TTC a healthy pregnancy

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TTC a healthy pregnancy

This will be my first journal entry, even though I've been ttc for several months now.

Here is my story...

DH (David) and I got married July 4, 2006. I was on bcp at the time and we decided for me to get off that so we could start trying in a few months. Low and behold, we got pregnant that next cycle with a faint positive in September. We were both very excited and very nervous. Not nervous about having a healthy pregnancy, but about the rest of our lives being devoted to this little being. September 9th we were with some friends that were pregnant, and she warned me to look out for bright red blood (not sure if this was correct info, though). The next morning I went to the bathroom and there was a small amount of bright red blood. I called my mom and we rushed to the hospital. They saw that my uterus was pregnant but there was nothing inside. I started bleeding more heavily while there. They took my blood, but it clotted before they could get it to the lab, so they took it again. My hormone levels were only at 15 (down from at least 50 for me to have had a positive a week before). We went home devastated, we had no idea something like this would happen to us. I went to the doctor a few days later and she told me it happens a lot with first pregnancies, to not be worried about trying again. So we tried again in December, and got pregnant again! We were very nervous, but holding out hope. On December 21st, I started bleeding again. Another miscarriage. At this point David and I are freaking out, wondering what is wrong with me and if we'll ever have a baby (something we both desire). I went back to the doctor and she ordered blood tests. Two blood clotting disorders came back, so I went to a Hematologist. He told me that he wasn't too worried about the one called Protein S b/c I was only a little low, but he ordered a second test to be sure. The other, called Prothrombin or factor 2, is a genetic disorder. I'm not too sure how it affects pregnancies, but I do know that it is a major cause of early miscarriages. Unfortunately, they don't put you on the medication for it (Lovenox, which is a low dose of Heparin) until after you find out you are pregnant. I'm afraid I won't have enough time because with the past two pregnancies, I only had about a week.

So, this is where I am now. I don't chart (obviously, I am getting pregnant just fine on my own). I do have a good idea of when I ovulate, and I think I am ovulating now. So we'll see what happens. David and I are not officially ttc, we are just going to try and let it happen when it happens and try our hardest to keep it when we find out the next time I am pregnant.