Well I never thought I'd be doing this. :)

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Well I never thought I'd be doing this. :)

After reading others journals, I thought it would be nice to have something written down to remember my journey when I finally (Hopefully get my BFP!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would try for a baby..never in a million years did I think I would find someone who I wanted to have a baby with, or more so would want one with, to have a baby because we had enough love for an extension of us, to be secure enough in our relationship and to know that each other will support the other in all that having and raising a child will bring.
The ups and downs, highs and lows.
I'm so excited.
I can already picture a dark eyed curly hair beautiful chubby cheeked baby..my first dream with the exact described was last week.
Weird thing was that Michael had left him on the back seat of the car and that he had a sweet wrapper stuck to his cheek when he looked up all cheekily...what do dreams like that mean.

We have been TTC officially for about 3 cycles..on our third now, and this month we have managed to do the dance at the right time thanks to our wonderful friends who had left over oPK..and also getting some cheapies online.
I'm now 10 DPO and AF is expected between Friday and sunday...but praying that we've chased and caught the egg..although if I'm honest I think my body still needs to recover after so many years on the pill...but you never know.
Since the 6/4 I have had night sweats..normally I have 2 in a row before AF turns up on the morning..my breast have increased in size, my veins are thick and blue, and tenderness is exremely uncomfortable..but..these are also symptoms of AF for me on the off month..CM is still creamy and present and I'm sure that normally dries up after O.
Oh how much do you read into everything when you are trying???
Michael and I did a test on Saturday..just because I have been feeling sporadically queasy and having the odd twinge which is not like PMT..so we decided to do one as we were at a Christening on Sunday and I wanted to drink...of course it was way too early to test and it was aBFN..michael couldn't understand that if I knew it was too early why did I waste a tenner..?
He keeps asking about the right time to go to bed to play...and is excited..he isn't one to show his emotions so when he strokes my tummy or jiggles it I know that he is just hoping.
Our friend has all her midwife books n what to eat and what not to eat and we sat in their garden yesterday and Michael was asking all sorts of questions..everyone played down his interest as he does get a bit freaked...it was mentioned that it would be us next and he raised his hand laughing crying "taxi".
We are already play bickering over names....I have only thought of girls names..well one..Ella louise..so beautiful..he has only thought of boys...Vince, Vinnie, Vincent..I say NO..he says NO...I say..well...you're not the one who'll have to carry the nipper and push him through a pinhole...he laughing gags.

Oh I wonder I wonder what will it be at the end of the week.
I'll be in birmingham seeing Pink with a dear friend..so if I am late I will have to wait until I get home..I thought I would test alone, but the way he hung around me in the loo on Saturday and saw the result before me I know he would be so disappointed if I didn't without him...but then, AF may visit before I get home...but if thats the case, then we can start all over again and then maybe it will be May!!
Whatever happens we'll have fun trying..and I guess another month or two adds to the baby savings.

I'm so excited.
I can't believe that we are trying to be parents...its amazing that we are ready to give birth to a new and precious life.

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Well its DPO 11 today and CD 25.
Getting ever closer to whether Polly arrives or whether there is a little life or not growing.
My boobs don't hurt today although are still larger and the gland under my right arm is still up and sore.
I have a stretching ache in my tummy like I've eaten too much.
Didn't wake up to Night sweats last either..so was a bit fresher this morning. (TMI Tee Hee)
Doubt its my month this month..but ever hopeful. Smile
Had such a nice evening last night..Michael cooked southern fried turkey breast and pasta with mushroom and caramelised onions..it was so delish!!!
I couldn't believe he was covering his turkey in tomato sauce..heathen!!! LOL
We curled up on the sofa with the puppy and watched a couple of episodes of Dexter before going to bed to watch CSI.
Thats my favourite part of the day, he watches his programme and I sniggle into his arm and fall asleep while being cuddled...my favourite way to unwind.
Counting down the hours to Friday when i can jump on the train and go to Birmingham to see one of my oldest friends and her family and then go and see Pink in concert..I can't wait...not sure what I'm more excited about to be honest seeing Pink in concert, or seeing Debs!!
I got the new album for Christmas from our Swedish friends and I still haven't listened to it...hmmmm....never mind..maybe I'll get Michael to find my MP3 player and put it on there so I can listen on the train and get up to date..and I know Debs will play it...are we 13 or 35??
Life feels good today. Biggrin

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Oh Oh, I just remember something from last night too.
We were watching something and Michael commented on how much he liked the name Maria..I have to say I think its lovely too for a girl..although if I were to have a girl I still favour Ella..but I was so chuffed that he was talking names and names that we could agree on....
Tee hee...I think I'm obsessing again. LOl

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Well, its day 26 and DPO 12.
Between tomorrow and Sunday is prospective AF days.
Think I'm feeling the tell tale dull ache in my stomach..but keep thinking I'm mistaken.
Last night when getting ready for bed I noticed that at the sides of my breasts I had two very prominent very blue veins..like someone has taken a thin blue marker pen and scrawled on me....never have I ever seen veins like this on my breast...but is it because the bra I wore yesterday was a little small..I don't know...veins still there this morning and I have also noticed lots of little freckles popping up over my boobs...they look cute..LOL
Had a fun night last night, me and better half were being silly...slap fights ensued in the kitchen, you know where you have to slap each others hands..I was winning...then he did a brilliant dodge...but it was so forceful he smacked himself in the family jewels...the look on his face was priceless...I couldn't help but laugh...but as soon as he recovered he insisted it was his turn and won his round too, leaving me stinging...we really are 5 year olds..
We were messing around last night and kept saying there was a bean in my belly and I wanted it to be a sticky bean..he said that was a really freaky thing to say and where on earth did I get these phrases so I mention ed here...he said if i keep coming home with these new phrases I'll be banned from chatting..LOL
I said yeah yeah...now say hello to bean!!! LOL
Hes not convinced this month is ours..but I get the impression hes excited if it is.
now do I do a test tomorrow morning if AF hasn't shown up, before I go to Birmingham..or do I wait until I'm late..if I'm late?
Oh connundrums.
I think I'll probably wait so as not to waste a test..they are bloody expensive!

God I wish there was a bell that went off as soon as the egg was caught or something so you didn't have all these thoughts running round your head.
I know I'll be in and out of the loo all day today because I'm convinced AF is arriving.
But then another part is convinced its not!!
Oh Lord help me!!
I'm going mad. LOL
This is such a top way to rant!!!!

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After asking lots about blue veins today and thinking way too hard..I ended up in the ladies in the main bit where there is a full length mirror...checked noone was about and had a look...i nearly choked...my right nipple is massive..distinctly bigger then the left and the blue veins are through the nipples as well as coming out all over my breast now...I even got my friend here to have a look to see if I was seeing things. (I'm a mutant)
I have had the sudden wake up call that I'm actually TTC, that it is possible that it may be this month...its given me a fear I've never known, mixed with such excitement.
I'm dreading the weekend now...what if its all to do with AF?
What if I am pregnant?
Are these sorts of emotions natural...part of me is crying out in my head that I want one more month..another part is like I have a bean I have a bean...
Oh I need a cystal ball.
I need to stop freaking.
Until I met Michael I wasn't maternal at all and now I long for a bubba.
Yet its also such a scary thing...
Home time soon...thinking about taking a test tomorrow morning before going to Birmingham...but scared in case I get a BFN..and scared for BFP....
I hope everyone has a great weekend..
I hope Lilybet has her bundle too...good luck hun..will be thinking of you.

