10/12 ~ Brian & Micah! (gottharf)

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10/12 ~ Brian & Micah! (gottharf)

:happybday: Happy 1st Birthday, Brian! Happy 1st Birthday, Micah! :happybday:

:thewave: :thewave: :thewave:

I can't believe you sweet boys are already a year old! Ruth, how does it feel to have survived the first year with twins?! Drop by and update us when you get a chance!

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[COLOR=deepskyblue][SIZE=2]:yahoo: Happy 1st Birthday, Brian & Micah!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE] Yahoo

Yes, Ruth, come give us an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday! :party:

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Happy Birthday Brian and Micah! Ruth, I hope you enjoy their birthday Smile


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Oh my goodness!! how is this even possible?

Happy , Happy birthday sweet boys! :cake: I can't wait to see pictures! Biggrin

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A year - already?! OMGosh - I can't even imagine.

Happy birthday boys!!!

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Happy Birthday!!!!

Yay for making it through the first year. It gets easier and harder all at the same time from this point forward. You get more sleep, but the babies start getting more independent. The tantrums are enough to make a saint lose his/her mind sometimes. Lol

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Happy Birthday, boys!!!! I'd love to hear an update!!! I hope you are doing well!! Smile

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Happy Birthday!!!! Wow, I really cannot believe it's been a year already!

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Happy Birthday, boys!