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    Julianas Mom

    Default We are TTC#1

    Where to start...I am 32 1/2, DH, Dave is 1 month older. We just got married in late Jan, but have been living together for almost 2yrs. We have 4 furbabies, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I was never really sure if I wanted kids until last Sept. We went to visit DH's brother, and I fell in LOVE with my nephew. He is adorable, I got to hold him and play with him, never had the opportunity to be around a baby so much. It was overwhelming!!!

    I realized that I did want a baby, and all my feelings before where pretty much my fears of responsibility, etc. So, we decided that once we were married we would start trying.

    I finished my last pack of BCP last week, AF came and went. I am also in the process of weaning myself off Celexa (anti-depressant). I' ve been taking it for a year and a half for anxiety and panic attacks. I've done a lot of research on it, and hope, believe, and pray that I am well enough to go it without meds. I have a pre-conception visit with my ob-gyn next week, and will of course tell him my plans. I have been on 20mgs a day so far, and today was my first day at 15mg. I will continue taking 15 until next week and then go down another 5mg, and so on. At least that's the plan, anyway.

    I just bought a basal temp thermometer and will start tracking my temp tomorrow. I am hoping to have reg cycles, I was on BCP for over 10yrs. That's it for now, will write with any new info as it comes.

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    Julianas Mom


    Took my first temp today. I was all bleary eyed trying to read the darn thing, it was early!! 97.1 I really hope that I will remember to take it each morning before I get up.

    I am pretty excited to go to the dr's next week. I have a million questions to ask...

    Second day weaning off the Celexa. So far so good, only 5 more days to go until 10 mgs. I really want to be mentally healthy for my future pregnancy(hopefully not too future) When my anxiety was really bad, I never could have imagined being pregnant and being responsible for another human being. I was barely able to take care of myself. My life has changed so much, for the better, since then. My DH is just amazing, the best person I have ever ever met. I feel really strong now, and think I will have it in me to get off the meds and be as healthy as can be. It's really important to me that I try to do this now, I want to know I am doing all I can to be healthy for a baby.

    Since I got this TTC bug in my system, I have become addicted to all things pregnancy related. I think I am def getting carpal tunnel from being online for hours at a time, researching and reading. Who knew that people even used cloth diapers??? I didn't, that's for sure. There is so much to learn!!!!

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    Julianas Mom


    I had headaches for 2 days, probably withdrawl symptoms from the Celexa. I've been feeling much better since yesterday though, I guess my body and brain are starting to adjust. Tomorrow I go down to 10mgs.

    I am sooo excited to go the the dr tomorrow. I've never been this excited to get a pap smear and pelvic!! I'm not sure if I've ovulated yet this month, it's the first month of BCP's. But DH and I have been BD'ing every other day, so we'll see. I've been doing really well taking my temp every morning. I thought it would be harder to remember, but I get excited each morning to see what my temp is going to be.

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    Julianas Mom


    A lot of good stuff has been happening this week. I went to the Dr's on tues, he said I look really healthy and am doing the right thing weaning off the Celexa. As long as I keep taking it slow, I should be okay. So I am very excited about that! I also started taking prenatal vitamins.

    According to FF, I ovulated on wednesday, so I am in the 2ww!! Woohoo!
    I know it's way to early to tell, but I already have a feeling i could be pregnant. TMI-my nipples have been sooo sore and sensitive the past 2 days, and my stomach feels very heavy, if that makes any sense. I don't know how people stand the 2ww!!

    I am really ready to have a baby. I know that having a baby is not always the fairytale it's made out to be and that it can be a struggle at times, but I really want to have a family with DH. I already feel closer to him since we started TTC.

    More updates coming soon...

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