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What a top weekend..had a ball. Biggrin
Went to Brummy and was greeted by the whole of my surrogate family..mum, dad, sister, BIL, 2 kids and bump..and of course their giant dog Dexter...felt like royalty.
Walked through the door and Dexter is sniffing at my tummy and my surrogate mum is saying look look..you're pregnant...so I did and test and a BFN..as I expected as the dull ache had formed into the familiar feel of shedding. Sad
Then two hours later AF appears..no biggy.
Went and saw Pink and WOW it was amazing!!...trapeze dancing and ribbon dancing..and a full on funhouse...I loved it.
Had a couple with there 6 year old son in front (Hello..its a Pink concert!!!) and she did a cover of "I touch myself..draped on a sofa with grope holes...well I laughed when the parents rushed the little boy out...it was to be expected..but saying that..the rest of the concert bar the language was suitable..and the little boy was bopping around....watching him head bang was soooo cute!!!
Was such a nice time and was so good to see Debs and everyone.
Got home and Michael picked me up from the station...was lovely to see him..even though we had only been parted one night..he was a bit sad that there was no bean...but still says the little catch phrase to make me smile. Biggrin
Went to the pub Saturday night...but didn't think I was going to make it as when I went to the loo..(TMI here) I was Aunt floing hard!!!..and I mean hard...I had locked the bathroom door as some weird friend of Michaels had turned up and I didn't want him walking in..so Michael was talking to me through the door and I was feeling a bit scared..as I hadn't seen a polly of that strength since..well ever...michael was like YAY..you're bodies getting back to normal..and I was like...Yeah..hurray!!!!....stupid to be excited over it eh?
So went to the pub and was feeling chuffed...how stupid. LOL
Dog runs upstairs when we get home and then runs back down with something in his mouth..not amused..well kind of...cat had messed in the little room and Rocco was eating it..NOOOOOOOOOO...couldn't work out what puppy was chewing on until Michael opened his mouth and shock his head..and plop..literally...Michael was swearing and I have to confess I was laughing at Michaels reaction...it was so funny...gross but funny!!
And Michael cleaned it up..which I was very happy about. Smile
So yesterday I scrubbed the little room and we moved the cats food downstairs..and Tuesday we're sorting a cat littler tray in the utility room..Michael is aware that once I fall he'll have to deal with all that..but seems willing.
My belly still hurts from laughing at Michael crying out.."OH you dirty little FLeeper" LOL...
So all in all a great weekend.
Only down fall is racing to work and still not having any news about Lilybet!!!
Hope shes okay and not too knackered and has little one in her arms by now. Smile
Have a great day all...I know mine will be. Smile

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Oh oh.....was looking in the wrong place!!
Congratulations to Lilybetand family..whoop..my day is great now!!!!!

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Well nothing really to report today so will ramble on about my fur babies..Rocco and Ebony. Smile
Michael called me when I was on the way home to see if I wanted steak for dinner..yum..was walking up to the butchers, but it wasn't open because as he was leaving originally he got caught by our next door neighbour.
She was telling him all about what Rocco does when we're out of the house and hes in the garden.
Apparently the first couple of days he barked for about 3 hours non stop..the lady works late shifts so doesn't get up til about 10ish by all accounts..she said that she decided to hang out of the window to tell him to shut up and managed to push the glass out and smash her conservatory roof...Ooops..but she was laughing and said she thought Rocco was lovely so she didn't mind (So pleased I informed her we were going to be putting Rocco out during the day in advance)
She told us..that he likes to poke his head through to their garden and get attention so she can't resist giving him a biscuit...explains his fixation with the corner of the garden..aww...plus apparently with the sunshine hes been sprawled on our garden chairs..belly up lapping up the sun while chewing on a stick..she said she tried to get a photo but he spotted her and moved.
Then apparently he has been been cornering Ebony when she comes out..but she wallops him.
They have a rather large siamese type breed of cat who when Ebs and I first moved in would attack Ebs..it has been spotted thats Ebs sits between the pair of her enemies..not quite knowing which she could take first if push came to shove..poor puss...but puppy and her have been okay in the garden and I'm pleased to know that she does go outside regularly...
She curled up on my feet and purred her head off last night and she hasn't done that for a while..so happy she seems happy. Biggrin
Went to puppy classes yesterday and Rocco was SOOOO good...his heel work is coming along nicely and even ignored another dog bounding over to play as he was fixated on me...oh..okay...fixated on the food in my hand..but still..:D
Hes gradually calming down at home and away..it makes me happy.
Oh on the downside..he is starting to get 'lipsticks'..so I think its time for a sit down chat with Michael about getting him the snip...we don't want to breed him and its better for him to be done..its just convincing Michael that its not taking his man hood away.
Anyway...a beautiful day today and I hope to make good of it.
Have a great day all.

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Well its another beautiful beautiful day!!
Can I dare jinx it by saying I think summer may be round the corner!
I love the sun..even makes getting up at 530 bareable...although Michael was cuddley this morning so when the alarm went off I was loathe to leave him..:(
We had a small bbq last night..his nan bought us a little portable bbq which is dinky and wowrks wonders..we had a scrummy steak each and some huge flat mushrooms and some chips...was divine and I'm not a steak girl at all.
We even cracked open a bottle of wine..so unlike us as we don't drink hardly..so a nice treat.
We're having a bbq on Sat, weather permitting with all our friends..will be able to discuss our trip to Lake Como at the end of June..there are 6 of us going and one little baby boy, and one bump..maybe 2 bumps if I'm lucky. Smile

Did a Jenny Renny reading yesterday after reading about it here..had my reading when I got in to work this morning...I have been forecast as getting my BFP at the end of June and a estimated delivery in March 2010 significant dates..11th and 16th.
The 11th happens to be one of my oldest friends birthdays..he was my first boyfriend when I was 12..dated on and off til 16..although we never even kissed.
Puppy love.
Hes still a good good friend too. Smile
So was forecasted a little boy too. Will have to think more about boys names..LOL
Wouldn't it be funny if it came true.
Still aiming for May BFP though...hope to start with the jig tonight..was too tired to start practising last night. LOL
I hope everyone has a lovely day today..and if you're home and not working, enjoy the sunshine, get some colour for me!!

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Oh yeah, last night while eating dinner Michael asked me that when we have our baby whether we can refer to each other as Mother and Father...like....Mother, wheres my dinner?
Father, can you pass me the salt?
I was laughing..he said he liked hearing it on the sitcoms and wanted to use it...I said of course dear......
hahaha, bless him. Biggrin

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CD 7 today...so if last month is anything to go by got 4 days or so til I O...Michael keeps asking if its baby making time yet, which is encouraging...last night I told him no not yet, but its fun time!! Biggrin

Got home last night to smell the waft of a curry being cooked...wasn't as spicey in fact I didn't find it spicey at all, but it was delish...and I thought..no spices...great dog can eat the sauce after so its not wasted.....hmmmm...
This morning he had poohed in the kitchen...I cleaned it up and he poohed again in the garden and did 3 wee's...bless him.
Was on the train on the way in to work and Michael called asking if he had been to the loo..said yes..he said that Rocco had poohed in the kitchen...oops...so dog poohed 3 times in a couple of hours...no more curry for him..and I am so NOT fessing up about feeding him the curry...LOL...saving grace is that it was normal and not the trots...pooh puppy..maybe he just ate too much..he haad cat food, dog food and curry last night...so maybe his body is just not used to 3 meals.

Got caught by our neighbour as I got in yesterday and she told me that her cat A huge cat a Tonka...after tonka trunks or something had scared puppy and he ran through the cat flap to the utility room...and the cat sat just outside the cat flap so Rocco couldn't get out...his head was through it and he was barking while the giant cat just yowled at him and batted his head with his huge paw...my neighbour couldn't scare the cat off so ebded up lobbing a biscuit over the fence to lure puppy out....makes a change to Rocco being cornered rather than my Ebony...funny.
Been asked to spray the cat with water or scare him off if he comes into our garden as they don't like him winding our dog up..(Starts him off barking for England)
We're lucky to have nice neighbours.

It looks like another beautiful day here..and its Thursday so one day closer to the weekend..whoop!!!
I'm feeling very happy and content of late...even knowing the payrise letter that we get today is going to be cack doesn't dampen my mood...the sun makes me feel Wonderful...

Hope you all have a fab day.

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CD 8...ever closer to the O day. Smile
Oh thank heavens it Friday at last!!!
This week has seemed long.
Didn't want to get up this morning..no sooner had I closed my eyes it seemed, the alarm went off...sleepy girl.
Payrise was cack as expected..but at least its something...bonus is all transferred and waiting for big bills to come out in July...oh the joys of a lease hold flat...roll on when I can sell it and we can put the cash to a larger house for us..with a garage!!!!. Biggrin
Getting out of here early today I hope..off to the supermarket to pick up things for the weekend and the bbq.
Was going to do fish pie tonight...but Michael text and said how about going out for dinner...oh yes...we haven't had a "date" in a while so that will be so nice.
I hope the weather stays nice...I would love to get a bit of colour from lying in the garden...feel so pasty and spotty at the mo..a bit of a tan would do wonders.
Hoping to dtd a lot this weekend...just in case I o early...you never know. Biggrin
Its so sunny and lovely out at the mo..its such a waste to be in the office...ho hum...can't knock it..at least I have a job in this climate.

