Trying to Get Our Dream Come True!

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Trying to Get Our Dream Come True!

Hey ladies. Smile
Lilypie Trying to Conceive 21 to 37 day cycle tickers
So this is my ticker for the month of August, 2010.
I started this journal because I have no idea how long this journey is going to take, so I mine as well document it while I'm going through it, right?
My name is Deb. Me and my OH have been TTC since November 2009.
We're both younger, so I tend to be a bit surprised that I'm having problems.
I conceived in April, and then miscarried at only 6 weeks. (R.I.P)
I was really hoping that this month was our month, as my best friend (who I am not on good terms with, bummer...) just found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately AF came, and it hasn't been a pretty one either. I tend to always get my hopes up so much and in the end I feel so let down, so my goal: Not to hold my breath, and not to get too excited. The month I did get pregnant I didn't stress, I didn't worry, and it happened.
So yeah, thats the background for us!
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So basically I found out that my insurance will have to be changed. Its not that big of a deal except for the fact that I really like my doctor and have been seeing her for years. Sad
My new insurance can take up to four weeks in order to get a routine checkup- Im not quite sure what a "routine" check up is considered but I hope that soon after signing up and telling them my situation about my past blood tests I'll be able to get in right away.

Basically when I found out I was pregnant I went to see the doctor for the routine prenatals. Everything was normal EXCEPT for the TSH levels, which turned out to be four times too low. My thyroid was normal though, which was a bit odd. I ended up miscarrying before we were able to fix it.

I asked the insurance if I would be able to get in RIGHT away to see a doctor for the blood tests and they said "You would have to ask your new physician". What a bummer man! :mad:
Oh well. I hope that they wont be willing to risk me miscarrying or being sued because they wouldn't see me.

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13 days until ovulation- ugh, that seems like a life time away. :puke2:
Oh well. Could be worse, right? Thats the only problem I have with longer cycles.. the wait.
In the end I'd rather have it this way then a short cycle, but at the same time I wish it were at least a LITTLE shorter then 35 days! :eek:

OH was supossed to go to Poland for 10 days, right after I ovulated. I got kind of worried but figured everything will work itself out, right? In the end he decided not to go because the family he was going to visit was being stuck up and selfish.

I started charting, and boy does my chart look like sh*t. Seriously. One day I read it wrong, and one day I completely forgot. Luckily one of the times I looked back at the temp and it came back up. Half the time once you see it, its gone forever. Getting up at 7 AM and reading something and memorizing it in 5 seconds is not my idea of fun. Sad

I'm still giving it a go, as I know if I at LEAST get in the habit if it IS wrong this month at least I am on the path of actually using my thermometer. Should probably order some pre-seed soon, and can't think of anything else that I really want to try. We'll see.

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I'm just having one of those days. Sad
I feel so completely motivated, yet at the same time depressed. Mostly because coming up in November we've been trying to conceive for a year. This will only be our 8th cycle, because one month I did conceive, and then didn't try for two months after that miscarriage. My best friend is pregnant (and I'm so happy for her!) and I thought I would be more jealous then I am now. But instead, I just feel down in the dumps because I don't feel like I'll be there anytime soon. Not giving up, but not getting my hopes up is the most difficult part of all of this. I've set the mindset: It will happen eventually, and I should let nature do its own work. I can't push it, and me stressing and fretting, waiting to pee on that stick won't let it happen any sooner. I'm open to the possibility it will happen soon, but not expecting it.

I get a new doctor at the beginning of October, thats when I'll get a new OBGYN and go in for a progesterone test. I'm hoping they'll give it to me, because my friend said if you have longer cycles your more prone to progesterone issues. So that will be happening next cycle. This cycle I'm going to be using soft cups again, but not the pre seed since I delayed on getting it. I should ovulate any day now, so I'll be going to the dollar store to get some tests. At any sign of a positive, I'll be getting down and dirty. Our schedules are pretty much for over a week straight we BD since my cycles aren't that regular anyways.

I've been charting my temps, but the other day my alarm didn't go off! Hopefully that one day doesn't affect any of this too much. :rolleyes:

So I did some research on diet and the way it affects your fertility. I am a little bit under weight, so I will be trying to gain 5 pounds, while eating healthier. Heres the list I made of stuff I looked up.

Vitamin Enrichments

15 MG of Zinc daily for male and female
Vitamin C 2,000 mg, daily
Folic Acid, 400 mcg daily
B6 & B12 up to 50 mg daily
Vitamin E 15 mg daily

Food Enrichments & Restrictions

Foods rich in Iron (Apricots, shrimp, prunes, tofu)
Whole grains to help blood sugar
Reduction of caffeine
Plant protein (beans, peas, peanuts)
Reduction of meats to small portions
Full fat dairy (small amounts)
Folate & Antioxidants (leafy vegetables, fruit)
Omega 3, Fatty Acids (salmon, avocados, seeds)
Foods with Selenium (tuna, chicken, pasta, breads)
Increased amounts of water in take

So tonight I will be going out and getting some caffiene free, or if it doesnt exist a little bit is okay, green tea. Ovulation strips, soft cups, and then a few foods and vitamins.

Tonight I will be making pasta with brocolli, salmon, and cream of mushroom soup followed by some green tea. I know my diet will help my body AND my fertility. I just need to kick my OH into gear, as well as get him to quit smoking. :puke2:

Well thats all for now, bye ladies!

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Since I LOVE tickers, here are some ones that I'd like to share with you guys:

Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Lilypie Trying to Conceive Event tickers

PitaPata Dog tickers

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Im about to head to meditation. Trying my best to stay peaceful and calm and /not/ think about any of this stuff. Wanted to update with I finally got some OPK's from CVS. I know Im starting way tooo late if its based on a 30 day cycle, but its only been that short of a cycle two or so times. I'm almost positive that, well, the test is positive. That means I would be ovulating in the next 24 - 48 hours. Funny, because I'm supossed to ovulate in the next two days. I'm going to keep testing, because that way I can find out if I ovulate sooner or later.

Here is the picture:

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Long time no update, even though I don't think anyone is reading. :confused:
I've been away mostly because I got AF last month- and REAL bad! It was horrible.
I got really depressed from the hormones, the pain, and the confusion because I had been nauseous for a week and was sure that it was going to be our month. Sad

Anywho.. as you can tell I used OPK's last month for the first time. I realized from this my luteal phase was only 9-11 days, since my cycle was only 33 days. [its usually 34 or 35]

So I will be using progesterone suppositories this month 3 days after my positive LAST positive OPK, since I tend to get them a lot it seems. [4 last month...] so wish us luck, because to some this is our 11th month, and to others already our 12th! Happy one year anniversary... :help1:

I plan on keeping you updated and hope and pray this is our month because its wearing us down so thin, and the doctors are being so stubborn and no one wants to see me unless im already pregnant. I do not have the time or the energy to look for doctors every day who want to help me, but for now this will do.