10/26 ~ Cali!

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10/26 ~ Cali!

:occasion18: Happy, HAPPY Birthday, Cali!!! :occasion18:

Do you have anything special planned this weekend? Hope your day is great!!


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Happy Belated Birthday, Cali! Sorry I'm so late!

How was your day? What did you do to celebrate? :clink:

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Happy belated birthday! I hope it was wonderful!

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Ack! Sorry I'm soooo slow.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! Smile

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Thank you girls! I had a fun time with my boys. The best part of my bday this year was the card given to me from J. He wrote a card for me and gave it to DH a month ago and told him to save it for me. 100% on his own, he wrote me this: "I lov (love) mom bku (because) U R the best" ..... I was so proud and so touched by this. Made my heart melt.

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How completely sweet! Smile