TTC #1.....Please!

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TTC #1.....Please!

Hi my name is Michelle im 23 and my DH is 25. We have been together for 4 years and married since 5*20*06. Man that was truly the best day of my life! So back to the baby subject, Ive always wanted the big wedding and the big family...even before I met my DH. So here I am married and waiting. Ive always wanted a baby, but it really didnt hit me untill I found out my sister-in-law was pregnant about 2 months ago. Man that news crushed me. I was so depressed, the news hit me like a tun of bricks. I was happy for her but secretly I wanted it to be me. I felt like everyone around me was getting pregnant (unplanned) and here I was dying for a baby and couldnt have one. It just didnt seem fair. My DH wasn't ready at the time. He wanted till our 1 year wedding anniversay to start trying. I tried to settle but man my clock was ticking...and ticking loud! I was so depressed and didnt know what to do. As much as I told myself I could wait...I knew I just couldnt. After many talks with my DH he agreed and decided he was ready to TTC!

11-10-06 TTC

So today I started O'ING :cry: ! Man I was upset. I know we just started trying but it was such a let down. You hear of all these people not even TTC and it just happens, but when you actually try it doesnt happen! So I didnt my research today and found out my fertile days and I just have to sit back and cross my fingers!

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