TTC - Journey to baby #4!

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TTC - Journey to baby #4!

Well it's my 22nd birthday and I'm not pregnant according to ClearBlue Digital. I'm not surprised. But somewhat unusually I am sad. I think I would quite like another baby. I have even discussed it with Martin... I don't want one right now... I am thinking no sooner then March 05.

My history as of today includes a Termination at 17, 5 miscarriages between 2000 and 2003, Tristan born 18th April 2001, Jaeven born 24th March 2002 and Raistlin born 4th February 2004. We are now looking towards our 10th pregnancy and 4th child here on Earth.

First there are some things I want to do;

Redecorate the whole house and get gardens sorted out.
Maybe build an extension on the front.
Put a conservatory on the back.
Buy a bigger (7 seater) car - people carrier here we come!

I also want to get this depression sorted out. I am going to make an appointment with the Herbalist and see if I can get something to Pep me up. I think once it becomes a habit for me to be bright and chirpy again I will be fine without herbal remedies, but until that time I want it sorted and sorted quickly. I have been depressed for too long.

And I want to get my diet sorted out, my health up to proper standards and I'm going to start taking folic acid shortly...

If I don't want a repeat of what happened before with all my MCs then I need to take proper care of myself.

I have cut my alcohol down from one/two glasses of white wine an evening to one white wine spritzer and will cut it out completely when we actually start TTC.

For now, this is the plan... Get healthy, get happy, get sorted. THEN think baby #4!