Wednesday morning....

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Wednesday morning....

Mornin' everyone!

Still no AF, not sure what is happening, but I wish it would come so that we can get back to trying....As I said I am sure its the pill, as I have had 2 BFN, :cry:

Lately things have been extra good between me and BF. Seems like trying for a baby so far has been making us feel closer. I know that he is helping around the house more often, however I think that it won't last that long!! He must want something electronic for his 'cave'. The basement has a big screen, surround sound, and football stuff everywhere! I keep teasing him that it'll have to be converted when the baby comes for a zen like play zone. He says the babys first lullabys will be the sounds of the Bucs making a touchdown! Lol We'll see!

Other then that...I have started a new job....its with the same coporation that I have been with for about three years now, so its not affecting anything, except my pay will go up a bit! Seems to me though so far, its way more boring then what I have done before. I know that things will fall into place sooner or later, but honestly seems like I have nothing to do. I am much more content to keep moving and get around the office rather then sitting at my computer from 7:30 until 4! Gets a bit much to be honest...but I shouldnt complain I know, as my mother always said...."It could be worse!"

Anyhow, I'll write more later...
Baby dust ladies!


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TTC first one

AF arrived.... Last night....

I am feeling terrible this am. Sick to my stomach, headache....and oh so tired. No big surprise I suppose....I was 13 days late.
I know that I kept blaming it on the pill situation, but I still was secretly hoping that it happened for us.
I know its gonna take some time, so I was trying not to get my hopes up...but you ladies know how it goes.