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    I started my provera last night~~~~yuck~~~~but one step closer to getting down to business

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    man o man is it saturday yet or what damn it
    I only say that because thats when I'll be done with my provera

    actually I can't complain to much I've had a better go around with it then I usually do, a little cramps but not like usual and not as much nausea or hot flashes so there ya go

    so this is day 7 of provera--I take mine at night before bed with my two prenatal vitamins and my two folic acid pills--yummy

    anyway not much going on at the moment just waiting and more waiting


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    yeah!!! I'm obvioulsy (sp?) done with my provera and thank goodness for that~~~Man I'm such a witch when I take that stuff~~well I mean worse than usual

    so now I'm just gonna wait until AF arrives to get started
    I'm thinking about getting some parsley and making a good batch of tea to bring her on so I don't have to set and wait~~I do have to go to the store later tonight so we'll see

    I'd like to get things rolling~~I'm a little impatient at times

    anyway not much else going on

    we had a good fourth of july, took the girls to see the fireworks and had a little of our own to do, they really had a great time~~I just love them girls

    I'm starting to eat a little better and excerise so maybe I can be a little healthier and loose some of this weight~~just to hopefully put more back on being pregnant right?

    ~~~******Babydust to all******~~~

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    so guess who showed up today!!

    AF!!!! yippie I'm so excited

    I just finished provera on Saturday, then got a little impatient so I drank 3 cups of parsley tea tuesday night and woke up this morning to the witch!!

    I called the RE and have my 1st U/S on Friday at 8:40am!!

    I'm so excited to be moving on with things


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    so I had my ultrasound today and it looks like I'll be starting on my Repronex tonight!!!!!

    1 vial of Repronex
    7/14 U/S


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    Had my U/S today all was ok~~ its still early and of course my left ovary likes to hide

    so here's the low down:

    Right ovary has 3 little follies measuring about 0.63 ish
    Left ovary has 2 little follies measuring about 0.71 ish

    Continue 1 vial of Repronex and U/S on Thursday at 9am


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    well I had my ultrasound today

    I have now 5 little follies in my right ovary and still 2 little follies in the left

    out of the ones in the right the biggest is 0.83 (still a long way off) and the littlest one is still about 0.63 and right in the middle for the rest

    the left ovary still has the 2 that are around 0.7ish each (again still a long way off)

    so anyway I will be starting on 2 vials of Repronex tonight and have another U/S on Saturday, however I told him I have to work and I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it because I just can't get away as easy as that

    I do have the time but the nurse said if I can't make it then he'll need to see me on Monday and still do the 2 vials every night~~so I guess we'll wait and see~~ I'm gonna try my hardest to get there Saturday but like I said I'm just not sure I'll make it

    anyway thats it for now

    ****BABYDUST TO ALL****

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    I missed some updates on here, oh well nothing exciting has been going on anyway

    my last appt. was monday

    I still have 5 follies in the right ovary the LARGEST one is about 1.7ish and the rest are all under that but are at least 1

    I now have 4 I think in the left but the LARGEST one measures 0.7 or 0.8 ish I can't remember

    I'm still on 2 vials of Repronex nightly and my next u/s will be tomorrow, I'm hoping they get to where they need to be soon,


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    had a good appt. today

    O lefty pulled thru for me I can't believe it!

    I have 1 good follicle thats ripe and ready coming from my left ovary its measuring about 2.25cm or what is that 20+mm woohoo!!!! sounds like a good one

    so my estrodial level was 602 the plan is to do 2 vials of Reronex tonight and then my trigger at noon tomorrow (which means I'll have to take it and do it at work tomorrow)

    then IUI on Friday and Saturday

    I'm excited but not getting my hopes up

    so we shall see what happens


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    I'm officially in the 2WW but I'm not very hopefully this month

    we did do the IUI friday and Saturday however with DHs low sperm count I'm not placing my bets on a BFP

    guess we'll wait and see

    I'm getting the feeling of just not doing this anymore
    month after month of trying and nothing happening it sucks

    I know we Just started on the Repronex and I probably should give it a few more but it just sucks to keep doing this
    its very inconvient trying to schedule the u/s and stuff around working 12 hour shifts and not everyone on the floor is very supportive in wanting to watch your patients while your gone

    then theres the whole money issue~~we're trying to get our house fixed up so we can move out in a couple of years and this is just another expense

    not to mention the whole disappointment every month, I don't know I guess we'll see

    anyway I start my progesterone suppositories tonight and go in for a blood level next week and the beta the week after that


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