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CD11 and hopefully I'll get my postive on my OPK...will try later on. Biggrin
Got a banging headache this morning..must be a work headache as only just come on...or it could be the weather changing so quickly.
It was beautiful on the way in and now its peeing it down...blah!!!
Weekend was great though...weather held out for our BBQ and it was great fun...ended up with us all sitting round our chimneyette..or whatever its called that Michael had half inched from his parents...had to put the fire guard over it as it was spitting out hot ash..but gee it was so warm.
Have to say that I went to bed before the last person called...by 2200 I couldn't sit in the garden seats any longer..my legs just wanted to curl on the sofa.
Left Michael and his friend in the garden and before I went to bed I cleared up a bit so I didn't have to face a pigsty when I got up.
Sunday was just as nice weather wise but didn't really take advantage as I was just watching rubbish on the tv.
Cooked a fish pie for dinner and had a bit of an accident with the garlic salt..oops..so overly salty..but M still went back for seconds..so I'm getting the hang on this domestic lark.
Puppy training tonight..so we'll wear puppy out.
Was such a good weekend...spent time talking names for when we finally get the BFP...Charlie and Joesph are forerunners for a little boy..I really like Charlie. Biggrin
Anyway...to the grindstone...I just wish this office was a little warmer..its like mid winter....

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No O as yet..but I have little shooting pain in my left ovary..so must be soon.
Hey ho....Will just have to be patient.
How soon can the LH surge come on?
I'll try again tomorrow...I'm sure it must be soon.
Just realised...BH next Monday so 3 lie ins....whoop!!
3 days of not having to get up at 530..can't wait!!!
Have nothing planned eithr so hopefully it will just be a relaxing weekend. Biggrin
Listen to me..wishing my life away again til the weekend....

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CD 12...and did the dance last night to be sure we don't miss the egg..told M that we have to do it every day this week....he pretended to cry..said he felt like a piece of meat..I was using him..takes all the enjoyment out...I told him to shut up and get naked..hahaha..bless him...first time I've demanded him so there you go..hahaha.
TMI about to occur..but after we had finished I told him to lift my legs in the air..he did and then said "No wonder you don't get pregnant..its all coming out"..I laughed so hard...dozy sod...

I'm so tired tired today...M was dreaming last night and was convinced my hair was the cat..woke me up to tell me the cat was on my head and he wasn't sure he liked it..but would see if she behaved..I just ignored him..then he woke me up again telling me Ebony was on my head..I told him he was stroking my hair and the cat was on the wardrobe and that he was dreaming and to please stop waking me up...he woke then and apologised but he was dreamiy...haha..bless him..been a while since hes woken me up with his dream.
On a good point..the cat feels really smooth and slick..so its a compliment I guess..hahaha. Smile

Puppy training was good last night..did some mat training where we get puppy to get on the mat and then teach them to do our bidding by just looking at the mat..Rocco wouldn't go down on command...its hard that one...but one of the guys hyper little king charles puppy did..she was used to demonstrate and it was amazing...the cutest thing ever..now I have to get Rocco to do it.
I love these classes..puppy loves them too.
Another king Charles puppy a little girl called Mia was just coming to the end of her season so she had little knickers on and Rocco was being so sweet with her...she was lying flat but leaning on her forelegs and gazing up at Rocco and he was licking her face and cleaning her eyes...and she was wagging and wagging her tail..was so lovely!!!!!!!!

On with another day..and I'll find out late if I'm about to O yet...come on!!!!

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Got my nice pink line on the O test!!!
Darker than the test line me thinks...YAY!!!!

Poor Michael is going to get bonked out!!!
Or lucky Michael..whichever...hahaha...
Very pleased!

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CD 13 today!!
Tomorrow if I'm counting right should be 1DPO..as I think the egg is on the move now...judging by the stabbing pain in my ovary anyway...feel bloated and uncomfortable today.
Thought I wouldn't be as I was hungry in bed last night..but no..I hate being bloated all the time...got to eat more actimel. Biggrin
Did the dance last night...nearly couldn't..we were laughing do much we couldn't take it seriously...finally we knuckled down and did it..was a good fun evening..even though I am shattered today as Michael just had to watch CSI first!! LOL
Ended up waking up in the middle of the night busting for the loo..ignored it and went back to sleep and then woke up not being able to ignore it..last time I drink pop in the evening..went straight through me..I never pee at night!!!...but then I don't drink pop very often either..so theres the link!! LOL

Its another beauitful day today..although cold..actually had to scrape the car off and really thought I was going to miss my morning lift from the layby to the station and have to walk in these damn stillies...but phew..I made it.
Had a great journey into work..my sidekick and I talked about all the tv shows that were for kids when we were kids...like the Adventure game, The Storyteller, The flumps, Rosie and Jim, The dungeon thing where the kids guide another kid through levels..Bagpuss...oh where oh where have these programmes gone.
Also do you guys remember the Inteceptor..where the fit scottish guy who was dressed in leathers and had to chase the contestants over the countryside..he had a helicoptor with a pilot called Mikey..and the contestants were all little hotties who WANTED to get caught by the Inteceptor...I loved that programme!!
Oh I feel a rambling day today. Smile

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Feeling a bit apprehensive today...and a tad blah.
As you know I had my LH surge the day before yesterday..got to it the day before that and the day.
Last night my fella felt under pressure...big style...felt it was taking all the fun out of nookie...I said we've only done it twice and this is the first month I've actually told you when we need to.
He felt really awkward so I just said then lets leave it for this month, the last thing I want is him to do this when he feels weird over it.
He said that he wanted me happy and that maybe I should see if I "could get it to work"..I declined..told him that I wanted it to be mutual...not just because he wants to see me happy..I didn't want to make sex into something that HAS to be done.
We lay in bed and talked and he asked me questions and I explained that there is only a small window of fertility and its just the timing and that we were in the right place for the timing and had started well but we did need a couple more days to get it right.
I also explained from what I read that I have a 15% chance of falling each month if done correctly because of my age..explained that its about 25% only in younger women.
He couldn't get his head round it and asked about all those women who fall pregnant accidently from one nighters..or just accidently in relationships..I said it was luck..its a flike..and also they are lucky..or unlucky depending on the persons outlook.
Hes not sure he believes that...:eek: LOL
He has never been the type of man who like me to initiate sex..so I guess its really hard for him.
I tried to explain to him that our relationship meant more to me than having a baby so if he wanted to stop trying then I would go back onto the BCP. He assured me that he did want a baby, but it was so much effort...I said you've only had 2 nights of effort.
I also said that even if we did it right it could still take a lot of time due to my age, due to things we don't know..we don't know if my CM is particularly fertile..or what the motibilty in his sperm is...these are all factors..we don't know anything for definate.
He said a few more times that maybe I should try to "get it to work" but when someone is lying on their back with their mouth covered by the duvet and saying that..well...you know thats its not the right reason..I couldn't do it..if maybe he had leant over and kissed me or initiated it himself I would have..but I would have felt I was forcing him.
i wonder in all reality what my cahnces are this month as yesterday would have been when I was ovulating I think...I would assume today is too late..I can only hope that we got some sperm that was alive for over 24 hours and one strong little sucker got there..but if not..then its not meant to be this month and we'll have to work out how to combat how he feels...he has a lower sex drive than me anyway...how do i boost it...how do i try and make him excited about sex being for making a new life..rather than him feeling like a performing dog.
I love him so much and really don't want him to feel pressured..or guilty..he feels dreadful about what happened last night..I don't want him to feel dreadful.
I just want him to relax.
Hes my world and I'll do anything for him.
I hope he knows that.

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Cd 15 2dpo??

