Waiting on God's will

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Waiting on God's will

We have been trying to conceive now for about 6 months now and I never thought it would have taken thislong. When I first started out in March and thought it would happen instantly and oh how I have grown since that time. The beginning was rough becaue I was so naive but now I realize that we are working on a miracle and it is completely on Gods time. This is the one thing I have little control over. Deep down I know that this jpurney is a paradox...the less you try the greater the chance that it is going to happen. Everything else in this world is the opposite...you have to work at it and try harder. The one thing you need though is determination and persistent, event though you get negative after negative you have to keep going. However I have chose to put it all in God's hands because I knwo I have no control over this. It is much easier for me to stay positive when I know I am entrusting God to one of the biggest decisions I will ever make in my life. The fact that a human being will be growing inside me is amazing and can only be an act of God.
I will continue to strive as I want to be a part of the most beautiful experience..God's gift to creation.


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We tried for 2 years and it happened. So keep on praying and keep on believing but at the same time enjoy the journey.

Good luck to you.