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*weekend chat*

What are you all up to this weekend?

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We've got a playdate at our house this afternoon. Also need to make a quick trip to the grocery store at some point.

Tomorrow we're celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.

Sunday, nothing!

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We did black friday shopping today. This afternoon we went to the new cool park in the city. As soon as Aiden wakes up this afternoon we're going to the Memphis Zoo Lights. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so don't have anything planned. Sunday I'll pack up the car since I plan to leave at 4am Monday to head back to Del Rio. The movers show up in 11 days. :eek:

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Thursday- We went for a walk and played on a playground with G's cousin and Aunt and Uncle around our neighborhood. In the afternoon we went to my Grandma's to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Friday- We started putting up our Christmas decorations outside, and I was suppose to work but I got canceled.

Today- We're finishing up the Christmas decorations, then going to the IL's to have a Thanksgiving dinner with them

Sunday- No plans until 7pm, when I have to work.

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The kids are still sick, so we've been laying low. I have an exam Monday morning and a Final the following Monday and my last chunk of clinical homework due Wednesday, so I've been hitting the books pretty hard. I made a HUGE pot of turkey, vegetable and wild rice soup (7 large ziplock bags full). Otherwise we've just been playing at home.