Well finally its Friday..and my god is it long over due..I am shatterpated!!
Didn't sleep well last at all....must have been tossing and turning as Michael turned over to cuddle me asking if I was okay and couldn't I sleep...I said that I thought I was in really light sleep because everytime there was a noise I was wide awake.
Bloody cat was trying to get under the blinds so I ended up grabbing a sock and lobbing it at her..missed her and made even more noise on the blinds..luckily she got the hint and went up on top of the wardrobe to her special bed that Michael bought her.
Puppy was going mental for some reason downstairs and wouldn't shut up..maybe the cat had gone down for food and decided to wind him up..wouldn't surprise me.
Can't wait for 4 so I can get out of here.
Meeting a chum at the station so we can grab a coffee and have a catch up..haven't seen her since M and I moved in together and we have lots to catch up on..will be brief but nice.
Thinking of getting chinese this weekend...but Michael said I'm limited on my favs as my tummys a ball...cheeky git..he calls me momma plumpton one more time I'll wiggle his moobie and he hates that hahahaha.
I'm a bloody size 8..cheeky sod!!!! LOL
Think I'm going to curl up under my desk today and sleep...feel a little under the weather with a snotty nose and sneezing..NO its not swine flu..LOL
Thinking I may have a little hay fever as my eyes are sore too..but could be lack of sleep. Smile
Long weekend..so very happy as I have 3 lie ins..YAY!!!
Hope everyone has a fab Bank holiday...or fab weekend whereever you all are. Smile

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What a top weekend.
Had such fun and puppy had the best day of his life saturday I think..he actually got to come out everywhere with us.
We went up to M's parents house so he could run round the field with their Jack Russell Bill and they loved it.
It was so funny walking there..we decided to cut across the field in the back rather than going through the front and the grass was so long..Rocco was bouncing through it and all we could see were his ears when he was jumping.
So cute. Biggrin
Then we meandered up to our friends and Rocco played with their dog for a couple of hours while M did some prep work for a shed that our friends are building.
I lay in the sun and managed to get a bit burnt...my chest looks very funny as I was wear a shirt so it looks like I have a red long collar...luckily its gone brown now. LOL
Then we worked down to some other friends and sat in the garden with a bottle of plonk.
The boys were throwing tennis balls for puppy..he was loving it.
When we got home puppy was zonked and he and M were sleeping curled up on the sofa...so cute. Smile
Sunday we had a bbq at M's sisters which was nice...all the family were there so it was anice little get together.
Then we went to the pub...was a giggle...some poor girl managed to cut the top of her finger off outside...have no idea how but poor poor girl.!

Yesterday we went up to some more friends for another bbq..it was so chilly I had lots of tea and let everyone else do their drinking...anyway..not only that I don't like to drink the night before work.
Also I think I may have had too much on Sunday night.
Didn't feel drunk and stopped drinking also before the other but when I went to wash up the breakfast stuff and started gagging when I saw the fat from the bacon...so assumed I was hungover.

Not sleeping well at all at the moment.
For the last few weeks I toss and turn and wake up with such a painful back..the last week I have actually been woken from the pain.
I need to source a new mattress I think..its getting so uncomfortable just lying in it
I used to love that matress..now I think it may be too soft..the kinks are working out gradually.
Mattresses are so expensive...I'll see if we can turn it..that may help. Smile
Managed to burn a smile on my tummy on Saturdat..took a baking tray out of the oven and pulled it towards me to let M walk past and it sizzled...straight across one of my daisy tattoos...geat!!..it looks vile..looks like someone has drawn and smile on my tummy. LOL
Anyway...no news as yet...about 9 days til I can see if maybe we under some stroke of luck caught the egg!!! Smile

Hope everyone had a top weekend!!!!

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Oh oh oh...how scatty is this!!
On Saturday morning I was making Michael and I a cup of tea.
Put the tea and the milk in the cups, put the milk away and boiled the kettle.
Michael was standing next to me as I was squeezing the tea bags but the cups were freezing..I said to Michael that I didn't understand the kettle was hot so why was the tea cold..he pointed out that I had gone back to the fridge and topped the cups with more milk when the kettle had boiled,,,just didn't use the kettle...
I actually really and truly can't rmemeber doing it..I was soooo confused..I am sooo stupid., LOL

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Cd 20 7dpo

Nothing to report really...all quite on the wetern front captain.
MIL haas ducks in her pond..they hatched ducklings over the bank holiday..shes worried that they will get knocked down if they go and visit the other pond across the road as they did last year, but when visiting MIL's pond.Can see her concern...the road is a bit of a mare as its the main one in from Chelmsford and people tend to ignore the 30 hour speed limit there until the town builds up a bit more.

Michael had a fab curry cooking when I got home last night..was divine. Smile

Got our Swedish/Danish friends over tonight as they fly to Denmark tomorrow and they wanted to crash at ours as the airport is so close.
They drive down from Leeds after work so I hope they aren't too late as I'm looking forward to seeing them and T is about 6 months gone I think and I can't wait to see her and bump. Smile Shes such a slight girl it will look strange to see her with a basketball tummy. Smile

Have one of Michaels friends 30ths on Saturday so going Go karting...wasn't going to go as REALLY expensive..but darling man has said he'll go halves and he'll pay for all the extras...I'm a lucky girl...feel bad about puppy being left alone though...so will have to get FIL to pop down and feed and walk him. Smile
He had a sneezing fit the other night and was bashing his nose on the floor...was funny but worrying, had to put my hand under his nose so he didn't get a bloody nose...he was fine after though..so couldn't have done any damage.

This 2 ww is sooo boring this month..90% sure we haven't caught the egg, so really just waitng for a new cycle..lalalalalala....
Maybe SO will put out more. LOL

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Feeling a bit queasy today..but I think its due to being a little hungry and also more than a little tired...that damn mattress..Michael forgot to turn it...so hopefully tonight it will be turned and I won't sink into it.
Although I was less uncomfy as I slept right at the top of the bed so that was better.
We had our friends over last night.
T has 10 weeks to go and she has got no extra weight other than the baby weight..lucky girl..she looks radiant.
They had a 4D scan too and we watched the DVD..OMG..what an amazingly wonderful thing..seeing the little one yawn and grimace and smile and all sorts..well looked liked smiling. Smile
At one point you could see where the equipment was being pressed on the little boys head and it looked like a horn was appearing on his forehead as the picture stretched...we teased them both saying they were going to have alittle devil...I so want a 4D scan when I can.
Michael said it was way too expensive..but then he melted when he saw the dvd.
I got all lumpy in the throat..its amazing.
I'm now doubley desperate for my BFP.
Sadly I'm starting toget AF symptoms...my main one is that the gland under my arm is tarted to swell..its not fully up yet, but when I touch under my arm I can feel its a little sore..so...I am probably into next month..but I knew that already.
Our friends were asking when I was going to join the club..I laughed and said when Michael puts out more...mind you saying that once we went to bed last night after seeing the scan he was keen to play...sadly not at the right time of month..but hey..never look a gift horse in the mouth. Biggrin

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What a morning...been to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned..I'm now all sparkly.
Tried to call work to give them an ETA..surprise surprise no answer..had to call boss directly.
Get in and my computer isn't on..VM not checked and a lot of sickness calls and irate customers.
Then a colleague from our scottish office has called to say that he has been trying for hours to get through.
Phone wasn't even forwarded to the girl who SHOULD have been at my desk checking for meeting and sorting things.
I am actually really annoyed...I'll bet the coffee machine hasn't been sorted either.
I can understand if I'm late for an hour that noone needs to sit at reception..but 3 hours..its totally unprofessional..and its me who gets it in the ear from staff and customers....very glad I have a meeting with my manager today.
Rant over!!
Had a great evening last night playing badminton..I'm gradually improving and feel like I had a work out last night...its so funny to watch the boys stress when us girls miss an easy shot....they have such tempers..but its even funnier when after slating us they miss or serve wrong..hahahaha.
Think we have people over for dinner tonight and then its go karting tomorrow for one og Michaels friends 30th birthdays..wasn't going to go..but...
We were talking last night and I asked Michael that if in the next couple of months we get a BFP would it be possible to keep it quiet for 12 weeks and then let his family know by giving them a card with a scan...he laughed and said there was no way he could wait..he can't keep a secret...especially from his mother. :DThats fair enough...I asked him also if he would want us both to do the test together or whether once I got a BFP whether I could do something silly to tell him...he was like...no..just tell me as soon as you know..okay..I said awwww..can't I do something like leaving a bun in the oven and getting you go look..he said..NO..you've told me now it wouldn't be a surprise....hahahahaha
He keeps asking id I'm up the duff yet..I keep saying it won't be this month...he says..WHY??..I say because we havn't had it at the crucial moments..he sticks his bottom lip...I guess there is a small chance..but I feel all my AF symptoms at the mo..so know I'll be on next week.
But theres always next month. Smile
Hopefully he'll have more of a sex drive in the next cycle. Smile

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God I've got the hump.
DBF just rang me ranting down the phone that the dog had got a pack of beechams off the owrk surface and had eaten them and I had to be more careful and check that everything is pushed back now puppy has to spend mornings in the kitchen again (Due to waking the neighbours)
I mentioned that I didn't know for a start that he had bought some headache tablets and secondily he dealt with puppy this morning, I just got up and went to the dentist.
He said that he cannot alway be expecterd to remeber and I have to check behind him....hmmm..
Anyway he asked if he should call the vets..I said yes.
I called back and said actually scrap that..take him to vets straightaway!!
He said I'm not doing it I've got things to do..I said..right I'm coming home..he says..get this....well he hasn't eaten any I found the box and there are none missing.
so basically he had a munch on the pack and tore the box up..thats it!!! What was the point of scaring me rotten!
If he wanted an excuse to call me..why didn't he just say he wanted to call me rather than trying to have a row!!
But I will take him at his word...I will double check everything he does now....oh I'm a petty cow but if he needs me following him around checking everything hes doing is right I will.
Cor...he makes a mistake and I get yelled at..I make a mistake and I get yelled at...I'm fuming.
He has since apologised...but...grrrrr....it wouldn't be so bad if the people I worked with weren't such lazy...not able to type the words...roll on the weekend!!!!!!!

