1/2 ~ Isaiah (melnzai)

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1/2 ~ Isaiah (melnzai)

:happybday: Happy Birthday, ISAIAH! :happybday:


Melanie, how are you guys celebrating?!


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Happy Birthday!!

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Happy birthday! :party:

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Happy Birthday, Isaiah!!! Yahoo How did you celebrate?

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Thanks everyone! I cannot believe he is 9!!!! We did not really do much to celebrate. I took him to Chuck E. Cheese on 1/1 and his best friend came over to play on his birthday. I made him a cake also. A friend from school came over on Thursday to play with him also. I still need to plan his party. We try not to plan anything around the holidays. With people traveling over the holidays, I can never guarantee that his good friends will be in town. He has a swim meet this weekend, so no party this weekend either. We will probably do something in a couple of weeks.

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It sounds like he had a few fun-filled days! 9? That does seem crazy. I hope school is going well for him!