TTC #1..... my journey

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TTC #1..... my journey

Cycle #5 CD 6

I'm starting a ttc journal today. I hope that by maybe writing my thoughts and feelings down, that it will help me to keep optimistic on this whole ttc adventure.

Here's a little background and history on me... I've been married to my DH now for 2 1/2 years. I'm in graduate school, so i've been busy with school and all. Although I've been contemplating having a baby for quite some time, it wasn't until June until I was totally serious about it. After talking with my DH about it and trying to time it around internship, we decided to go for it. July was our first month of ttc. Our initial plan was to try for a few months (until November) and if it doesn't happen, then I would go back on the patch... well October came and my DH said that we didn't have to stop trying!! I was so ecstatic!!! (we would have stopped because if I got pregnant anytime after November, I would be having a baby during my internship). Having a family is more important to us than an internship... and besides, it will work out anyways. So here we are... onto cycle #5...

Today is CD 6, and my period is almost gone. They are getting longer now - and i have no idea why. I'm hoping that this is my cycle (of course I say that every cycle!), but getting a BFP at Christmas time would be awesome! I have been contemplating making an appt. with my OB if I don't get a BFP this cycle because I've been charting and doing it when we should and all that jazz... I wonder if I'm jumping the gun?? My insurance (which is state insurance - that is awesome) ends in June - so I want to get all the testing and stuff done while I can... I don't know.... I am just praying that God will bless us with a little one soon.. I am so looking forward to being a mommy!!

I'm not going to write in this thing everyday because it would get very boring... so i'll only post when I have interesting things to say...

Is anyone even reading this?? Lol ta-ta for now!