trying to figure out dh part. The doctor wants him to abstain for 4 days but without knowing exactly what day I will peak that is hard to determine. I was thinking about tomorrow night and then nothing until the IUI but I am not sure if that is the right thing. If any of you ladies have any input on this please let me know. I don't want to screw this up.
Well, the main reason for my post is to say "Congratulations" to Tamara. I am very happy for you! Good luck and take care!!!

Posted 4/5/02

CD 19
I finally had peak on my monitor CD 17 so yesterday I went to the doctor and had my IUI done. I got there at 9 am with our "fresh" specimen then we sat in the waiting room till about 10:15 but we knew that. They were doing the sperm washing. Sorry if this is too much detail. The doctor did the IUI at 10:30 and it took less than one minute and he was done. He had me lay on the table for 30 minutes and I was done. I was a snap. Now I just have to hope that it works. I ovulated the night before. I had that pressure feeling that I get every month on the first night of peak. I knew that it was from ovualation but I asked the dr anyway. He said that when the sac burst to release the egg it also releases fluid that can cause cramping or pressure. So since I did ovulate and he inserted the washed sperm directly into my uterus hopefully it will work. He did say that my dh supplied him with a good specimen to work with. Good job honey!!! So now I do not have to monitor any more this month - just sit back and relax and wait. Yeah right! Relax! Who is he kidding! I will be on pins and needles waiting. Like all of you know the waiting is the worst. Will have to make sure the ds keeps me busy and I am sure that he will. Sometimes I worry about him. He is so active. If I could bottle his energy and sell it I would be rich. Lots of baby dust to all. And Congratulations to Kim!!

Posted 4/7/02

I have felt so bad this weekend. Cristina, you were on my mind all day yesterday. I hope you get an answer soon. And Stacey, I love your babbling. And Lori, sorry about the hot flashes. I know they are horrible. I do not want to get pg anymore atleast until all of you ladies do first. I want to take the back of the line and have you all go first. I know how hurt and angry all of you feel. You ask why? but you get no answers.

Posted 4/10/02

CD 24
Things are not looking too good right now. I had cramps earlier tonight so I am afraid that the evil woman is on her way. I knew that the chances were only 26% that the IUI would work but I figured if I can't get pg when I am ovulating and the dr puts the sperm right where it is suppose to be I will never get pg on my own. So now I will have to decide what to do next. Continue? Wait and see? Or just stop all together? At $300. per IUI it will be hard to continue for too long. I was trying not to get myself too hopeful but I was. I will have to wait till she shows and call my dr and see what he has to say. I am on cd 24 and I O'ed on cd 17. I will see how long my luteal phase winds up being

Posted 4/20/02

CD 8
I have not posted here lately. AF showed last Friday so my cycle was 25 days but the doctor says that it is ok. My progestrone level was fine. My doctor wants to do one more cycle of IUI before moving on. Not sure what he meant by moving on but I am sure he will tell me when I go in for the IUI which should be the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. Hopefully O will not fall over the weekend. I will start my O testing in the morning.
My sons teacher told me a cute story about him today. Each week they have a theme. This week was dinosaurs. She had a audio story of a book called "Saturday night at the dinosaur stomp". She said that he loved it and every day he would asked her to play it so she did. Well, today she played it for them again and when it was over he said to her "That was beautiful". She said that she had to turned away from him because she was laughing. I tried to find it online but I can only find the book not the tape. I guess I will have to keep looking.
I have 2 weeks until mine and dh's mini vacation. We are going away for 4 days 3 nights. We are going to our 15th wedding anniversary which is in July. DS is staying with my parents. I can't wait. It will be nice for dh and I to relax and enjoy spending some time together. We are going to Orlando. No rushing just slowly walking and taking our time. We live 1 1/2 hours from Disney so Ryan has been a number of times so I do not feel like I am cheating him out of anything. As a matter of fact our annual pass for Disney ends in July so in a few weeks we are going to take him for a weekend. He will have a good time with my parents. Plus we take him every year in November for his birthday. This year we are taking him to Universal. My cousin(his godmother) comes down from NY every year for his birthday and goes on the trip with us. She is actually coming down May 17th for 11 days. I love when she comes to visit.
Well that is all for tonight. I hear ds in the other room coughing in his sleep. I hope he is not getting sick again

Posted 4/21/02

cd 10
Still at low on the fertility monitor. Should be another day or two at low then it should go to high for about 6 days then peak for two. Once I peak off to the doctor for another IUI.
Stacey - I am so sorry! I wish there was something that I could say to make it better for you. We are all here for you.

Posted 4/25/02

CD 14
I am still at low on my monitor. I wish I would move up to high. I am starting to get worried because of our trip next weekend. If I don't start moving here I will wind up peaking while we are away then the IUI will not happen. I am really hoping that this is our month. I want all of this ttc to be over with. Especially since my doctor says that we are going to "move on" after this try of the IUI but I am not sure what he means by that. I guess he will tell me when I go in next week hopefully. If he wants me to go to the specialist for IVF I am done. There is no way that I can afford that. So if that is the case ds will be an only child. I am in a down mood. DH and I had a big fight this morning. We do not fight that often but this was huge. We were both at fault and I kind of just left for work so we have not made up. My blood pressure must be up from it. I feel like my chair is spinning. Better get back to work.

Good luck to all of you that are ttc!!

Posted 4/25/02

I had to share this. I received a birthday card from my great-aunt today. Aunt Ruth is my grandmother's sister. She is almost 85 and she has always been able to crack everyone up. Sometimes no most of the time she acts younger than us. She always writes her little rhymes and this is what came with my card today.

"There once was a little girl who had beautiful blonde curls
A treasure to behold
She grew up to be a wife and mother
And had a son like no other!
In many ways he is like you
A wonderful person who's true blue
May the next blanket be in pink
As we will all make a big noise of glee
As we will be as happy as can be
To have another girl in our family.

OMG - talk about crying your eyes out. She is just too too funny.

Posted 4/26/02

CD 15
Finally!!!! I moved to high on the monitor so if plans go right I should be going for the IUI on Friday. Nothing new here. We are going to lunch at work today for Secretaries Day