Waiting for my little star...

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Waiting for my little star...

After reading these wonderful journals, I am inspired to write one of my own. I am starting a little late. We are on CD 17 already.

Here is my TTC background. I got my first BFP in August 2007. It was our first try and I was ecstatic! We told everyone. Then about a week later I began to bleed and have back pain. I lost baby #1 in the ER the Sunday before school started. Teachers were supposed to go back Monday. I waited until Wednesday, when the kids came back.

This was the hardest way to begin a school year. I went through major depression and I still have my moments.

Four weeks to the day of my m/c I got AF back. I got one the next cycle, too. Both of them were easy and I know for a fact that I didn't ovulate on cycle #3. Needless to say, no luck.

Here we are on cycle #4. I ovulated yesterday night and according to the position of my cervix, I am still fertile. DH and I BD two nights ago, and will again tonight. Hopefully, this is our month.