10/14 ~ DJ! (mommyvolc)

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10/14 ~ DJ! (mommyvolc)

:occasion18: Happy 3rd Birthday, DJ!!! :happybday:

:jumpingbeans: :jumpingbeans:

Nicole, how are you celebrating?

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Happy birthday! Smile

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Happy Birthday, DJ! Yahoo Can't wait to hear about your special day!!!

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Thanks ladies. We went to a pumpkin patch/halloween farm for the afternoon. DH had to work at 4, so MIL/FIL joined us for dinner/presents. He wanted a dump truck cake, so I ended up making a slab cake and copying a picture from his favorite book onto it. He LOVED it. We bought the Wall tracks Hot Wheels set. It was a bit of a pain to set up, but both kids are loving it. Highly recommended!

I will post some pics in a day or so...I'm heading home from work shortly with the flu.

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Happy Birthday to DJ! Smile

Sorry to hear about the flu. Sad

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It sounds like he had a special day! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well...hope it's short-lived!

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Happy Birthday, DJ!!!!

I hope you are feeling better!