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TTC# 5

This post is from Nov. 1

Hello -

I am brand new to this site so I'm not real familiar w/ the format -

My name is Chaiya (the "c" is not pronounced) and my husband, Yossi and I have 4 children. Ages 15, 9, 4 and 1 year. I am 33 and my husband is 28.

Ari - (boy) 15
Ashira (girl) 9
Sara (girl) 4
Yehoshua (boy) 1

We want a really big family - as many as we can have - (I say that now) - and we are trying for #5.

The funny thing is the others were conceived in 2-3 cycles - and it just hit me when the baby turned 1 years old a couple of months ago - that we have been trying for almost a year now for #5!

Has anyone out there taken a while to conceive after giving birth - maybe it takes some time for your body to recover? A whole year?

If you couldn't figure out from our names - we are orthodox jews. We have only been orthodox for about 3 years now. Many orthodox families are big and in our community we have a family with 10 kids and another with 9 - many families in our community have 5 or 6 kids or more.

My other kids were spaced out on purpose so I am not sure what's normal for me as far as a recovery time from birth.

I tried temping and using opk's this month (for the first time) and am really confused-

Sun - 97.4 - on OPk - my line same color as test line but not as solid
Mon. - 97.3 - on OPk - my line as dark as test line
Tues. - 97.6 - on OPK - my line darker than test line
Wed. - 97.4 - on OPK - my line a little bit lighter than the test line
Thurs. - 97.7 - on OPK - my line darker than test line
fri. - 97.3
Sat - didn't take
Sun - 97.7
Mon (today) - 98.1

So I get a temp rise today - but the OPK's have me completely confused.

Can anyone make sense of this?

I don't want to make this too long - so I'll talk more about myself in another post.

Good luck to everyone TTC!

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Nov. 3

Hello everyone -

I voted for the first time yesterday - it was pretty exciting - I am 33 and it was the first time I felt like my vote could make a difference.

I only waited in line 15 mins - probably because Florida had early voting for the past couple of weeks so many people had voted already.

I don't understand all the candidate signs - vote for Bush, Vote for Kerry?
Like I'm going to drive down the street and turn to my husband and say - well I guess we are voting for Bush / Kerry because the sign says...

Maybe they are just cheering their candidate on?

Anyways - I'm glad I voted.

So the local weather here in Coral Springs, Florida says we are getting a cold front in this weekend - they said it would be in the lower 80's. I was so excited when they said cold front and then disappointed when I found out it would be in the 80's - that's Florida's idea of a cold front - I grew up in Virginia and really miss the seasons.

Well - on to the temping -
I posted earlier in the week explaining how my temps were confusing to me - I don't have my chart in front of me but the temps were something like:

97.4, 97.7, 97.3, 97.4, 97.7, 97.4, 97.3, 97.6, 97.6, 98.1

I was thinking the 98.1 was my temp rise - well since then the temps have been: 97.7, 97.8


Hope everyone has a great day!

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Nov 5

My temps for the last 3 days: 97.8, 98.1, 97.7

Ever since I got that first 98.1 my temps have not dipped down to the 97.3 and 97.4 area - even though the 97.7 is below my cover I'm beginning to think I ovulated before the first 98.1 temp. I did get positive OPK's back then - so I am wondering if my temps are just atypical. Anyone ever heard of this? (my previous temps are listed in my last post - confusing temps)

I can not believe it is Fri. already - the weeks fly by.

From fri sundown thru sat sundown every week is the jewish sabbath. It is my favorite day of the week. Friday night we have a huge dinner - at least 3 big courses - and my parents and brothers and sisters come over with their families. Sometimes we have other guests too. It's so nice to be able to spend that time each week w/ my family. We usually end up finishing pretty late Fri. night and then Sat. morning we go to the synagogue. The kids love that. They go to a private jewish school so all of their friends from school are at the synagogue on Sat. They usually bring friends home for lunch - which is a pretty big meal too - and then they play all day until it's time to go back to the synagogue in the late afternoon. It's a very relaxing day because we don't watch TV, no phones, no driving (we walk to the synagogue), very peaceful. I look forward to it every week.