Rant over!!

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Cd 25 12dpo

What a weekend. Smile
Was very nice.
Had dinner with friends on Friday night and D offered to take puppy out for a couple of hours Saturday while M and I were at Go Karting.
Got really traverl sick though as soon as the car started moving I felt so ill..could have been because I was hungry, so had a sandwich..didn't really help..but as the day wore on it wore off.
That was a good day..although I didn't take all my turns on the kart as it was scary..and although I'm 90% sure I'm not pregnant, that 10 % made me want to be careful..considering if I went fast it felt like I was on a vibro machine and if I went slowly..which I did I had people smasing into me constantly..so thought it best I let the boys play and I went and had a salad. LOL
We went out for dinner with the birthday boy and I had salad again...really want to get my tum and hips down so I can get into my summer clothes..stupid I'm so little but I turn into a beach ball round the middle and its horrid.
Got home about 2300 and was so pleased to see Rocco hadn't had one accident..we were sure he would, even though our friend took him up to his for a couple of hours to play he was still stuck in the kitchen for a 5 hour stint..he got lots of rewards when we got home.
He soooooooo good. Smile
Puppy class today...see how that goes. Still haven't got a done on command but do have a down on a point!
Need to buy some carrots as thats his fav snack.
Yesterday we went up to D and N again//seen a lot of them recently and had a bbq there...got a good colour..although it seemed cold where we are so I wrapped up to walk to theirs and had tight black jeans on and I was baking..please I wore a vest top under everything so my arms have caught..yay!!..feel healthier with a tan. Smile

AF due Thursday or Friday...can really feel my body preparing for it...my boobs are 3 sizes bigger and painful..last month it was only one of them this month its 2...never had this problem on the pill, but since I've come off its like having a dead weight on me...walking is painful..dog leaning on me is painful..roll on AF so it stops.
Just want this cycle over so I can start again really...See if M will actually be a little more forth coming..LOL...maybe a turkey baster is an option. LOL

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Cd 26 12 dpo

Well its almost crunch time!
Had a night sweat last night woke up so disorientated was convinced I didn't have to work today and was so disappointed that I couldn't snuggle back to sleep. Sad
Guessing I'll have another night sweat tomorrow and then Polly will come and sit on my shoulder..but at least it means this cycles out of the way..and this month we WILL do it properly even if I have to tie Michael to the bed!!! LOL
But you never know do you...if I haven't had a show by Friday or Saturday then I'll bite the bullet and test, but not going to waste a test on a 5% chance..they are way too expensive.

Had puppy training last night and because there was a one week break due to Bank holiday the puppies were hard to control...Rocco was running around and so distracted that even food couldn't get his whole attention.
He got so worked up he threw up on the way home...knew it was going to happen as he was yawning a lot and very quiet.
Very strange as thats what I do when I get car sick.
It doesn't help with his attention span that the training let him jump up and they give him loads of attention..how am I supposed to stop him jumping and being a pest to guests when the professionals can't even resist playing with him when they greet him...arghhhh....hey at least hes loved and irresistable eh? LOL
Going to the theatre tomorrow to see an Inspector Calls..looking forward to it..Michael said we'll have dinner at carlluccios...or how ever you spell it!!
Going to be tired, but looking forward to a nice evening out.
Anyway..back to the grindstone...best do a list to let people know what they have to do when I'm not here..like check Voicemail..the simple stuff...hahahaha

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CD 1

And so it begins again. ..pah...but hey ho. Smile
But at least my cycle starts early..so it means I will O sooner..and find out sooner.
Plus around the time I'm due to O we will be on a mini break in wales so excuses for lots of boinking....hopefully!!! LOL
Plus I should know if we have been successful just before I go to Barcelona for Izzys hen party..so I'll know if I am official girls looker afterer..or whether I can have a couple of glasses of cava....so its all good!!...plus another month means a month smaller for Izzys wedding..don't want an overly pregnant cheif bridesmaid eh? LOL
Michael bless him seemed very concerned for me and I think it may have hit home with him.
He makes jokes about my 'baby maker' not working..but understands that he needs to add the correct ingredients...LOL
Apparently I was sleep sweating really badly last night..Michael rang me to see if I was okay while I was on the way to work...said it was like trying to cuddle a overboiling kettle last night...I really hope we knuckle down this month...I mean you can't make a baby through Boinking 4 to 6 times a month at the wrong times!!...hey ho..it will happen when it happens..I think my only fear is my age and the older I get the more risks there are....and I don't know how we would react if those risks became a reality...I'm a little more sure of me..but not of My DBF.
Time will tell.
Going to the theatre tonight so that will be great fun. Smile
Have a great day all.

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CD 2

I am soooooooo tired!!!!
Went to see an Inspector Calls last night...was good..I think..it was a bit strange and couldn't work out if they were inside or outside and the Inspector seem to be very hyper and loud..chasing the other cast memeber round the stage in an odd way..was hard to keep a straight face in places..but had to as was so close to the front.
Was a good idea..but..I don't know actually if I liked it or not..was weird. LOL
Got home and poor old puppy was not amused at just being let in the garden and put back to bed.
I couldn't sleep..the cat was trying to get the blinds open and then running round like a mad thing.
Then there was a huge cat fight outside...don't know if it were my cat..but it set the dog off..so very little sleep..wishing I had booked tomorrow off as we have badminton tonight...so can't have an early night there either..hey ho..nearly Sat.
My period is a bit odd I think...haven't had that gush that I get normally...thought I had come off this morning...but haven't...its all watery brown, with (TMI ahead) with stringy clots....but once thats wiped...its gone and then the watery stuff appears a bit later.
Its back to like when i was on the pill...thought it had sorted out...haven't had any bright red only a miniscule bit of pink...yuk yuk yuk!
guess my body is still getting it out of my system.
My left nipple hurts too..but only if I push against it...both have been a bit crusty around the piercing for a couple of weeks..so guess I have soap in there or something.
Need to rinse better.
Just want this monthly out of the way as its grossing me out.
Plus I feel ratty and emotional..I see something cute and I get a lump..or hear a song or if I get excited I feel like I'm going to cry.
I'm so lucky that it is only once in a while I geet emotion and suffer with my periods.
I know a lot of people suffer every month.
God roll on when I can not have one for 9 months. Biggrin

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I got my Cheri prediction...whoop!

Thanks for being patient with me while I got back to your reading. they show you with a BOY and they relate him to MARCH so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in

When it comes to your son, they show him as someone who is always curious and always asking questions. Even when he has a good idea of what is expected or what needs to be done, he would rather have the in depth version of the instructions to make sure. He does not want to have to do something and then repeat it. He is someone who is a bit of a perfectionist and seems to always have a good memory. So when shown/told how to do something he is usually really good at it and gets it done.

I think that you will find that he is someone who is not predictable. he loves change and often finds that changing things around often makes things better. He has a large circle of friends, often will hang around the same group for awhile before hanging out with someone from a different crowd. He just likes to learn new things and experiences and you can't do that if your always doing the "same old same old"

I see him loving to wear sweaters with the hoods. Hes not one to get cold and never seems to mind when its really cold outside. Almost like he is always hot and would much prefer the colder breeze on him.

I see him as someone who keeps his thoughts to himself. He would much rather just deal with things and then go from there. Usually has a pretty good plan on what he wants to do and then spends his time focused on that area and really does not want to be bothered with starting something else until he has already finished what he is doing.

When it comes to career paths, they show him preferring to be in an office type setting. I see him wearing business attire, and seeing him sitting on a board of directors. They show this position he holds as him having an education to be there as well.

It also says he be into muscle cars and have get married about 26 and have 2 boys and a girl!

My Jenny prediction said conception date would be June/July and I would have it in March..11th and 16th I think were the relevant dates.

