Waiting for my BFP!

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Waiting for my BFP!

Well here I am, my 6th cycle TTC and still no BFP! I decided that maybe it was time I start a journal. I'm feeling and experiencing many emotions about what is going on and I need a place to put it all. Here's a little history...

I'm 24, DH-Phil is 29. We have been together for 4.5 years and married for 2. I had been on BCP since I was 16. It started out to regulate my cycles and then I became sexually active. YADAYADA... Last May I graduated from college and started my nursing career. DH had graduated the year before me. We had bought a house and had jobs so it seemed like now what! The summer after graduation I started feeling like I wanted a baby, never really expressed these emotions or acted on them until September. It really hit me! I wanted a baby! I talked w/ DH and he didn't take me seriously at first, we talked a few more times and he finally came around. I told him that I was going to stop taking BCP and we would let my cycles regulate at first and then we would start trying. I took my last pill Oct 6, 2005. We never really tried to prevent from there on out. Each month I really hoped it would happen... it didn't. Finally, January rolled around and that was it I was going to get serious. I happened to stumble across pregnancy.org. I learned about temping, checking my cm and cp... we were on a roll. January I started temping and timing bd'ing around O and the works. February no BFP... again temping, timing bd'ing. March no BFP. That brings us to here... maybe a break maybe not. I'm not quite sure yet! I have some more thinking to do. DH doesn't want to take a break, but I don't know if I can take one more month of BFN! It's really hard on me Sad

We'll see what happens. I definately feel better having got that all out. more to come next time...