Sunday we are going to an upsherenish (hair cutting ceremony). In jewish tradition, boys do not get a haircut until they turn 3 years old. On their 3rd birthday they have a big party - everyone in the community attends - and they get their first haircut. The age of 3 is when judaism considers a child able to understand what a good deed is. Everyone (attending) lines up and takes turns cutting a little piece of the child's hair. After each person cuts, they give the child a dollar - which he then gives to charity. So their first good deed, now that they are old enough to do good deeds is giving to charity. I love to attend an upsherenish - and we are pretty close with the family of the little boy so it should be a lot of fun.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Nov. 7 - Sunday

Well - I haven't been feeling so great this weekend - I have been dizzy off and on - I took a HPT and got a BFN. AF isn't due until Tues. and I used one that detects on the first missed day - but other than the dizziness I just don't feel pregnant so I won't hold my breath.

Listen to this -

I work for a small commodities firm teaching a class for brokers to get their series 3 license. There are 2 owners of the company and they are both really nice guys that bend over backwards for their employees. They also like to play jokes on people in the office from time to time. T. , one of my bosses - is an avid fisherman - he is always going out on his boat and he brings in fish all the time for people to take home. Well - on Friday - T. is telling me and a girl I work with how he caught these different fish the other day and how good they were. He said - "...but the best is manatee." For those not familiar with manatees - they are an endangered species prevalent in Florida - very gentle, nice mammals that live in water. Killing them is like killing dolphins. So, my co-worker and I lookred at each other, then back at him and I said, "What?" He said - "yeah - mantees are so good - they taste like very moist hamburger - the best you'll ever have."

My co-worker says to T. - aren't they an endangered species? He said - yeah - but I run them over with my boat and they get ground up by the motor. Now - he wasn't smiling at all and looked very serious while he was saying this - so I wasn't sure if he was joking or not - I said - "Are you joking?" He said, "No, I even brought some in for Jen (my sister that works in the same office). He said, "call her and ask how good it was." Then he walks out of my office and my co-worker and I just look at each other and I said "all-righty then."

Now I leave my office - and when I come back my co-worker says another employee, A., came in while I was gone and said, "Did you hear about T. killing the manatees?" My co-worker said, "yeah." A. said, "What do you think about that?" She said, "I don't know - I don't think he's running them over on purpose." A. said, "No - he definately is - he just told me. I called the (I forget the name - some society that issues fishing licenses.) on him and just wait until they show up at his door and take his license.

So, my co-worker is telling me this and we're like - fishing is T.'s life - if he loses his license that would devastate him. So I asked my co-worker if we should tell T. She said, "No, then A. will be mad at me for telling."

So at this point I'm not sure if this is all made up or not - so I call my sister and said - "is it true T. brought you in Manatee to eat?" She says - yeah. I said - you ate it? She said, no, I gave it to Steve (her husband). I said he ate it? She said - yeah - he said it tasted like very moist hamburger. I said - oh - and hung up. So at this point I figured - it must be true. So I go home and I'm trying to decide if I should tell T. that A. reported him to the fishing license people.

So today - I called my sister again to tell her about A.'s reporting T. and she laughs and says - it was a joke - she said T. told her to go along with it - I said - but A. said.... She said - he was in on it - and she saw him high five T and they were both laughing.

So - now I am trying to come up with a way to turn the joke back around on T. for tomorrow (Mon.) Let me know if you think of anything good.

I'm thinking of telling him I decided to report him to the fishing license people myself - but first I guess I have to find out the name of the fishing license people.

Have a great night!

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Well - this morning my temp was 97.4 - a big drop - so I figured AF would be right on time for tomorrow - but I was wrong - because she came today instead - lovely.

Well - I guess I'm on to the next cycle - at least I know I'm ovulating due to the temp drop - I was starting to wonder.

So - this will be my second charting and temping cycle (although I have been TTC for almost a year) - I don't think I'm going to use the OPK's this cycle because they were completely useless last time - I got a positive result on every OPK but one.

I think if I don't conceive in the next couple of cycles I will make an appointment w/ my OB/GYN. (just to make sure I healed ok from the birth of my 1 year old)

Oh - by the way - I tried to get back at my boss (see yesterdays entry), T., by saying I reported him but he didn't go for it - he just laughed like he really got one over on me (which he did). I told my co-worker and she was fooled also - we'll think of something good to get him back one of these days.

Well - best wishes to the rest of you out there still in their 2WW.

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TTC#5, C#13, CD#3

well- I am on CD#3- temps so far are: 97.4, 97.5, 97.4

I finally was able to set up an account on fertility friend- I was having trouble getting a password but I finally got one and started my chart. I'm not sure how to interpret anything yet, but I plan on playing around with it sometime soon.