Lets just see..I O next weekend...have told DBF that its every night..he said he'll do a maximum of 4 nights in a row..well..we'll just have to make them count won't we. LOL

I'm so tired and so glad its Friday..got to go shopping after work tonight..so I can make Michael his fav steak pie tomorrow..better get some of his fav scrummies in too..meaning lots of chocolate..a way to mans heart..or sperm in this case is through his stomach..haha. Smile

A nice quieet weekend is planned...as in..we have nothing planned..although I may go to Primark and pick up so shorts and floaty tops for my hols next month.

Life is good and I hope you all have a fab weekend. Smile

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Actually saying all that it means if it were correct it would be next cycle...unless I were over due...or early if it were next cycle...I'm thinking way tooooo much..and its way too early...relax..relax....I haven't even o'd yet....Deep breaths..hahahaha.
But it would be really good if I did fall next weekend as it would have been my mums birthday on the 25th..and if I were overdue a had my baby around 11-16th of March it would be close to my dads birthday on the 13th...how cool would that be..it would be like fate...
Oh shut up Liz!!!!

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CD 6

I am so stressed and headachey and freaked out.
I won a court claim over work not being completed that I had paid for on my flat..I gave the guy ample oppotunity to repay me..I even excepted the £230 quote he said he owed me rather than the £600 I believed..and expected payment last Sept...I called and called and he kept sayihg next month..I allowed this as he was the bro of a friend.
December he didn't respond to my call..I left it that month as it was Christmas and they have a LO and I didn't want her loosing out. In Jan all the phone lines had been stopped...so I went to the Small claims.
I won..bailiffs are due to go this week I think.
Last night I got a threat on my VM saying to watch my back..totally freaked out now..DBF is fuming and wants me to cancel the claim...I have refused and I'm off to the police station to report this today.
I am lucky that he left a voicemail.
It could have been resolved if he had just homoured his part of the bargain and paid me my money...or better if he had finished the work by the time I had asked him to rather than to ignore me and just not turn up.
Now in all honesty I feel scared and threatened..got a banging headache..didn't sleep last night and when i did I dreamt he had got into the house...flipping drama!!
I hate it!
Rest of the weekend was good though..bought a new gas bbq...LOL
Shame this has tainted it.....I don't need this!

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CD 7

Ohhh...only a couple more days til I get my LH surge if the last couple of months are anything to go by..will start to do my OPKs tomorrow or Thursday..just in case.
Can't wait....I'm sure as we are away this weekend that DBF will be in thw mood..also I did say to him to just hurry up and get my preganat then I don't have to keep telling him the good times.
I just want to have his baby...I want us to share in something amazing.

Police went okay..they took all details and said they would call him and tell him not to be silly and that if anything happened to me he would be No one on the list.
They also said that it was unlikely anything would happen..but they would keep me on a high priority.
Michael seems a bit more chilled now..which is good.
I'm just jumping at every car tooting down the round...but I will not let it phase me...can't let bullies win!!!!

Puppy training was fantastic last night.
Puppy was brilliant...still can't get him to do a down on command..he just sits and stares at me..with so much concentration...hes so cute...but his heel work and sits and play and retrieves are fab...he is sooooooo gorgeous. Biggrin

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Police just called.
They got through to the builder...cautioned him with strong words.
He admitted leaving the message..but didn't mean to scare me..was just frustrated.
He was advised to leave me alone and if he wanted to contact me to do it officially through solicitors.
That would be interesting as it was him who came to the sum he had to repay me...but...phew...he knows I won't tolerate threats and hopefully its almost the end of all this now..once my money is repaid then thats that and a huge line can be drawn under everything!

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This is getting sooooooo stupid!!
Now I have had a text from said person..apologising for sounding mean..but was frustrated at...this is where it get s bit weird....the message I left on his website....and that it will be resolved in court and I will be recieving a date soon.
I have refrained from asking what the message was, as I really don't want to know..but I have responded that I haven't left any messages, but thanks for the apology and I'll wait for the court date.
The only thing I have done is file a small claim against him to repay the money he AGREED to pay me back in August...ARGHHHH.
Anyway...I spoke to the police and apparently he even said to the policeman that hes aware the message may not be from me..WTF!!...roll on the court date..lets see if he maybe posted it himself...or if he upset anyone else...
I have a headache!!
This is not a good time for making babies when I'm so stressed!

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CD 8

Feeling a lot less stressed today.
Truth will out and all that.
So quite happy with the situation.

So close to O day..I can almost taste it...really hope we both make a proper effort to catch the egg this month.
Would mean so much to concieve on my mums birthday!

Can't believe its Wednesday already...Friday is nearly here and can't wait to see my brother whos meeting me in London on Friday to come back with me then we're all going to Wales for a birthday and a Christening of someof our oldest friends.
A little scared of driving Michaels car though as its a lot bigger than mine..and Michael can't drive 6 hours as he has a really bad knee at the mo..so I'll do it...but very scared..never driven an 'Adult' car. LOL

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CD 9

Its nearly Friday..whoop!

Will try a O test today..although probably won't be positive til tomorrow or Saturday..but you never know..best to start early so I don't miss it. Smile

Can't wait to see my bro tomorrow....going to be a good weekend.
We're going for an indian tomorrow night with him and some friends so it will be lovely. Smile
Then drop little puppy off Saturday...I'm so nervous about leaving him for the weekend...god what will I be like when I have kids and have to drop them at nursery..I'll be a mess...soppy cow!

Watched a few episodes of the Inbetweeners last night..omg they are sooooo funny..I recommend them but only to people who like crudeness.

The caravan park one with the car and Neil had me half laughing have covering my mouth in shock and a little bit gagging...hahaha

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CD 10 today

Ever closer to the big O...yay!!!
DBF and I have been quite regular this week with the boinking...I am inpressed...although last night he said that as I had had it twice this week it took 2 days off the the 5 in a row I said I wanted for this O period....I just about dyed laughed...pointed out that its been for fun..and I've been cleaning his pipes for the really ones..its down the nitty gritty from tonight or tomorrow!!
He looked scared. LOL
At least its the weekend so we can do a bit of morning play which he prefers and Sunday and Monday we don't have to jump up and deal with our furbaby as we're away so the mood isn't stopped..so its all good!!

Can't believe we've finally got to Friday..can't wait to see my brother...can't wait to hear all his gossip of the date he went on.
Can't wait to see our old friends and catch up with them either..the drive is going to be hell..but it will be worth it.
Plus the B and B do a mean breakfast. Smile

Roll on 1600 when I can blow this third world pop stand and get on with the weekend!!!!!

I hope everyone else has a top weekend too.

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CD14 1DPO(?)

Finally got my positive LH on sunday...seems to come on CD 12 on the button now.
Have managed to Boink every day since CD9...so hoping I'm in good stead this month.
Once I got my positive on Sunday I have o pains from there on in...so I'm assuming that my LH surge comes literally just before I o...but we will still do the dance tonight and tomorrow just in case.
Saying that though I wish we had an extra one yesterday as it was about 6am yesterday morning when we went for it..so it will be about 18 hours between when we have a bit of fun tonight.
Saying all that though my back is killing me.
The bed in the B and B was a huge rounded soft thing that was only just wide enough for us and it gave us both back ache.
Then being stuck in the car for 6 hours didn't help..our bed hurt me even more to the point I woke up with back spasms...god it hurt..ened up sleeping in the spare room from 3 til when I got up at 5 and it was less painful...time for a new bed me thinks..unless its just left over pain from the B an B.
Hated not waking up next to M though..hated it..big style!!!!!
Weekend was fantastic though..my god the weather!! it was divine.
Took us 7 or 8 hours to get to Pembroke because of traffic on the M25...got there with just enough time to fool around relax for 30 mins and then get changed and go to the birthday bashes.
Was so good seeing all my old friends..been years!!
We actually didn't stay all that long as we were so tired from the drive so we got home about 2300...then up early in the morning for breakfast and my bro and M and I wondsered down to the castle where they were having a medival day...was good to look around.
Then we sat in front of the b and b and chatted.
The family who we came to see lives both sides of the b and b so we kept seeing them coming in and out preparing for the christening.
Pat nipped in to see his best friend while I grabbed M for a quickie as I had my surge.
Was so funny...(TMI ahead) he was kneeling against me so my legs where in the air afterwards...he was kind of holding me up...when my mobile rang...it was my brother, M answered saying I was in the loo...what a time to call..just to say he was back..pleased he didn't knock on the room though..hahaha.
We had such a good weekend.
On Saturday we had to drop puppy off at the kennels...OMG..I was nearly in tears..hated saying goodbye to him..hope hes okay..we couldn't pick him up yesterday so M is going there in about half an hour to get him.
Was weird to have a quiet house yesterday..the cat loved it and was sprawled in the garden when we were doing a bbq and then came and sat in the living room with us...told her not to get used to it as mad dog was back today..feel really sorry for my cat really...I hope the dog gets a bit calmer and she stops winding him up so we can have a happy dog and cat.
Anyway...must do some work.
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Smile

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M just called..hes picked puppy up and has been charged a lot of money...plus Puppy didn't get his extras on Monday..looks like hes been ignored...They haven't even taken the £50 deposit off the bill.
And more importantly puppy is skittish and nervous..never has he been like that ever!!!
Trying to call the kennel bu getting Voicemaiol..want my £50 back and will be cancelling the week in June..its not on.
I just want to go home to puppy now and give him cuddles!!!!!!

