10/30 * kris10gal * Jackson!

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10/30 * kris10gal * Jackson!

:happybday: :bdaycake: :happybday:

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson!!!

I hope your day is filled with all things special!

:jumpingbeans: :jumpingbeans:

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Happy, happy Birthday Jackson! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Smile

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Happy birthday!!! :party:

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Happy 3rd birthday, Jackson!!! :wootjump:

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Happy[SIZE=5] 3rd Birthday!!!! [COLOR=Black]

[/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Black][SIZE=2]Fill us in on the details! Biggrin

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Happy Birthday Jackson! Can't wait to see some pics Smile


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Happy Birthday!

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Thanks girls!!! We had a great weekend.

Funny story, Jackson's been asking for a 'girl camper' for his birthday. I had no idea what that was. Finally we saw the commercial and it's a Barbie Camper, lol. We took him to the store and showed him the playmobil camper and he loved it. We thought it was just because the Barbie camper was the only one he saw on TV was why he was calling/asking for a girl camper.

He opened his presents yesterday before we did cake since we were all full from dinner. He opened the Playmobil camper and loved it. Then we went to do candles and cake. All his candles were lit and DH told him to , close his eyes, make a wish in his head, and blow them out. He closed his eyes and said in a whisper, thinking it was in his head, "I wish for a girl camper.". LOL.

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Ha ha! Love it! that Barbie does get all the cool stuff. Wink

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That is a sweet story, Kristen! Great pictures!