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Thread: Tara's TTC #3

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    I'm not really TTC at the moment
    I never did get AF or a BFP and I'm just not up to starting the prover all over again

    I probably should take my ticker off but I'm not gonna

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    still around
    still no AF
    still haven't decided to take my provera yet
    guess I should get my butt in gear and do it
    I just hate taking this crap

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    well I think I hate all this TTC **** it sucks
    I STILL haven't had AF--ya I know its been a looooonnng flipping time and still have yet to start taking provera again

    I'm not feeling very motivated just to get disappointed again and again KWIM?

    I wish we had better insurance or won the lottery so we could do another round of IVF
    this crap sucks ***

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    gosh for the last 7 days or so I've been very naseous
    I've taken 2 $store tests and negatory but man yuck!

    I've been kinda tired lately as well and feel bloated
    maybe I need to go see the doctor
    I hope its nothing serious

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    I got in to see the NP today
    this nausea is kicking my butt and I just want to make sure there is nothing serious KWIM?
    hope all goes well

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    Guess what I'm getting with this post???

    MY CROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo

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    crap I haven't been on here in a long time

    AF came yesterday ON HER OWN!!!!
    woohoo no prover for me

    I'm gonna break down and buy some OPKs this cycle and see when/if I ovulate and we shall see what happens from there

    still hoping for a miracle
    because we can't afford to see the RE again

    oh and I'm starting to work out, walk and eat better so maybe that'll help my chances to ey--it surely can't hurt

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    wow! its been awhile since I've been on here

    new month new plan

    I finally bought a BBT and I'm gonna chart AND STICK TO IT this time!!!!!
    I also started on clomid and taking geritol complete so we will see---maybe this will be my month

    I'm on CD4 and taking 50mg of clomid on 3-7

    I'm pretty excited!! only time will tell

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    So.....**** obviously I didn't get pregnant yet

    I kinda took a break from the clomid, went to my OB/GYN and got me a referral to see my RE again

    Our appt. was last Thursday the 19th and we are going to be starting on injectable meds---Repronex

    I'm very excited but also at the same time we have tried many IuI's in the past and they didn't work--however we were on clomid so maybe the injectable meds will be the key this time--I just don't know

    we were all ready to do IVF again however our insurance does NOT cover it this time around and we would have to pre-pay $8,000 with the total being between $10,000-12,000 and we just don't have that kind of money at the moment, so we are going stick with the IUI's and just pray it will work

    funny how insurance will pay for those but not the other
    my husband says we'll do a million of them if we have to and make them pay for all of them---nice thought honey but I don't think so

    so thats where we are right now

    I got all my blood work back, and just waiting to hear from the RE's office on when to start my provera for 10 days----YUCK
    then call with AF and we will start the Repronex

    I orderd my meds and what not on Friday and they will be calling today for delivery tomorrow--$78.00 I guess its not that bad I'm not sure what is all there I'm sure its the Repronex, the needles, syringes, and prog. suppositories

    Anyway I'll be updating as things progress

    ****Babydust to all****

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    MY MEDS CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YEAH!!!!! I'm so excited my meds came in the mail today

    here's what I got---price included

    27G 1/2 needle~~~~10 ($2)
    3cc 22G 1 1/2 inch syringe~~~~10 ($3)
    Progesterone supp. 25mg~~~30 pkgs ($50)
    Q-Caps~~~10pkgs ($0)
    Repronex 75 unit vial~~~~20 pkgs ($20)
    Sharps Container~~~~~~1 ($5)

    All of this for $80~~~Not to bad I thought it would have been alot more
    I'm actually kind of surprise that the suppositories cost MORE than the actual fertility meds

    Now I'm just waiting for the doctors office to call me and tell me when to start taking my provera.

    Well I'm off to go shopping with Alanna

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