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Cd 15 2dpo

ZZZZZZZZZZ...so tired...slept upside down to see if that part of the mattress was better...a little but not enough...Urgh!

Was so good to see puppy....he was so cute..but have to say not as jumpy as normal..which is good..he still managed to ruin my new tights but he was slightly calmer..which although good makes me a little concerned.
But hes home and its lovley to have him home.
Ebony even sat on the coffee table and swore at him while he tried to play with her..never had them in the same room for that length of time. Smile

Tonights my 'insurance' night...Michael is praying that we have made a baby this month..hes exhausted..he actually hid last night for a while..I was sorting clothes out for today and getting ready for bed and he hid in the spare room...I didn't bother trying to find him as I knew he'd get bored..and sure enough..hahaha...then he decided that he was going to spend 10 minutes squirting me and the cat with water because it was fun..and as he had put out every day since Thurs I owed him that...so I let him squirt me in the face and let him squirt the bed...Hey at least he gives me practice over what it will be like with kids...hahahaha

Anyway...get to test Sunday week..or at least know where we stand.....God I hope we made it this month..it would be mazing if we did..I'm so excited. Smile

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Its nearly Friday!!
M and I did our last Baby Boink last night for this cycle...from here on in its for fun...if I ever get him to go near me again..I'm sure he feels abused. Poor guy!!!
I offered letting him off..but he was adament that we were going to do it...he so wants us to get BFP this cycle...after he even said.."right I want reults by this weekend" I laughed and laughed and said that wasn't going to happen..explained that it takes a little bit longer than a squirt and a swim..told him I'll know by the 7th..be it with AF or be it with a BFP and no AF.
He was really sweet last night..he told me he knew how he wanted to tell his mum...he has one of those ball things that ask you questions about what you are thinking and it guesses from a series of yes/no/sometimes/Unknown.
So we sat down and tried it...the bummer is the closest we could get to the right answer was a human being...so that idea is laid to rest.
I reckon we should hide the positive test somewhere and make her go and find it..like a treasure hunt with clues and such...not sure if he'll be up for that.
I said that I wanted us to tell her together..and his response was that I would be at work and why did I want to be there...Excuse me..it will be me carrying the bubba...hahaha..so whatever happens I'll make sure I tell him on a weekend and that I go with him to his mums!!!
Cheeky buggle. Smile
Anyway..I'm getting ahead of myself really...if we have caught the egg, I very much doubt its even impkanted yet..so...LOL
Anyway...Badminton tonight...will be fun.
Shame our friends can't make next Thursday//but lucky them for being in Italy!!!!...So envious...hey ho..we're off there next month too..so can't moan plus I'm off to Barecelona in 15 days..whoop!!!
Life is good!!!

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Cd17 4dpo

I am sooo tired today...so happy its Friday...went to sleep later as I got a new game on my phone..sad..but hey ho. LOL
Plus didn't get my normal morning coffee at the station as they newsagents had been burgarled..poor gits...looks like an inside job too as the door had been unlocked and the alarm unset....hmmmmm....a bit stupid this robber.

I am so happy its Friday....work til 4 then home stopping by the supermarket then its drinks for V's birthday..M is staying at his folks tonight as they are away and he needs to be there for nan and also the B and B is full he he has to be there in case of emergency...I have the bed to myself...Whoopeee..I can spread..and breath my so called Dog breath in every direction!! hahaha.

Its a beutiful day and I hope its stays like this..I want to lie in the sun and get some colour..play with the dog and see friends.
Thinking that I should maybe stick to soft drinks this weekend though as you never know a bean could be in my tummy...Wishful thinking..but we did it right this cycle so I have the full 15%...oh please please please!!!!!!

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What a great weekend....sun was shining..everyone was in great spirits..and I had the bed to myself Friday:)
Friday night we had drinks for V's birthday...didn't stay out all that long..had a couple of glasses of wine and felt tired so thought I would make the most of having the house to myself...so left DBF with the guys and went home to veg infront of the tv...once home I decided to play with puppy and see if I could finally get him to lie down on command..and I did it...I am soo chuffed...took a full bag of treats..and lots of hard work...2 hours solid..I'm impressed he maintained concentration..but it was so cute...just to make sure he was doing it due to the word not because he knew what I wanted to do I mixed up the 'Downs' with 'sits' comes' and 'ups' and it worked..Whhoooppppeee!!!
When M got home Saturday morning I showed him and he was impressed in his way.
Then I heard him doing it with puppy when I was out of the room!!! LOL
He told me I had created a monster as now he had a new move to make his begging more effective...every time we ate anything he would just flop down and look at us with big brown eyes.
Its great and I am over the moon.
Can't wait for puppy class tonight..lets hope he doesn't show me up..although I know it will be hard to get his full attention as we didn't have class last week so all the dogs will be hyper as they normally are after a break.
Things are going really well with puppy, he seems to be calming down alot..I love him to pieces.
Only downfall with him is that after all the treats hes had a runny tummy all weekend....DBF kindly cleared it all up from the garden and let me sunbathe. Smile
Other than that weekend was nice and quiet and relaxing. We had morris weekend so had thousands of morris dancers...walking back from friends the roads were shut off and there were streams of men dancing with there hankies..I got choked up..weird..had to stop my self crying..noticed that a bit the last few days that a nice gesture or something cool on tv fills me with tears...also my boobs have the odd ache in them then it eases off and I have had the odd twinge in my tummy..but in different spots...like a needle.
Last night I notice a tiny speck of blood too..and got quite excited..told M..but also said that it could have been from my piercing when the dog jumped on me...but you never know..we did it right this month so there is a chance..only thing is the gland under my right arm is starting to become sore, and that is a normal AF sign..although its not fully developed yete to what it is..but...anyway..there are possibly some good signs for this moth..but then they could also be AF signs and AF is due Sunday.
I hope she doesn't come..DBF has been looking at play things like slides etc..a little ahead of himself there...we don't have a big enough garden even if I were up the duff..LOL...but its nice hes thinking about it all.
Anyway....enough of the obsessing....its a waiting game now..and if its meant to be it will be..if not..well onto March....and see if the predictions come true. Smile
Have a great day everyone. Smile

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OOOOO...just literally blew my nose as I was about to type and I have a small nose bleed.....just an ickle bit..but that has just made me feel a little more positive.... Hmmm
Anyway....last night I was lying in bed and I geet a really tight feeling across my right breast...was like when I had my breast reduced..so I sat up and it was like something moved in there....weird....could be them getting ready for AF though I guess.
The gland under my arm is still up but not as fully as usual..but that is usually a certain sign of AF.
Feel a little queasy..but that could have something to do with ramming a fried egg and bacon baguette down my throat at super speed...so greedy!!
I think the only thing that makes me say...Oh...maybe I can be a bit positive this month is that little bit of blood from my nose....but I won't know til Sunday and I refuse to waste my tests when I know I'll know one way or the other on Sunday...
Keep getting little twinges in my tummy and aches in my boobs...but at this time of month its so natural to read anything and everything into things...will try not to obsess. Biggrin

Had my puppy class last night...as expected Rocco found it hard to concentrate..although he did lie down on command and was so cute.
There are two little sister puppies..think they are king charles..and Rocco loves them...in particular the tan and white one..and she seems to love him..she keeps crawling on her belly to him and looks up at him all adoringly...then he just licks her mouth...she then rolls on her back and he sniffs and licks...its so cute...her sister likes to get in on the action too..but isn't as submissive and Rocco seems only to have eyes for the tan one.
We ended up sitting by Roccos 'Girlfriend' for bit last night and they both were straining to get near each other while the others were taking turns to do a run and wait...and Rocco was licking the little ones mouth..but drooling too..I mean proper drool dripping on the floor..if anyone knows what that means please can you pm me?
After all this Rocco was not interested in the class..he just sat staring at Mia and when Mia ignored him he started whining and yelping a little bit..it was the cutest thing ever..if not a bit frustrating because even a treat could not tear my love struck puppies eyes away from his interest.
I asked the lady if Mia came with a good dowry..LOL
So cute...I think I need to get Rocco done pretty soon...although M doesn't want us to..but...I don't know, Mia and Roccos puppies would be gorgeous!!!!!!