Today at work has been very interesting-

I teach a class for commodities brokers to get their series 3 license and today the National Futures Association (our regulators) showed up to do an unannounced audit.

Whenever the NFA comes in town, the owners of the firm get very uptight and panic. We comply with all of the regulations but they get nervous anyway.

So first thing when the NFA gets here- the owners cancel my class to make sure I'm available if the NFA needs me (which they haven't yet). So I have been sitting at my desk all day being completely bored out of my mind.

Everything kind of stops when the NFA does an audit - all of the brokers just stop working and sit at their desks reading newspapers.

They will be here for about 2 weeks - the time is going to drag!

It probably wouldn't be that bad if my bosses weren't running around in panic mode.

My husband and I decided a few weeks ago that we were going to try and have a "date night" every couple of weeks or so. We rarely go anywhere without the kids so we figured we needed some time alone together. I told my husband we should take turns planning our dates and surprise each other. So, I planned the first date which was the week before last- I took my husband to a beautiful beach in Boca Raton , Florida (about 25 mins. from us) and packed a picnic style dinner - I brought a big blanket and some very relaxing music - and we sat on the beach watching the moonlight reflecting on the ocean- it really was beautiful. We had a very nice time and my husband said we should do it again soon.

So - last night we are home and suddenly my husband decides that we should let our older son watch the other kids (they were sleeping) for a little bit so we can go for a walk. He said he wanted to walk to the video store and return some movies he had rented. Now, the movie store is about a mile away but it sounded nice to go for a walk so I said sure - now - we start down the street and pass by a bus stop and my husband says - let's catch the bus instead - so I say - ok. Now - at this point I'm starting to think maybe he has some surprise date he wants to take me on - it turns out we missed the bus because we don't know how the bus schedules work or what bus goes where - so he says- well - I don't feel like walking to the video store after all so let's just go to Publix instead (grocery store). So we walked there - it's right by our house. On the way I said - is this supposed to be the date your planning for us? Well- he started laughing nervously and didn't answer - I said - you're going to have to come up with something better than this. My husband is impaired when it comes to stuff like this.

I guess I will just plan the next date or two-maybe if I plan a few he'll be inspired to come up with some good ideas of his own.

If you have any ideas you'd like to share for a date night- send them my way.

Good luck to everyone out there TTC!!!

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Another Monday -

Hope everyone had a great weekend - they always go by so fast.

My temps this cycle have been much more stable - last cycle they seemed to be all over the place and it was hard to tell if I had even ovulated - this month they are pretty steady - they have been between 97.5 the highest and 97.1 the lowest. Fertility Friend says I should ovulate by Friday - I think that is too early - I guess time will tell.

It was so funny - DH volunteers to do one of the bus routes for our kids school - its a private jewish school and they don't turn anyone away for financial reasons so they are always over budget - so they use a lot of volunteers. He picks me up after work because it's right on his way home from the route. Well- I mentioned before I work for a commodities firm - the firm is very money-oriented - there's a bunch of young guys that work there earning 6 figures - when they recruit people for the class I teach their main pull is how much money they can make - now I personally could care less about money as long as my bills are paid - many of my students assume I make 6 figures as well - which I don't - so anyways - I'm leaving for work Friday and the "bus" my husband usually drives for his route is a Ford Explorer. But they got a new mini-school bus - yellow and all. So I'm leaving and my husband pulls up in front of the building with the school bus and some of my students are standing out front. I'm walking on the bus and they are waving bye with these puzzled looks on their faces - I'm laughing hysterically when I get on the bus because we work in a professional atmosphere and the whole bus thing was very out of place - my husband is looking at me like I'm nuts and I just said - can you please park on the side next time. If you have ever seen the movie "Boiler Room" - just picture that atmosphere - but legal - and picture the teacher of their class leaving on a school bus - it just doesn't fit.

I was looking at my 4 year old this morning and I noticed she has hit a major growth spurt - she looks like a big girl all of a sudden - she's outgrown a lot of the cutesy things she used to do - I remember when she used to think my 9 year old's name was "sweetheart" because I call her that a lot. She would say things like, "mommy - sweetheart hit me" or "stop it sweetheart!". My 9 year old is growing up fast too - she seems so mature - I often find myself viewing her as a teenager rather than a 9 year old. They grow up so fast - I really hope to get pregnant soon - I know G-d knows what's best for us and I hope it's best for us to get pregnant really soon.

Best wishes to everyone out there in TTC land!