I haven't posted in awhile. I forgot all about my journal. Since my last post, we had Thanksgiving and it was really nice. We had it at our house and my parents and my aunt and uncle came over. The turkey actually turned out ok which was a relief. I am finished with my Christmas shopping and I just have a few more things to wrap.

As for ttc, this is our 5th cycle but really our 4th since our timing was off the first time. I am using opks again this month and haven't had a surge yet. Last cycle, I got a faint positive on a frer and on an accu-clear and then AF showed. AF was a little late with 3 fairly large clots and a lot of cramps. I think I had a chemical but I'm not sure. The hpts were really faint so they could've been evaps. So far we've BD on cd 5, 6 and 7. I hope we catch the egg this cycle.