2012 Scheduled Chats

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2012 Scheduled Chats

Here are the tentative dates for 2012 chats. These are all Thursday nights at 9pm EST.

February 2
April 5
June 7
August 2
October 4
December 6

We have our chats at chatzy.com. If you haven't joined us in chat before, please PM your eMail address to Julie (Readyforbaby1) or myself for the room information and we'll send you the link for our room.

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April 7th, where are you?!? Wink

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XP/Thought I'd post this here incase thread gets pushed back

August 4th is our next scheduled chat. Since the new changes to p.org have not yet been launched and we have not heard anything about the new chat options and when they will be available we have moved forward and set up a chat for us to use through chatzy.com. We'll use this until there is a solution with p.org (unless we decide to continue chatting through chatzy.)

Our new chat is very private. The only people that can see it are those who receive a private email invite. So - if you'd like to participate - please send your email address via pm to either Ashley or myself.

When you get the invite in your email please log in to chatzy and make sure that it works for you so that if there are any problems we can address them right away. You can even enter the room and post a quick line so we know it works and that you made it in.

Can't wait until our next chat! It'll be good to catch up and maybe have a glass of :wine: ! :bigwink:

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Thanks for doing this! Can't wait until the next chat! Smile