11/28 - melnzai - Keira & Sarafina

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11/28 - melnzai - Keira & Sarafina

Happy Happy Birthday to Keira and Sarafina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wootjump:

Can't wait to hear about your special day!

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:happybday: Happy Birthday, Keira!!! :occasion18: Happy Birthday, Sarafina!!! :happybday:

:thewave: :thewave:

3?!?! Is that even right? I hope you two have are having a fun-filled day today!

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Yahoo Happy Birthday girls!!!! I hope you are having a fantastic day!!!

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Happy birthday girls! I hopoe you had a fun filled day!!!!


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Hope y'all had a great birthday!

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Thanks everyone! The girls had a great birthday. It was a little rushed since we had our usual activities on that day, but they were able to celebrate with cupcakes and a birthday party the following Saturday. Only one friend was able to come to the party, which was an absolute blessing (we only invited 3 kids) because Sarafina struggles with crowds of people. So, she was able to feel relaxed and comfortable at her party. My MIL bought the girls dream lites, and they LOVE them. Smile