~ TTC Our First ~

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~ TTC Our First ~

Hello to any readers out there...

I decided I want a place to vent. This looks like a good place to do it. I'm getting frustrated now. My DH and I got married Aug 21st, 2004 and we had been planning on ttc maybe a year from getting married. Then we changed our minds and decided to try sooner. I went off BCP in december so now I've been off for 8 months. My DH and I are both only 23 and when i went off bcp i really thought we were young and healthy and never thought for a second we'd take a long time to get pregnant ....boy was i wrong.

A normal cycle for me before bcp was a 35 day cycle. As soon as i went off bcp i had two 35 day cycles and so i thought i was fine and things had just gone right back to normal. I was so thrilled. And I was sure I'd be pregnant right away. Then i had a 43 day cycle...after that I ad a 50 day cycle. Now I'm on day 53. :? SOooooOOOoooo...I went to the doctor yesterday to just do a free test. It was NEG. Sheesh. So I'm waiting for my AF to show it's ugly face. This month I'm going to start tempting. I'm wondering if I'm even ovulating.. So I should be able to pinpoint it , if i even am ovulating.

Yesterday I bought some vitex. It's supposed to help irregular cycles get back on track. I probably shouldn't see any results for atleast a month though. But I'm hoping a miracle happens and that it helps right away. I'm also going to do a detox. I talked to a great lady at a health food store today and she recomended that I clean my body of all the toxens. Which I thought was a great idea. Birth control obviously was really hard on my body. And I'm sure i have a build up of toxens. I don't always eat the healthyest...

well enough for tonight....