TTC #1 - Journal for the journey

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TTC #1 - Journal for the journey

After 6 months of trying, I decided to start a TTC journal.

About us: I am 32 years old, work with theatre and music and am originally from Norway. I have lived in Spain for 7 years where I 1 1/2 yeas ago married the love of my life.
My DH is 44 years old, and an accountant.
We've been TTC since June this year, and like most people here I thought it would be a walk in the park - get pregnant - have a baby.
I'm sure it works that way - for some.....
I know that 6 months is not a long time, it just feels like an eternity.
This month is the first time I've been trying the BBT, and today is day 8 in my cicle.
We'll just keep our fingers crossed and keep praying - I guess it will happen in Gods perfect timing like all the other things inb our lives up till now.

Bye for now