Love is in the air..its so obviously summer. Smile

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Cd 22 9dpo

Half way through the week..only two more early starts til the weekend....can't wait..
Got to start getting things ready for Friday week for my weekend away...get all the white washing done on Saturday I think...pack a little bag.
Bought some suncream last night..although apparently I have a full bottle because M grabbed it before he went jogging...although I got a half hearted lecture as its only factor 4....oops....
Got some plasic bottles and plastic bag for check in too..so all prepared...not like I need a lot for 2 days.
Saw a good friend last night..had a quick catch up in Macdonalds over a cola..shes so happy its so good to see.
Life after numbnut is good for her and it makes me so happy as she is a lovely girl. Smile

Not sleeping well at the mo...my back still aches in bed..not as much as iy was but enough to make me squirm in the mornings.
Woke up during the night for a huge pee....tea before bed is not a good idea..and then there was all sorts of noises outside and as it was so hot we had the window open so everything was magnified....
Looking forward to getting home tonight as M has got a whole lot of old fantasy films..like Willow and Red sonja and the Sinbad films..so we're going to watch one after dinner tonight...relieve the 80s. Smile
Feel a little bit icky today after eating toast and my gland which during the day went down yesterday has come up again but not as much as all the other months and seems to be going down again....does that mean anything?...will soon find out..then if it doesn't mean anything it just gives me one less thing to obsess about which is good.
Roll on sunday!!!!
I just want to know either way...
Oh how I look back on the days and remember fondly that I didn't know anything about the limited fertility period or the 2 ww, how I just thought you could get preganat easily at any time of the month....now I'm a biology lesson to all around me.....I must bore people to tears..hahaha

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Cd 23 10 dpo

I'm such a numpty!!!
I just realised that I am not due Sunday..but Monday...Sunday is day 26...DOH!!!!!
Gutted just added an extra day til testing!!
Hey ho!!!
I really don't know what my cahnces are this month...Just don't feel different...but then I guess I don't have any PMT either I don't think..the gland under my arm is nowhere as bad as it has been ALL my life..which is different..but what does that mean...could be nothing and to just focus on that is crazy...plus I'm queffing a lot...but hey maybe I'm just a bit baggy or something...yeurgh..and that is a joke. Biggrin
My boobs are only a little bit tender at the sides..but I'm pushing them so hard I could be making them tender..ARGHHH!!!!
Everything else I feel..well I don't know..I've felt it before..but...this is so annoying...LOL
DBF said either I am or I'm not and not to stress about it...I think I am stressing a bit because I know he hates the sex on demand and the every night for a week jobby...so I just want to get pregnat fast so the stress is off him...does that make sense.

Anyway....what will be will be...the suns shining..and I am in a great mood.
Woke up earlier this morning, DBF was giving me booby cuddles which was nice...when my alarm finally went off he said how nice it was to have a long booby cuddle and how soft my skin is at the moment...awwww.....so didn't want to leave him.
We watched Princess Bride last night..liked it...didn't like the running commentary though...Michael telling me the difference between the book and film all the way through..just wanted gaffa tape to shut him up...LOL
He cooked a lovley meal of broccoli and red pesto taglitelle..yum..with a brocooli and cheese quorn slice on the side...was gorgeous!!!

Anyway..back to the grindstone....
I want a baby!!!!!!!!! LOL

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Cd 24 11dpo

Good morning...Thank the lord its Friday!!!
Shame weather is grey and rainy..and I'm wearing shorts...brrrrr LOL

Having Chilli and film night tonight which I'm looking forward to...M makes a mean Chilli. Biggrin
Supposed to have a pizza bbq tomorrow....We can still do it...just sit inside I guess...but hopes the weather picks up. Biggrin

Well...my boobs are a lot more tender today and my gland is up more...so pretty sure AF will show Monday..but may test tomorrow, wasn't going to test until late..but I do have a couple of spare tests..and in all honesty once I am preggers they will just get wasted...or I'll send them to someone else who needs them..oh thats a good idea..when I do FINALLY get my BFP I'll see if anyone needs the tests I have left...and my OPK's...save someone else some cash...thats a good idea...thinking out loud.
I was sitting on the train with my side kick train buddy today and we were talking about penny sweets and crisps and such..and I started dribbling...my mouth just kept filling with water...wasn't even that hungry. LOL
Is it a sign...or are my AF boobs a sign...
Well We'll soon find out won't we..but reckon I'll be moving over to March...but the upside is that it might just coincide with my Jenny Renny and Cheri readings...hahahahaha
What will be will be...
Come on Egg get Fertilised will ya!!!!!

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DBF just called...no mean chilli tonight...but a tasty bolenese as hes bought swirly pasta...hahahahaha...he asked what I would prefer I said chilli...he said...oh..I bought some cool swirly pasta..I said Bolenese he said COOL!!!
Typical..he does that all the time...asks me what I would prefer...on food, or tv and I say one and he does the other. LOL
Not complaining I love Bolenese and if its in the slow cooker all day it is the dogs dangly bits!!

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CD 1

11 Days to O...and so it starts again.
I am grateful though that AF came right on time and didn't leave me hanging.
I am grateful my preiods are so regular.
Now all I want is it not to sure on the 4th of July and I'm happy.
That is the day I fly back from Lake Como..so it would be nice to come home with no AF and gives us a day to settle before seeing M's folks...I know he'll want to tell them as soon as I don't sure...bless him.
Hes been very sweet.
I told him on Saturday that I was pretty sure that AF would show..although my gland wasn't up totally..I just kind of knew...and he lent over me on Saturday night and whispered are you sure its going to show..I said yes..he said..oh well we'll try harder next month..but fon't give up hope because it hasn't ahppened yet..there is still a chance it won't show.
Today I text him when i got to work and said I've got it..and he test back Never mind if at first you don't suceed....x
Hes so supportive...especially as I know he really wants this...keeps talking about how to tell his mum and how his mum will be more excited than me...he keeps talking about a new house and that maybe I can go and work at the families B and B and add input and really make a family business of it.
Everything is exciting, but I just want to be pregnant so I know whats happening.
Michael and I were discussing things yesterday and he has put my fears at rest about money coming in...we agreed I would sell my flat when I got the BFP and that after renewing the lease and solicitors fees I would put the cash i got into another account that has interest so we can then look at clubbing together and buying somewhere with another room and a library and a garden and a garage...with his property and mine we could find somewhere nice in the village.
Its so exciting..and as the months go by we discuss things more and more and we are both so excited.
Weekend was good..had a pizza party...he makes mean pizzas.
Had two friends who brought their dogs..was a hoot....one dog was very quiet when he arrived...found out why as he exploded over the back garden..was so funny..not for the poor dog..but watching everyone run inside due to the stink..M was like wheres he gone (About the dog) and someone joked that he had gone inside to finish what he had started..Michael cried out..you weren't joking were you and had to clean the floor..luckily we have wood floors not carpet.
The dog was fine after that..and was all happy and cute.
Ended up with just him and our dog..and was pleasantly surprised when we all went in for the evening that they curled up together..Rocco was actually the one who calmed down first..which was amazing!!
Had a nice meal with the In laws yesterday too..to say good bye to SIL'd partner whos off to work abroad for a few months..I hope they can make it work..but if anyone can they can..they are a great match. Smile
Anyway..enough of my rambling.
Hope everyone had a great weekend. Smile

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CD 2

AF is a buggar this month.
I'm very lucky in the fact of not really suffering from PMT..but every now and again I get emotional..and last night was full of me taking things personally and bawling...was glad to get out to puppy class...then he played up there and tried to mouth off at a dog 4 times his size so I had to keep taking him out and excluding him from the class...all he wanted to do was bark..have cuddles from the trainers or play with the girl puppies..ARGHHHH...my head was throbbing by the time I got home..then I took things personally with DBF...but saying that..it was more of a case of him being able to give it and not take it..so when he went serious, rather than telling him to shhhh and diffusing the situation I just got upset...but then he was quite nice after that. Smile
Feeling better today..although tired..and I am very grateful I don't suffer all the time and I have so much pity for the girls who have bad times every month...if pity is the right word.
Anyhow..back to the chirpy lass I am!! Smile