TTC after 2 miscarriges

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TTC after 2 miscarriges

hey ill start with telling you a bit about me i am 19 yes i know young but redy to have a baby my partner is 31 we have been together for 2 years and want to have a baby

in the past 3 months i have had to miscarriges well one of them was put down to the fact that it did not implant in the uterus

and the 2nd one the baby was 5 and half weeks and then i miscarried its been hard living through losing 2 babys

but it has made me want to convieve and have a baby so much more.

i was ovalating last night so hopefully we will get a BFP soon

fingers crossed

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hey adele

Hey i think we started to chat in the ttc chat room the other night! I just thought i'd drop u a line and tell you good luck

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so i thought i would let everyone know how i was doing

i did a test this mouring but it was negative but it only been 10 days since conceptiion so i am going to repeat it in a few days.

I have been having plenty of pregnancy symptons the same as the ones i had before in my last 2 pregnancys.

So i am waiting and hoping at the same time not tryng to get to excited about it

So will get back to you in a few days with test results

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ok So i arent been on here for awhile but i thought id come and update again.

Well atm i am 6 days late for my period and i have so many symptoms I have sore boobs and i am so tired bloated and feeling sick everyday all day so i did a hpt and it came back negative so i was a little dissapointed but mt period has still not started so i have decided that if i dont get my period in another week im going to go to the docs and get a blood test done.

I heard that sometimes your hcg is to low to detect through hcg even when your pregnancy has progressed and sometimes you can only tell through blood tests so im hoping and waiting of course

But i will check in a few days and let you know how i am going .

I just hope its good news next time

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ok so i thought i should update i did my wedding planner course on saturday so i am now a registred wedding planner which is really exciting so i will be opening up my business in about 2 weeks so i cant wait for that yay Biggrin

On other news i said goodbye to a really good friend on thursday we had lunch together and it was reallt nice he is actually a ex bf but we continued to be really good friends so he will be really missed but he actually moved away to anther city.

On the bad news i ended up being 10 days late for my period and the symptoms just become more and more so i went to the docters and he said that he thought i was pregnant by the sounds of it and sent me to get a blood test i was suppose to go have the blood test done on monday.

but woke up this mouring and to my dismany AF had showed up so im not preggo after all im a bit dissapointed but there is always plenty more times to try.

I think me and my partner are going to have a break from trying for awhile though we just cant take the disspointment and always after 2 miscarriges i feel like we just need to be ourselves and spend more time just being a couple and start again when we are more ready emotinonly and more ready together.

My car also got broken into the other night so im pissed bout that the window got smashed and all my partners baseball stuff got stolen so needless to say me and partner were not happy.

Well until next time take care everyone\

I hope everything works out and good luck in getting the BFP!!!!!!!